Thursday, 4 December 2014

Who Needs Sleep?

I'm still processing last night. I like to mentally go over every gasp and touch and word, and replay it all in my mind. Sometimes, the little moments are the most important.

I've actually been doing a lot of thought lately on the pros and cons of dating someone local versus someone who lives just a little ways away (Jennifer is about an hour, Henry an hour and a half). I really enjoyed that when I dated John, I could go over to his house after dinner and be back before lunch the next day. We could get together more easily for the little stuff. But we didn't really spend blocks of time together and I am wondering if this kept our intimacy more surface level for me. I know he said he loved me, and I believe it, but I never did develop that intense emotional bond the way I have with other D/s partners, and I wonder if the brevity of time had anything to do with it (and yes, I find it funny that I call an overnight visit brief, but it really does feel that way a lot of the time). I really like to be able to spend days with my partners, wake up next to them and have time for morning sex and cuddles or whatever without rushing. I like to spend time talking and hanging out and getting close without having sex, too. Although the sex is pretty darn amazing!

Last night was the local BDSM munch, which I was unfortunately unable to go to since Mark is still out of town for work and I couldn't find a babysitter. I hate missing that because the monthly get together is one of my primary social outlets, but it is what it is. I know one of Henry's friends had been planning to get out to some munches so they'd let him come to some play parties (it's just basic vetting not to have complete strangers show up at at a private dungeon party), so I called him and suggested that he and his friend come down for the munch and maybe drop by to see me afterwards. The friend wasn't feeling well, but offered to let Henry borrow his car as long as he was back for 10am this morning.

He texted me- forget the munch... I want more time with you. He walked in my door and we kissed passionately. It had only been a week but felt like forever. I took him upstairs and blindfolded him, then bound him in leather cuffs and attached them with steel chain to my bed. I looked him with satisfaction and anticipation and said "And now you're all mine until I release you, aren't you?". "Yes, Princess." And I could already feel my pussy start to drip. I reminded him not to orgasm without permission, and got ready to play.

I had decided to keep it lighter today and not bring out my sadist. I wanted to do things that we would both enjoy, but with a focus on what he likes. He's been such a sweetie lately :) I started out by putting on a set of blunted claws. A lot of sensation players enjoy them, and they're exactly what they sound like- metal claws you put over your fingertips. I know that he loves them and they turn him into a puddle, so I wanted to start off by putting him in that headspace. Then I used vampire gloves, which are leather gloves with little needle sharp pinpricks protruding out. I used them gently, just to create sensation, not to cause pain. And watching him wriggle and moan and arch while I ran the gloves over his body was pretty awesome. He's such a reactive partner and I love it.

I continued by trailing ice cubes over his body, tracing lines up and down his chest and over his hips and across his inner thighs, and following them with my tongue and the heat of my mouth. When I finally got to his hard cock, which I'd been teasing by completely avoiding it, I took him all the way into my mouth while I left a pair of ice cubes on his nipples. He wears nipple rings, so I suspect there was a little extra fun in chilling the rings! Henry takes a long time to cum, so I knew I could enjoy myself with his cock for quite a while before worrying that I'd spoil the rest of my plans, and he was just bubbling with precum :)

While switching toys, I had kept coming up for the occasional kisses, but this time I wanted something a little more. He told me after with the blindfold he thought I just wanted another kiss when he found himself kissing my other lips. I was so hot and wet and needed to cum! I'm not normally the biggest fan of sitting on my partner's face, but I wanted him to feel completely mastered this time, just my little fuck toy, so that's what I did. And it was so good! He told me that he was happy to give me his body to use for my own pleasure any way I wanted, and that was the sexiest thing in the world. It fed my Dominant headspace so much. And he trusts me to take care of him and not actually harm him while I'm using him.

Next, I put 24 tiny clothespins on his balls. They don't feel like much going on, and have more sensation coming off depending on how long you leave them on. I didn't plan to leave them on long enough to really hurt... just to have some fun :) I took out my violet wand and my body contact probe, and used my fingers and lips to tease him with mild sparking. I love electrified kissing, and of course licking his cock with little zaps of electricity was a lot of fun! I didn't use any electrical toys this time- I wanted to keep things more intimate and just used my body. His cock was still straining up and I decided I couldn't resist it much longer!

I turned off the electricity and took the clothespins off one by one while I sucked his cock and listened to him gasp. When they were all off, I straddled him and started to kiss him while running my wet pussy along the length of his cock, but keeping myself just far enough away that he couldn't slide his cock into me even when he arched in frustration. I laughed and asked him if there was something he wanted to ask me for, while I could feel the head of his cock right at the entrance to my pussy before I moved away. "Please, Princess, fuck me!" he begged. I love that first moment when a hard cock slides into me. I rode him until I had a few orgasms and I could feel him pulling on the chains against his desire to touch me but not being able to. We kissed and I slapped his face a few times, suddenly, while I was sitting on his cock. Sometimes a little stingy pain makes the pleasure all the more sweet!

He begged me for permission to cum, but I laughed and said no, and climbed off his cock. I pulled out a glass dildo which I'd left chilling in the cup with the ice cubes, lubed it up, and slipped it into his ass. He gasped but spread his legs for me as much as he could given the chain, and I started to suck his cock while I fucked him with the dildo. He loves ass play, and glass in particular. It wasn't long before I felt him arching back rhythmically and I could tell he was getting ready to cum. I wondered if he'd remember to ask permission and was very happy when he did. I lifted my mouth from his cock, said yes, and listened to him moan while he filled my mouth with cum.

I released him from the cuffs and chains and blindfold, and we kissed and cuddled into he felt ready to go downstairs. We watched some Netflix for a few hours before I started to get sleepy and we decided to go back upstairs for more sex and pillow talk and just being close to each other. I don't know how other men feel, but Henry has never actually gone bareback with anyone before and he told me that the sex is so much better, that he feels more connected to me, and that it's more intimate. I would tend to agree, since I can't have sex for more than ten minutes or so with a condom before my pussy starts to tighten up and get uncomfortable (no matter how wet I am) and bareback I can fuck all night.

And we tried! We wound up staying up all night long because we wanted to enjoy our time together. I'm not actually sure how many times we had sex, between the talking and the kissing and the touching, but I remember that we finished with his fist stroking all those sensitive spots inside me and using his fingers hard on my anterior fornix while he licked my clit and it sent me into orbit so hard that I couldn't speak afterwards and had to push him away to tell him I was done. I remember fucking in so many different positions, and feeling the way his cock pressed on different spots inside me. I remember him pulling me onto his lap, our legs wrapped around each other and his lips on mine... him telling me that this was about as entwined and close as we could get. Listening to him gasp out that he loves me while his cock pulsed inside me. Talking and laughing while we had sex until we had to stop because it was just too silly. Sharing thoughts all wrapped up in each other's arms. I love being in love! It doesn't have anything on the depth and connection of a marriage, but it's different and exciting and intense. I love that I am able to have both.

