Saturday, 29 June 2013

More Intimate than I Thought

So while I of course still consider myself a hotwife, I've been enjoying more exploration into kink and BDSM lately. I plan to continue sharing my thoughts in that area here as well as I suspect my feelings and desires will continue to develop and change. They certainly have in the past! I like that this blog is a place for me to record my erotic journey in life. It's certainly been a lot of fun lately!

On Sunday I went to my first play party. And, that's exactly what it sounds like. The local kink group rented a nightclub for a fetishwear friendly space where we could not only chat, but enjoy some kinky fun. Sexual contact wasn't allowed (no oral, genital, or anal intercourse, rather- since most kink really is sexual whether it is or not), which seems a little odd to me since kink makes me crave sex, but rules are rules.

I was really looking forward to getting dressed up for the party. First of all, I just plain love dressing up, whether it's lingerie, formalwear, or fetwear. And when do I have a chance to go out in public in an outfit oozing sexuality? I decided to wear a black leather biker style corset, a black tight miniskirt, fishnet pantyhose, and thigh high 4" black boots. Getting to the party was also going to be a problem since I didn't have a ride, so I decided to call a taxi. I figured I probably should cover up a bit for the street though! My trench coat only comes to just above my knees though, so the taxi driver's eyes popped a bit when I got in the car and he saw the boots and fishnets. I suppose it was an interesting scene since my husband was waving goodbye to me on the porch! It was fun :)

The party was really interesting. Everyone was so friendly. And while it was a little odd at first chatting with people who ranged from street clothes to naked, I found the atmosphere to be really friendly, caring, and relaxing. I attended a couple of demonstrations on implement use, and that was pretty neat. I met some fun people. I was really glad that I went, because it gave me ideas and encouraged me to get out more in the local community. I'm hoping to attend more parties in the future.

And, the most fun part was that I could see the male submissives circling ;) I loved the attention. I got a very nice and respectful message from *Skyler, telling me that he felt himself drawn to my Dominant aura. He wasn't the type that I found myself immediately attracted to, but I found myself really wanted to try some of the things that I read about. I figured that, just like sex, I don't have to love everyone I play with. So, we chatted a bit about likes and dislikes, and I invited him over on Thursday for some fun.

Skyler is a little sissy boy who likes to be a service submissive. Perfect for my needs since I was trying to have the house clean for when Mark returned from a trip. I dressed him in a French maid costume and gave him a list of chores while I did my workout DVD and ignored him. When I was finished exercising, I took off my sweaty panties and duct taped them in his mouth and told him to get back to work. I enjoyed watching him fold my husband's underwear, especially ;) When he finished his chores, I laid out three impact toys, a crop, paddle, and flogger on my bed, and told him to choose one for his reward. I made him count off ten strokes with the paddle he chose, and then told him he could get dressed.

So, that was my first scene, and I really enjoyed it. That was the most intense workout I've had in a long time. I noticed I must have been working harder because certain moves I normally have trouble with, I was able to do. Adrenaline really helps! But I paid for it on Friday because I could barely move!

I made some mistakes though. I guess I can't be perfect right out of the gate. We ran out of time so I didn't have as much for aftercare as I should have, and to discuss things with him. I didn't establish a protocol for when the scene began. I needed to give clearer orders. I talked to a more experienced Dominant and she told me that it's fine to make mistakes as long as I learn from them. And of course, the welfare of my play partner is primary, which is why I felt so guilty about the limited aftercare time. I need to make that a priority, not an option.

I was so excited about my recent kink experiences though, that I went out and bought some new gear. I picked up quite a few things, including a strap on harness and dildo. When Mark came home I showed him all my new stuff. I jokingly reminded him that during a conversation in bed once he had told me that if I had a cock, he'd let me fuck him up the ass. I laughed and said that now I did indeed have a cock. He immediately told me that yes, he would let me use it! I got so wet when he told me that. We went to bed and I took out a bottle of Astroglide and a number of smaller butt plugs and anal toys. I figured he probably wouldn't be able to take my strap on tonight (it's 6" and only a little thinner than a regular cock) but he wanted to so badly. He told me he loved the intimacy of me taking his anal virginity. I remember thinking at the time it was just HOT and wasn't thinking about the intimacy at all. In hindsight, guess we really did stereotypically switch roles, didn't we?