It was such a fantastic night. So much intimacy. I won't see him for another two weeks, but then it's his birthday. We'll have a couple of days to ourselves at his place before he's invited me to come along with him to his friends' annual Christmas dinner. I'm really looking forward to meeting people in his life who are important to him. And I'll still be home by the 23rd to have Christmas at home with Mark and kiddo.

I am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life. I don't think I've been this happy in a long time. It's so good to have one person in your life who loves you and wants you to be happy, and I have three. It doesn't get much better than this.

Friday, 28 November 2014

My Sexy Girl

Mmmm... today was a lovely day with a lovely lady! Jennifer and I had gotten together for a BDSM discussion group a couple of weeks ago, but we were both under the weather so we didn't even kiss. It was so strange being out with her and not being able to be physically intimate! We both felt like something was missing when we said goodnight then. The last time before that where we had played was the Halloween party, and even then we didn't have sex, so it had been quite a while. It does suck when real life gets in the way of fun!

My relationship with her is pretty fantastic. The longer we see each other, the closer I feel like I get to her and the more important she becomes to me. And today, I really wanted to fuck her. We texted back and forth for hours last night until we were both pretty worked up, and the moment she walked in the door today I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth to mine. We kissed until we finally had to come up for air and the sexual energy was already crackling.

We went upstairs to my bedroom where I brought out my violet wand. She had expressed at the party that while she had enjoyed watching me do electrical play with Henry, that she couldn't wait for another chance to bottom for it. And of course, I don't need much prompting to pull out my absolute favourite toy! Now, Jennifer isn't a masochist, but like I explain to everyone, electricity doesn't have to hurt. It's all about the skill of the person using the wand, the type of electrode they use, and how high the power is turned on. So today I didn't want to hurt her... I wanted to tease her.

Jennifer is a fantastic bottom. So reactive! I loved watching her eyes drift closed while she enjoyed the sensual way I was playing with her, sliding my gentler electrodes over her body and carefully avoiding any sensitive areas for now. I wanted to slowly work her up to more. I kept upping the intensity slightly with each new toy, before I finally wired myself up so my body was electrified and kissed her deeply. It's so sexy to feel the sparks flying between our lips and then sucking on her tongue before I kissed down her neck and to her nipples. I used my fingers to trace electric trails all over her breasts and down her stomach to her thighs while she was moaning, and ran an electrified fingertip over the hood of her clit and along her labia while she gasped and arched against my hand.

I couldn't wait much longer. I had to have her, NOW. I think this was the first time I've felt such intense physical desire for her but it was so good. I slid two fingers inside her and started to fuck her very wet pussy while I licked her clit. I love the way it feels when she tightens around me and starts to moan! She's pretty multiorgasmic, and I enjoyed watching her cum over and over. It was pretty fantastic when she finally had such a big orgasm that she squirted all over me!

And then it was my turn. I needed to cum so badly! She corkscrewed her fingers into my pussy and it barely took her tongue sliding over my clit before I had an orgasm. Jennifer is pretty darn good with her mouth and I was so worked up that I just kept cumming over and over. We were both wet and messy when I pulled her up and we kissed with each other's pussy on our lips.

We went out for dinner afterwards and just enjoyed some quality time. Texting is all well and good, but nothing beats reconnecting in person. It was so good to see her. I hope we don't have to wait that long next time, because I'm really looking forward to having her naked in my bed again ;)

Monday, 24 November 2014

Little Words

Sometimes life gets in the way... with his work stuff and my family being sick with the flu, I hadn't seen Henry since the Halloween party nearly a month ago. Sometimes distance really, really sucks. Thank goodness for technology, because I don't know how we would manage without texting, phone calls, and Skype. Fortunately, Mark has been home for a while, and so I went to see Henry for four days, and I just got home :)

So do I have sexy stories to share? Absolutely. But this weekend was a lot more than that to me. We did some stuff with Henry's hobbies and he introduced me to his friends... he made me a part of his life. This is what I really want. I want to have a long term relationship with someone, with physical and emotional intimacy and vulnerability. I don't want to be compartmentalized. So the fact that he wants this with me makes me feel so good. I've had a lot of fun and enjoyment with partners in the past three years, but this is the first time I've been looking for a relationship and I haven't felt like something is missing. It's only been about three months though, so we'll see!

When I first stepped off the bus and saw Henry, it was so good. I don't want to wait a month to see him again! We kissed passionately and even though he tasted like coffee (which I hate), it was still perfect.

Henry is very talented with his hands, and I don't just mean in bed. He is great at building all kinds of things, and one of his hobbies is building remote controlled model airplanes. I really had no idea what that meant; I was picturing those little kits in boxes that take maybe a couple of hours to get in the air. But he actually builds them from scratch and installs all the electronics and mechanical stuff that makes them fly with a remote control- it takes a really long time, but it's seriously cool. So we built a plane together and it was a lot of fun! I had never done anything like that before, but I enjoyed sharing in something that makes him so happy.

I felt really close to him after that, and when we were lying in bed together, I told him that I love him. I'm not sure why it was so hard to say, because I've been feeling it for a while now and just couldn't get it out. He pulled me close and said he loves me too. I don't think there's a whole lot that beats hearing someone you love tell you that they love you, for the very first time. They might just be words... and I've seen it on his face and felt it in his kiss, but they have meaning and power.

I kissed him intensely and then even though I was tired, I knew I wanted to make love with him. We had both been tested for STIs recently and came back negative, and I wanted so badly to feel that intimate connection. So we had sex for the first time without a condom and it was so good. He told me that he loved feeling how wet I was, and every muscle twitching when I orgasmed on his cock. And I loved the feeling of warm skin on warm skin. The sex was fantastic and it felt so good when he finally came inside me. We fell asleep in each other's arms afterwards.

When we woke up in the morning, it felt so natural for him to roll over and slide his cock inside me and to have some lazy morning sex. It wasn't urgent, it was just slow and sensual and felt good to both of us. We spent the afternoon with some kinky friends, and then went back to Henry's house to do a little play that we'd been wanting to try. I've got a set of sounds for urethral play, and Henry had been curious. (For my readers- don't try this kind of thing unless you've done your research about how to do it safely. There are a lot of considerations when doing medical oriented play for health reasons and it's really not worth damaging your body or getting an infection for a few minutes of fun! And of course, you don't want to end up on a show like Sex Sent Me To The ER!) We both had a lot of fun- it is definitely sexy to have so much control over a man's cock that you can put things into it, and he really enjoyed the sensations. It wasn't long before we had to remove the sound so that he could cum!

There was a party this weekend, and we were both looking forward to it. I really enjoyed having Henry on his knees in front of me lacing up my boots. Unlike Chris, Henry doesn't have a boot fetish, but he does enjoy making me happy, and he does a very good job of that. We did a wax scene together this time, and it was a lot of fun. I brought lengths of chain, and we cuffed his hands together and then chained them above his head, and chained his legs to the table legs. I locked them with tiny heart shaped locks that I had ordered thinking of him. Yup, I'm a romantic at heart, even when I'm hurting someone! I drizzled pink, purple, and white wax all over him, but I think I had almost as much fun removing the wax as putting it on! I use a big scary (dull) knife to scrape it off onto the drop sheet, but of course, some areas of the body are more sensitive than others. So he was ticklish in some places, and sometimes the knife scratched him or pulled on his body hair, so he told me afterwards his body was confused and he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I had no such worries though, and couldn't stop laughing! It was really good to get dressed up (or in his case, dressed down!) and spend time with friends at a fun party.

But, the weekend wasn't over yet! For my birthday, Henry gave me a salt float in a sensory deprivation tank, and that was pretty cool. It's not something I had ever done before but I'm glad I had the chance to try it. The water is so salty that you float on top and it's warm and very relaxing and peaceful. I recommend it if you haven't tried it! Then we were invited to one of his friends' houses for dinner, and that was nice. I got to meet some of the people that are important in his life and be introduced as his girlfriend, and that matters to me. It was a fun evening.

We'd been having so much sex that my pussy was starting to hurt but it was still so good that I wanted it anyway. When we woke up Monday morning, the first words I heard when I cuddled up to him were "I love you". Now that's a really awesome way to wake up! We were both in the mood for some intensity, so we had sex, and then I asked him to fist me. His hands are a little larger than Morgan's, so I didn't think I was going to be able to take it, but he was patient and I was dripping wet, and after a few orgasms he told me my pussy just sucked his hand in. It was so good to feel him stroking all the sensitive spots inside while he licked my clit. I came so hard over and over and finally squirted all over him, which isn't something I do regularly! Then of course, it was his turn. Henry loves ass play, so we lubed up my Realdoe and fucked him and played with his cock until he came hard all over both of us. You know you've had good sex when you're both sweaty, out of breath, and covered in body fluids :) Then it's time for a shower together so you can get ready to do it all over again...

It was hard to leave. It had been such a fantastic visit and time just flew by. We kissed goodbye at the train station and hopefully we'll see each other again soon. It was good to come home to Mark and hear him tell me that he was glad I was home. I was too sore for sex, but we'll make up for that tomorrow!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Bad Girl Bloggers Award

I was flattered to see that I was nominated to receive this award by Lola. It's really nice to see that my blog is being read and hopefully enjoyed by lots of people! Thank you for thinking of me!

You caught me in a thinky mood tonight, though, so it'll be a bit of a digression from my usual posts. It's funny that I don't really consider myself to be a "bad girl", though. The picture is really sexy, though (and I want those shoes)! If we write about sex, does that make us bad? I love sex, in lots of different ways with lots of different people. I like casual fucking and the occasional one night stand, and I like making love with my husband in missionary in the dark sometimes. I like sex in public dungeons, and I like sex at swinger's clubs. I like sex in movie theaters, and I like sex on a front porch in broad daylight with neighbors walking by (and yes, I have stories for all of these, and perhaps not what you think!).

So, am I a bad girl? It made me think about gender and how society programs us to think about sexuality. If I was a man, would I be a bad boy? I don't think so. A man who had lots of casual sex would be a stud, someone to be admired. Women, generally, are perceived as sluts. Look at all the emphasis placed on the "number", or even the movie What's Your Number?.

What I love about my life is that I am free to connect with people in any way that feels right for both of us. That I am loved and accepted for being who I am, and for the different qualities that my partners and I can bring to each other's lives. Sometimes it's just some physical fun. Sometimes it's friendship, with or without sexual benefits. And sometimes it's romantic love. While it's fun to roleplay the vixen, I can't see any of those things making me a bad girl. Sex isn't bad, dirty, or unclean- it's awesome, whether we're doing it to get our rocks off, or as an expression of love for a partner. And it's just plain fun :) So be a bad girl if you like the label and want to be one... no matter what you do in (or out!) of the bedroom. Life's too short to let what society thinks dictate how we behave, as long as everyone involved consents of course.

How about a Sexy Sex Positive Blogger award? :) I'd be happy to nominate some lovely ladies for that. Here are some blogs that I read and really enjoy, and want to nominate them to be read regardless of how they identify themselves!

Ferns of Domme Chronicles writes some really excellent thoughts on F/m BDSM relationships.

Sassy of Same Sassy Girl is always interesting and entertaining.

Aphrodite & Adonis have some great stories (and sexy pictures!) to share.

And of course, I love the open mindedness and fun attitude of Lola!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Magic Hands

It's been a pretty rough week- sick kiddo and tired Mom. I haven't really been feeling all that Dominant or sexy, honestly. Morgan and I had made a date to hang out on Friday but I wasn't sure if I'd be up to anything fun. She said no problem, we could just hang out and watch a movie and that would be good too. So I figured some company would be good for unwinding and I said sure, come on over after kiddo goes to bed.

So we ordered a pizza and hung out for a while and got to know each other better. I really enjoy connecting with people in various ways, and she seems like a really cool person. While I don't have time and emotional energy for another relationship, that works just fine with her since she wants to "slut it around" for a while, and I can't say I blame her because it's fun! So I think the label friends with benefits and play partners works just fine for now.

Of course, the conversation turned back to play. I wanted to see how the electric brand was looking! Pretty awesome actually. It was pretty exciting to do that! I ordered a pick that makes thinner line so that I can do a more complex design next time. I have always loved leaving marks on people so something like this was seriously awesome. Can't wait for next time :)

We found ourselves going upstairs and doing another electrical scene. It was really fun to break out some of my more intense toys and watch her wriggle! After I gave her some electric cock sucking (that's always SO fun, even if I have to keep the current low since it passes through my lips and tongue too!) she said she was really turned on and wanted to return the favour for me :) I'll never say no to that!

She went down on me and licked me to some lovely orgasms, but I was craving being filled. I asked her to grab one of my favourite dildos, a Tantus G spot with a lovely girth. And that felt great but I wanted more and more... I really needed it for some reason. I asked her if she'd ever fisted anyone before. She hadn't, but she had lovely small hands so we decided to try it. And oh, she is so good with her hands! I felt so delightfully full and she was touching all these intense places inside my pussy and I just was orgasming nonstop while she licked my clit. I haven't been fisted in more than a year, but who needs a big cock? Everyone has hands, and no cock is going to give that same full feeling and the same flexibility to touch all the good places inside me that a hand can!