I worked the first plug into his ass and he took it quite easily. We left it there while I stroked and sucked his cock. We took it out, and I tried the second plug. It took a bit more work, but it fit. This time when we took it out, I slid two fingers into his ass. Maybe it sounds weird, but it felt incredible to be inside him. I'd never really done any of this type of play before, and feeling the inside of his ass gripping my fingers was unbelievably sexy. I see why people enjoy fisting. I fingered his prostate and watching his cock dripping cum. It was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. I took my fingers out of his ass and licked up the cum. Then I took the largest plug and slowly started to work it into his ass. For a virgin ass, I couldn't believe how easily he was taking them! He couldn't get it all the way in, but he asked me if it was wider than my strap on, and when I said yes, he told me to go for it.

I felt an intense rush as I leaned over him on the bed and watched my big black cock disappear into his asshole. We took it slowly but eventually I was able to slide the whole thing in and started to fuck him. I was wishing I had bought a Feeldoe so that I could enjoy the physical sensations too, but the mental by itself was incredible. Then he slipped a hand behind him and started to play with my clit while I fucked him and I had an intense orgasm when he barely touched me. I was so flushed and aroused. I asked him to bend over the bed so I could try that and really enjoyed that position too. I don't normally care about positions so this was another interesting first.

My pussy was dripping wet and ready to be fucked, so I took off my harness and he asked me to bend over the bed because he wanted to fuck me in the exact same position that I had fucked him in. My pussy juices were leaking down my legs and it wasn't long before we both exploded. We cuddled in bed and I just felt this intense intimacy settle on us. I wasn't really expecting things to change between us, but they did. I felt so close to him and he told me it was really special to him to do that with me. He doesn't normally have an interest in anal play in general, but he wanted to do it with me. And I love him so much for wanting to share that with me.

We made love one more time that night and drifted off to sleep cuddled up together. What a perfect night.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Happy Surprises

Mark has been on the road for the past week, and has been very distracted with a project for the last month or so and we haven't really connected. I've missed him very much but knew I had to ride it out until things slowed down a little.

Last night he came home and was very passionate and excited to see me. I had also gotten some body paint done on my arm and he thought it was the sexiest thing in the world. Now he is pushing for me to get a tattoo :)

But the sex... it was incredible. He was so excited and all over me. He's never really been all that kinky, and I was so surprised at the things coming out of his mouth! Last night he begged me to pee in his mouth... and I did. Wow. It was the first time we had experimented with watersports and I was so nervous I couldn't help but giggle. That must have spoiled the mood a little, but when I was done, the dominance it brought out in me was so intense that I had an orgasm with only a gentle touch. I think it will be easier to be mentally there the next time, when I'm not feeling anxious about it. The best part was, he actually got hard while I was peeing in his mouth! He didn't swallow it, but he told me me if I want him to next time, he will.

Then we went to bed. I didn't have my toy box with me because we were visiting family, but fortunately we were sleeping in the basement so no one could hear us ;) I "tied" his arms to the bed (or rather, told him they were tied and not to move), and rode his cock hard while we talked about all kinds of kinky fantasies. He wanted me to tell him all about my plans for my new little pet Joe and expressed interest in being part of it. That was so incredibly hot... my pussy was dripping wet. Mark told me he loves having a dirty kinky slut for a wife :)

When Mark was ready to cum, I climbed off and I sucked every last drop of cum out of his cock, and then kissed him and dripped it into his mouth and he swallowed it. I guess he's a little less vanilla than we both thought, especially after a couple of drinks! Wow.

I still love vanilla sex, but did that ever turn the heat up a few degrees...