I had to tap out after half an hour or so because my clit just got too sensitive. Which surprised me a little because Morgan doesn't really work it as intensely as some of my other lovers had. I think I just had so many full body orgasms that my pussy decided it needed a break! But it was so good, and we cuddled up and she said she'd really enjoyed that and would love the opportunity to please me again. Oh yes, I think she's going to get that chance!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Halloween Surprises

Sometimes, unanticipated times can be a lot of fun! I had a pretty fantastic Halloween. I took my kiddo trick or treating in our neighborhood, then left Mark at home so I could go have a little Halloween fun myself. I wore a sexy nun costume (which led to no end of jokes from my friends about my bad habit, or having nun of it!) which was made of see through spandex and cut low, with a slit all the way up my hip and a gold cross belt. It was a lot of fun! I was invited to a house party which is more of a social get together that just happens to involve BDSM play and sex. Because it's a house party, things are pretty casual, and there are no play monitors and really no rules. The house is pretty well equipped in terms of play stations, and it's generally a lot of fun just to hang out.

I didn't have any specific plans to play at the party, but I brought one of my violet wand cases anyway, because I figured, you never know. And I do love my electric play! So I got to the party, changed into my costume, and sat down to hang out with my friends. We chatted for a while and caught up, and then one of them asked me if I'd Top her with my violet wand. We'd played before- her Dom was one of the people who has given me lessons in fire play- but this was the first time I was being recognized for my own skills, and it felt pretty good. She doesn't like intensity with electricity, but I kept the wand cranked low and used milder electrodes, and she really enjoyed it. It was fun watching her wiggle, too :)

I had taught a lab on electricity a few weeks ago and worked with a pair of play partners, who both happened to be at the party. They asked me if I'd be willing to do a more intense scene with the bottom. Oh, yes :) I don't often have the opportunity to play with a masochist who can take that much, so it'd be tough to turn down! We had a really fun scene where I broke out some new toys and really ramped things up. *Morgan, the bottom, had asked me if I'd do an electrical branding, and I said yes. I told her I was going to do it relatively lightly this time so we could see how long it would take to fade, and warned her that it was going to be rather painful. That made her smile! I decided to do a little flower on her thigh, since she left the design up to me. We had joked before the scene that it would be funny to put my initials and say "XX was here!". Funny, but not my style in a casual type of thing.

We had a really fun and enjoyable scene though, and she's already posted a picture of the brand and it looks pretty good. I was glad to be asked to be a part of it and the energy transfer was fantastic. Afterwards, we went back upstairs and she put her arm around me and we socialized a little. Then she started playing with my hair and kissing my neck, and I warned her that I was going to get turned on if we kept up with that and she smiled and said that was okay, so I relaxed and enjoyed it until my panties started to get wet, and then I suggested we head back downstairs and try out one of the beds!

Morgan is a really interesting person for a lot of reasons (aside from the physical, of course). She describes herself as transgender, although her body is biologically male, and she prefers to use female pronouns and a female name, and often wears women's clothing. She also wears nail polish and styles her hair like a woman. Either way, she's a very alluring person and I had felt myself drawn to her the first time we'd met. I am open to sexual encounters with people I click with regardless of how they identify themselves, so I figured no matter what, we'd have fun.

We kissed and touched and caressed each other's bodies before getting onto the bed. There was a kinkster watching TV in the other chair, but she said she didn't mind watching! I seem to be having interesting encounters with spectators lately! I sucked Morgan's cock for a little while, before she pulled away and started to kiss me before she went down on me. It was so good... I had a lot of orgasms and oh did I need that. It's been a while since I had really good oral. I was making a lot of noise and I'm sure all our friends upstairs could hear me. But hey, that's part of the fun and background noise at a kinky party! What was even funnier was that the kinkster downstairs with us watching TV was watching that TLC show about sex that puts you in the ER, and every once in a while a snippet of the show would float into my consciousness and it just made me laugh to listen. Then my attention would be pulled back to my pussy which was spasming with pleasure around Morgan's tongue... sigh.

She said she was happy just to get me off, but I asked if she'd like to fuck and she said she couldn't turn that down and went to get a condom. Oh, I love how it feels on the first stroke of a hard cock sliding into me! So good. We kissed and nibbled and I played with her nipples while we fucked, and managed another orgasm or two before we finished. We stayed downstairs for a little while after, just chatting, and it was good. I really like her. I'm quite happy with it staying casual, because my plate is pretty full right now, but there's nothing wrong with having a friend to play with and fuck, especially one with a golden tongue!

So, I went to the party just planning to hang out with friends, and instead I got to play twice, do a branding, and get laid. It was a pretty happy Halloween!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Party Time!

I had the most amazing few days and I am high as a kite right now. Sometimes I feel like things can't possibly get much better. Certainly I have some wonderful people in my life who have been sharing some great moments with me. I've never really had secondary relationships with this level of communication, that meet so many of my needs. No matter what happens down the road, I feel lucky to have Jennifer and Henry in my life.

Last night was a big play party- it normally draws somewhere around 200 kinksters, and I had asked both Jennifer and Henry to go with me. They had met at a munch before and chatted, but it was still a little nervewracking for me. I've never had two partners come to a party with me before, and I wanted to make sure they would both have a good time. I had taken both of their needs into consideration and made a plan for the evening that I thought would work for everyone, but it was a new experience and I really wanted it to go well.

I got there early so I could have some time to socialize with my friends. The community is a big part of my social outlet now, since they really understand me. I mean, who else can I tell that I just picked up 25ft of copper netting and not be asked if I have a bad problem with slugs? My friends appreciate my devious ideas and my sadistic side. I love just having the freedom to be myself and say what comes to mind, and having people like me for it! It's so wonderfully accepting.

Jennifer and her husband arrived not long after. He and I have met before and he's a nice guy, just very quiet! This was his first play party, so I hoped that he was going to have a fun time watching while I played with his wife! We chatted and I introduced them around to some people. Henry showed up not long afterwards, and it was such a turn on to have him kneel at my feet to put on my high heeled stiletto sandals. I have a protocol where my subs put on my shoes for me at parties and I love it. So visually appealing, plus I have a boot and shoe fetish :)

It was so hot when he whispered in my ear that he had something for me. I waited, and he handed me a tiny silver key. He was wearing the locking stainless steel cock ring that I had left at his house last time I saw him. It was such a turn on to know that he had been wearing a reminder of me all day, and that I was holding the means of his release.

Then it was time for my scene with Jennifer! We had decided to do a wax scene, and it's always exciting to get her naked on a table in front of me, ready for my evil delights! She enjoys being watched and I made sure to point out a few of the local perverts (lord love 'em) who were sitting close by I'm sure to get a view of her fantastic breasts. I covered her with droplets of pink, purple, and white wax, until she looked like... well, a sexy woman covered in bits of dried wax :) Then it was time for some fun- I used my big scary knife that doesn't actually have an edge to scrape it off. It was fun when a few bits stuck and I had to scrape harder to get them off- as she says, although she isn't a masochist, we need that little bit of pain to bring out the sensualism in the rest of the scene.

When our scene was over, we had some cuddles and kisses and then I went to sit down and watch some other people play. I definitely needed a little break between scenes before I was ready to switch gears mentally. It felt so good to be sitting in this big armchair and having Jennifer and Henry sitting on the floor next to me and I was touching them both. A friend of mine walked by and made a joke about my harem and we all laughed. It was even better when Jennifer and Henry started making jokes themselves about me sitting in my throne and how they should carry me around in it. I just loved the openness and the happiness in having two partners there who care about me and want to be with me, and that they were getting along. It was fantastic.

After a little while, I was ready for my scene with Henry. He mentioned he was feeling sensitive tonight, so I asked a friend of mine who is skilled with rope if he could do some restraints for me. Rope isn't really in my repertoire right now, since I've been so focused on learning other things and rope has a slow learning curve and a big time investment. One day I'll get around to it! At any rate, he did a beautiful and functional tie on Henry, and told me after it was the first time he'd tied a man to a pool table! (I kinda wonder if the nightclub patrons who normally visit this venue when it isn't closed for a private party ever wonder what people have done on their pool tables!) We had a very intense scene together- he told me afterwards that at times he didn't know if he was going to laugh, cry, or scream. He did scream a few times :) We're both very much into touch... so when I had his body wired so that I could use my fingers and shock him, I started teasing him about how I couldn't understand why he didn't seem to be enjoying it this time.

When our scene was over, we went and cuddled on a couch and got our bearings back a bit. Both of us were a bit glassy eyed and feeling that heady rush of endorphins together. We headed back to my place not long afterwards and had some really connective sex. It was so good to drift off to sleep cuddled up together. Given how hard we played, we both needed it. Dommes need aftercare too sometimes :) He really enjoyed being the little spoon, too- he says guys don't get that often enough and I'm sure he's right. And I loved holding him close- it gave me all those possessive feelings.

This was actually the first time that I had a partner sleep over when Mark was home, which was interesting. He and I had discussed the possibility of a MFM, but we decided to hold off to give him more of a chance to get to know Henry. In the morning, I came upstairs first and Mark teased me that he had heard me and Henry having fun when we woke up this morning. Apparently I was loud :) But it was really good sex! The three of us had lunch together and then Henry and I went out to go for a walk and do a little shopping. You know what they say- everything you need to make me love you is available at Home Depot! We bought chain and carabiners and metal rods, and picked up a few other pervertables at Target to make the rods into fire wands. It was fun having these innocent items in our cart and knowing what they would be used for!

And it was just good to have some time for us to check in about how we're feeling about our relationship. He made a point to say that he wants something long term, and that's what I want as well. The connection and chemistry between us is so good. We talked about incorporating some more D/s into things as well, and I think that's going to bring us both a lot of satisfaction. It was hard to kiss him goodbye at the train station tonight, since we're not sure when we'll be able to see each other again. The next party is a month away and he's not sure how his work schedule will leave him fixed. Thank goodness for technology to help keep us connected in the meantime. Can't wait to have him in my arms again.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Light My Fire

I have really been in my happy place lately, if that hasn't been totally obvious. Although I think if it's not totally obvious, you're probably blind and not actually reading here! :)

Jennifer and I hadn't seen each other in a couple of weeks, so as soon as she walked in the door we kissed passionately. I love the way her mouth tastes- she says she doesn't do anything but she always reminds me of oranges. And since I happen to love oranges, that is nice for me! We had dinner and just spent some time catching up. She and I connect really well- I could have sat there all night with her just chatting. I think that's one reason I enjoy my relationship with her so much- the sex and the kink are fun, but I really feel like she's a great friend and someone I want to spend time with. And she shows me that she wants to spend time with me, too, and that means a lot.

She had asked me if I'd do an impact scene with her. She hadn't done anything other than a rough spanking with a previous lover, and she was excited to experiment. Of course, I was happy to do some experimenting with her! I have a spanking bench setup, and I laid out my impact toys next to her so that she'd get to build up some nervousness/anticipation. It was so sexy watching her on all fours, naked, with her ass in the air and waiting for me.

First I warmed her up with my vampire gloves... those are leather gloves with little pins sticking through them. I used them to just start her feeling sensation before we got a little serious. You can't just start whaling away on someone if you actually want your partner to enjoy it! You've got to start slowly to build those endorphins, and it's a lot of fun to ramp things up so you can watch the reactions :)

I tried out a bunch of different things with her to see what she liked. We used a couple of different crops, a couple of different paddles, a suede flogger, a leather flogger, and a Betty Crocker icing spatula. You know, everyone I know owns one of those, and none of them use it for baking! She told me afterwards that she was surprised at how quickly she got aroused. It was fun to use the crop to spank her while I slid the spatula along her pussy lips. She was dripping wet. When her ass was nice and pink, I decided to give her the reward for being a very good girl for me. I slid my fingers along her pussy and started to play with her clit while I slipped a couple of fingers inside her and played with her G spot. It wasn't long before I felt her clenching around me and having a screaming orgasm. She squirted all over my bench :) It was so sexy.

I was pretty tired afterwards, so it wasn't long before we went to bed afterwards. We must both have been worn out, because we slept right through the alarm! We had been planning to get up a little early to have sex, but we just barely had time to rush through the shower and head out to a workshop that we were both looking forward to attending; fire play :)

It's funny the things you think when you're first starting out in BDSM. I couldn't really understand why people were doing some of the things they were doing. But when I watched my first fire play scene, I remember saying out loud that it was one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen. And I still can't really explain it, but I think I'm drawn to the intensity. People talk about playing with fire about it being dangerous, and it is- and here we are doing something sexy and fun with it. It's pretty hot to light someone's nipples on fire, or see a line of flame trace down a spine. And if you're doing it correctly, it doesn't even hurt... just feels warm and sensual. I really enjoyed lighting my palms on fire and then giving her a spanking :)

It really has been an awesome weekend... an awesome few months. And more fun coming soon :)

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunny Days

When I woke up this morning, there was a layer of frost on the ground. What happened to summer? I feel like it went by in the blink of an eye. Such a shame, because I love to spend my days in little summer dresses and high heeled sandals. I like to feel sexy and feminine. Fortunately, though, the forecast was updated to get up to 64 F, so I decided I could get away with the sandals for at least one more day, even if I paired them with jeans and a nice blouse.

I played hooky today and dropped my son off at my mother's for a visit and went to Henry's city. We haven't seen each other in two weeks and his internet connection has been messed up so we haven't been able to Skype either. Texting and phone calls are nice to reduce the distance, but nothing beats physically having a person in your arms. He had planned to come and stay for a few days next week but that fell through because of work, so it had looked like we might not see each other until the next party, which would be a month from the last one. Far too long when you're in NRE! Especially when you're as tactile as we both are.

It was just so good to see him again and to be able to reach out and touch him. I got that little rush of excitement just being able to sit with him and kiss him when I wanted to :) And I did want to- often. He's a fabulous kisser and it doesn't seem to bother him to express that in public; we've been kissing pretty passionately with people all around us. It makes me happy that he's comfortable with me like that, with being seen with me like that.

We had a really wonderful day. We went shopping at a fancy little market and bought cheeses and cold cuts and wine and a baguette and strawberries and cheesecake, and went out for a picnic on the shore of a lake. With the sun shining down on us, ducks swimming and quacking, and just hanging out together... I remember thinking that there was nowhere else I'd rather be in that moment than there with him. We got a little buzzed and the talk turned sexy, so we were both dying to get back to his place and remove excess clothing! Also, we knew we didn't have much time together because I had to be back home by early evening.

I couldn't bring any BDSM gear this time, so we had a mostly vanilla time together, but it was still wonderful. Lots of hot kisses and touches and licks before we put a condom on him and I rode his cock while he was sitting on the couch. It was so good feeling him slip deep inside my pussy and listening to the sounds he made! When I got tired of riding his cock, I lay back and told him to fuck me hard. I actually love missionary sex- so connective and intimate. And I love watching him cum and feeling his cock pulse inside me... maybe one day we'll be comfortable doing without condoms so I can feel him explode and fill me up with hot cum. I've already been fantasizing about it a little. When we were making out early on, I told him to come lie with me and kiss me, and his bare cock was nestled right up against my pussy lips. I love the way that feels and it was so tempting, but not yet. We'll see what the future holds, though.

It was so hard to pull myself out of his arms when the alarm went off, but it was time for me to get ready to go home. He asked me to stay the night and go home in the morning but I really couldn't. It would have been so good to spend the night snuggled up with him, though. Oh well- in two weeks we'll have a few nights together! I'll miss him in the meantime but it always helps to have a date to look forward to when you're in a relationship involving distance.

He kissed me goodbye so passionately on the sidewalk. It really makes me feel like he wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him. It was such an amazing day. I'm happy :) And counting the days until next time!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Keeping Busy!

I've really been enjoying my relationship with Jennifer lately. Dating her is like having a best friend, sex partner, and play partner all rolled into one. We really connect and enjoy each other's company, the conversations are great, and so is the fun stuff :)

Her birthday is coming up, so I wanted to take her out to celebrate. We went out to dinner and just caught up on things and enjoyed each other's company. I bought her a couple of small gifts for her birthday- a book on shibari, since that interests her, and a pink heart necklace with an infinity symbol inside. I thought it would be perfect for her since it's pretty and she'd been talking about visible symbols of polyamory lately. And it hung just right, a little bit nestled above her fabulous cleavage ;)

Then we went to the local BDSM munch and hung out with the local deviants. Oh, it's always good times! Lots of interesting conversations about terrible, awful things to do to people! :) It's just so nice to hang around with people who appreciate my perverted mind for what it is. And my photographer friend gave me the CD with the photos of my scene at the other party. They turned out so well! I'm so happy.

Right about now, I feel pretty lucky. I have a fabulous girlfriend, an awesomely intense relationship with my new boy, and my pussy is deliciously achy from two rounds of great sex with Mark today. Does it get much better than this?

Monday, 29 September 2014

Sitting on Top of the World

Wow. What an amazing weekend. I don't normally share details this personal here, but it was so fantastic that I want to remember every single moment.

On the bus ride to Henry's city, I got a really sweet text from Jennifer. She told me that she knew she wouldn't hear from me for a few days, but that she wanted to wish me an amazing weekend with Henry. That she wanted me just to relax and be myself because she knows I'm an awesome person and so does Henry. I mean, wow. It just felt so good to get a message like that. Poly is fantastic sometimes.

The party was a lot of fun. We had to do a little improvising because the equipment I wanted was booked up, but the dungeon monitor had seen me play before and wanted to help me get it sorted out if she could. We figured out another piece of equipment that would work and decided to go for it. There were a few hiccups with finding an outlet to plug in my violet wand, but we got started and it was such an amazing scene. I've never had play chemistry with anyone the way I do with Henry. I know he's susceptible to subspace in general... but he really trusts me. He goes in really deeply and it creates so much intensity because all my focus just goes on making him react and watching him respond to me. I could really let all of my dark side out and take him over and it was okay because I care about him and he knows it, and I'm hurting him and he's enjoying it and enjoying the pleasure I'm taking out of it. It was so, so good.

After the party, we went back to Henry's place and had really amazing sex. It's funny... with him, it's been intimate sex from the very first time, even when we fucked in front of his friend. Lots of kissing and touching and just connecting. This time, I felt so emotionally overwhelmed by the intensity of our scene at the party and the sex afterwards that all I could think about was telling him how I felt. I literally could not think about anything else, it was that strong. I've been through NRE before... but this felt like more. So I told him that it was crazy but I felt like I am falling for him. He didn't say anything but I honestly had no expectations and I guess he picked up on that because we went on with our cuddles and talking and there was no awkwardness, just good times.

We spent most of Sunday just really enjoying each other's company. We fucked, we played, we kissed and cuddled and watched old TV shows, and just hung out. It was a really fantastic day. The only time we put clothes on was to walk to the local pizza place! My panties barely had time to get wet before they were off again ;) It was funny, a friend of his had mentioned coming over for a visit later in the evening, but we figured we had time to play first. I tied up his cock and balls with some pretty pink cord, and then attached clothespins all over his balls and then put a few on his nipples and thighs for good measure. We got a knock on the door at one point, but he just yelled out that we were busy. I smacked the clothespins off him with a riding crop and gave him a pretty good working over- a little more intense than what we did last time. So much fun! After, I turned him over and pinked up his ass cheeks just a little for good measure. By then, my pussy was just dripping wet so I told him to go down on me, and he kissed his way slowly down my body. I was so turned on that I couldn't help but moan when his tongue just barely touched my clit. He fucked me with my Tantus dildo for a while and I kept cumming so hard while he played with my clit with his tongue and fingers. He has strong hands and knows how to use them! But then he pulled the dildo out and slid his fingers inside me, stretching me out, before he started playing very intensely with my A spot. OMG it was so incredible I couldn't talk. I just kept having orgasm after orgasm until I was soaked with sweat and my pussy was dripping and I actually had tears running down my face. So good! We actually found out afterwards that the friend who came by was hanging out in his living room with his roommate waiting for us, and the sex sounds we made were so hot that the roommate and the friend hooked up even though they'd never had sex before. It was kind of fun knowing we'd inspired it!

That night, we had just kissed goodnight and were cuddled up in his bed when he rolled closer and laid his head on top of mine. I can't really tell you how I knew what was coming, but I felt something. I knew that it was about us and that it was something significant he wanted to tell me. When he went back to his original spot without saying anything, I figured that he wasn't ready to share whatever it was, or maybe I'd misread him entirely. Then he said to me "Remember last night when you said you were falling for me?" "Yes," I replied. "Well, I think I'm falling for you, too."

I don't think either of us could sleep after that, but there was still no awkwardness. No expectations- just that our feelings were out on the table and it was wonderful. We kissed and had pillow talk and touched until finally we fell asleep. We got to spend half of another day together before I came home to Mark. We kissed goodbye so passionately at the bus station- I wonder if the driver noticed I wore wedding rings and Henry didn't? I'm not sure when I'll see him again, but I hope it's soon. It was such a perfect weekend.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Fire & Ice

Life has been pretty awesome lately. It's really, really good to get what you need. I get my cuddles and love at home from Mark (although the poor guy has been sick lately so I can't fuck his brains out), I'm getting regular kinky playtime, and now I'm getting to explore a new D/s connection. I'm happy.

At a recent BDSM party, I had brought out some really interesting toys, and a friend of mine had walked over to me naked and covered with wax to ask to check it out. She was so curious about what I was doing that she had left her own scene to come over and check out mine! That was pretty awesome. So we'd agreed to make a date to play, and we did a scene at a house party on Friday. We were both pretty jazzed going into it- and even better, a friend of ours who is a professional photographer offered to come and take pictures of the scene. That was so exciting. Most play parties don't allow photos for obvious reasons, and I love having photos of me actually playing. Such good memories :) Plus, my violet wand looks really awesome in dim lighting.

So my friend and I had a fun scene together. She laughed and wiggled and it was just great watching her react. It was even funny when the photographer accidentally shocked himself by touching something! Although he wants to bottom to me at some point, so I guess that was just a bit of a warm up. And he took over 170 photos! I've only seen them on his camera, and can't wait to have a better look at them. I know some turned out really well.

I went over to Jennifer's house on Saturday and we had plans to go to a kink party at a swinger's club that night. She'd been to the club before with her husband, but not on a kinky night, and she was a little nervous. She looked so good, though. She wore a black and red lace bra and panty set, black stockings and garters, and red high heels. Definitely good enough to eat! I liked introducing her to people as my girlfriend. I joked to her that she was my arm candy, and she liked that.

We watched a few scenes together and it just felt good to be all cuddled up with her and watching all the sexy people walking by wearing little to nothing. Then I asked her if she'd like to play, and she was definitely interested. I'd brought my gear to do a hot wax scene. Unfortunately, the club had recently enacted a rule that anything involving fire had to be outside by the pool, and not in the dungeon. Guess what? It was 40F that night, and windy! So I had her naked and spreadeagled in front of an appreciative audience while she was shivering from the cold. She told me afterwards it was an interesting juxtaposition of sensation to be so cold and feel the little sting of the hot wax droplets falling on her. I was using UV wax and there were black lights, so she looked fantastic.

The cold changed the dynamic of the scene quite a lot. Instead of it being sensual and sexy, it was more about temperature extremes. Which actually was a lot of fun! But it meant that when I brought out my wax knife to remove all the bits, instead of it being sexy touch, it was scraping her with freezing cold metal! We both had a good time though, and after she had a quick shower to hose off any remaining wax, we got together in the hot tub and kissed and cuddled. I grabbed her by the hair and kissed her passionately. It was a really good night, and we went back to her place afterwards. I'm looking forward to seeing her again soon!

Monday, 15 September 2014

New Beginnings

It's been a really, really good weekend. Of course, I am completely exhausted, but it was oh so worth it!

On Saturday, I was childfree and looking forward to a date with Jennifer. We had a pretty relaxed and low key evening with pizza, wine, and movies. Just connecting and snuggling. It was pretty awesome. We slept cuddled up together. We made sure to set our alarm extra early in the morning to have some time to play though! So good. She's a fantastic kisser and for some reason, she always tastes like oranges. I love it :) The morning was full of us licking each other's pussies, playing with dildos and vibrators, and finally me fucking her with my Realdoe. She told me I was the first woman to fuck her with a strap on, and I thought that was pretty hot! I can really see why men like having a woman ride their cocks- I got a fantastic view of her breasts bouncing while she was on top of me, and feeling the bulb of the Realdoe twist inside me and the ridges rub against my clit was fantastic. That is definitely something I want to do again!

In the afternoon, Jennifer and I went to a BDSM workshop. This one was pretty low key, and designed to be more of a taste test than to be purely instructional. I also knew most of the people presenting so it was some nice social time, too. We went to a demo on play piercing, which has been intriguing me lately. I think it's more the intensity and the power exchange that draws me, but I plan to continue learning. After that, we looked in at a rope demo and Jennifer asked many questions since she's considering learning to do rope bondage.

She and I have settled into an interesting dynamic. I'm definitely the Top in our relationship, but we don't have any overt D/s in our relationship because she doesn't think she's really submissive. I genuinely like her and enjoy spending time with her though, so what we have is pretty awesome. I think it'll be interesting seeing what avenues she chooses to pursue, like if she learns to start tying rope.

After that, we stopped by the fire play and cupping booth and chatted with the presenter, who is a friend of mine and a giant pervert but he's harmless and we love him. He just loves the opportunity to get to handle a lot of naked breasts, and who can blame him? I got Jennifer's consent, and then volunteered her to be his next demo bottom. She was a little nervous but she looked so sexy with flames playing over her body and she told me that she thinks she's going to be a fire slut :) I also volunteered her for a wax play demo, and she really enjoyed that, too. It was a fun workshop and we had a great time together. I'm looking forward to seeing her again at a party next weekend!

In the evening, Henry came by to spend the night. We'd had the two in person dates before, but hadn't really spent a lot of time together in person. We've been Skyping a lot, though- hours every night. It was really hard not to try and go overboard with expectations in case the chemistry didn't work that well once we started to play together. But it was so good, and he said he knew it would be. We did a wax scene after I bound him to the bed, and the energy between the two of us was so intense. It was one of the hottest scenes I've had in a long time, and his eyes were glassy for quite a while afterwards.

My pussy was dripping wet after such a great scene, and after we did some aftercare, it wasn't long before his tongue was between my legs and I was cumming so hard. I've got a pretty awesome new dildo from Tantus that's curved, and it hits my A spot just right. I had some fantastic orgasms. Henry loves ass play, so I pulled on a glove and started playing with his prostate to warm him up, before bringing out another new toy I had recently ordered, which is a cock ring attached to a butt plug. His cock was so hard from all the teasing that I couldn't wait to have it inside me, so we rolled on a condom and he slid into my wet pussy. He only lasted a few strokes before having an orgasm so intense that it sounded like it lasted for more than a minute. So hot to listen to! It was a really intense evening and we fell asleep together not long afterwards.

When we woke up, it was playtime again! We did some mild CBT, since he said he hadn't done any before. I put little tiny clothespins that I got from a stationery store all over his balls, and a Gates of Hell set of cockrings on his cock. I lightly spanked his cock and balls with a crop and alternately teased them with a feather before removing the clothespins. So much fun to hurt him! It was a pretty light session and he told me I could take him further next time, but we both enjoyed it. My pussy never lies after a good play session! So of course it devolved into another round of sex... where he begged me to fuck his ass. Back out came my trusty Realdoe and I told him to hop on. So good. I had more than a couple of orgasms while he impaled his ass on my thick hard cock and played with his nipple rings. He came twice on my chest while his ass was full of my cock, and then licked me clean afterwards.

I think we were both pretty worn out by that point, so we spent the rest of our afternoon in bed cuddling and kissing and talking, and just trying to make the most of being together, since we knew it will be a couple of weeks before we're able to see each other again. I'm pretty heavily into NRE and he's showing me that he is, too. When he was waiting for his bus home, he told me he was sitting on the bench thinking about me and wishing he didn't have to go home. Sigh.

To cap off a new record, Mark came home from work tonight and we had hot, sweaty sex in bed. We're both tired so it wasn't anything too athletic, but it felt like home. And since Mark is currently the only partner I'm fluid bonded with, it was great to feel his cum spurting in my pussy. I always love that sensation!

So, I've fucked three different people in three days, two of them with my Realdoe. I asked Mark if he wanted to be the third for the Realdoe and he laughed and said one record is enough for today! And he's right; perhaps I'm being a little greedy. But wow, it's been an awesome few days and I'm really happy right now. I can't wait to see how things with Henry continue to play out.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Happiness Comes in Twos

Yesterday was pretty fantastic. Jennifer and I made plans to have a spa day. Can you believe that she'd never gotten a mani/pedi before? Apparently she'd just never gotten around to it. It was nice to share something I enjoyed with her! She says she liked it, and she did get a lovely red polish :) My nails are now a cute sparkly pink; I was in a girly girl kind of mood. Good times :)

I brought her home and we hung out with Mark for a little while. Of course, I know in the back of his mind was wondering if he'd ever get to watch us fuck or if he'd get to fuck her himself! He might not be a typical hotwife husband, but he sure can be when it comes to me and other women!

We went out for dinner, and got in some interesting fantasy talk. I was chatting with a kinky friend of mine, who told me that he had a dream about serving me and a lover. It was actually pretty hot when we talked about it! Jennifer indicated some interest in trying this stuff out, so who knows what might happen? ;) Sometimes talking about and planning things is almost as much fun as actually doing it.

Then I took her to our local BDSM munch. She's more of an introvert so I know it was intimidating for her, but I introduced her to all my friends. It was really nice. I always enjoy the atmosphere at that munch- catching up with friends, chatting about interesting potential ideas, and generally just hanging out with like minded people. It's awesome not only to be around people who understand me, but who are into the same crazy stuff I am and appreciate me for what I can bring to the table :)

Henry had made plans to come to town for the munch, but unfortunately got delayed and didn't arrive until nearly the end. I didn't get to show him off, but he did meet Jennifer. That was interesting! I've had Mark meet partners, but I've never had two secondary partners before! I mean, the thing with Jennifer is pretty casual, and I'm actually not sure how to describe her. I introduced her by name last night, not by a relationship. She's definitely not my sub, and I'm not sure if she's my girlfriend. I really, really like her, and I like to play with her, and I like to fuck her. Play partner or FWB seem to be too casual even for that though. I'm not sure and will have to think about it.

I walked Jennifer out and kissed her goodbye when she had to go to work, and then Henry and I went to a bar after the munch closed to hang out for a while. Mark was home and had gone to bed early, so I didn't want to bring Henry home. It was okay. We had a few drinks and talked and cuddled and kissed just like high school students. It was kind of fun, actually. We considered going to fuck in a park but it was kind of cold last night. So instead we just really spent some time connecting. We couldn't keep our hands off each other after a week of Skyping. It was so good to actually be able to reach out and touch. I mean, being able to cam helps with the distance, but nothing beats a kiss or having your arm around someone.

It just got really intimate and felt so good. I know that he's had shitty D/s relationships in the past. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of people have, which is awful. Unfortunately, it's not always that tough for abusers to disguise themselves as Doms and to prey on people in sub frenzy; I've heard the story before. A sub gives up a lot of trust, and violating that trust can really screw someone up. Last night, he confided some things in me and I just had this intense rush when he told me that he trusts me. I can't even really describe it. I want to get closer to him. I want to show him that not everyone will be like that. While as a Domme I like to be served... I also like to take care of my subs. He's not mine... but it could go that way.

I'm still a little worried about the distance and other feasibility issues... but you guys all know where this is heading. NRE is hitting me pretty hard. So we're going to find out where it goes. For now, I'm feeling pretty excited and blissed out.

Friday, 29 August 2014


Well, life has been interesting lately!

I've been chatting with a guy on OKC lately and enjoying getting to know him. I have to be honest, that's one of the big attractions of poly. I get to meet and connect with so many awesome people. Most of them wouldn't be compatible in a life partner sense, but just getting to know them and relate to them is a pleasure. I have learned so much and tried new things as a result of having new partners, and I love it.

Once again, I'm not sure about the long term feasibility of this guy, since he lives about an hour and a half away and doesn't drive, but I've made it work before. Guess we'll see :) He's also a switch which usually makes me a little more cautious, but so far he's been pretty subby around me. I'm in no rush though- it'll go where it goes.

So *Henry and his friend *Frank were going to a city near me to visit a friend, and suggested they could drop by on their way home if I was interested in hanging out. We'd been camming and texting a lot, so I figured, why not? His friend seemed pretty nice and we were all hanging out in the living room with a couple of drinks when one of them asked me a question about my electrical play gear, since they know I'm into it. I invited them upstairs to my bedroom to see my gear. After all, much easier than bringing it all down!

We ended up doing a bit of an impromptu scene, which was pretty mild. I don't really like to get too intense before I've spent time talking in detail to my partner. They were curious about various electrodes and things that I do, so we messed around a little. It was a lot of fun! Then they were curious about things in my toy box, so we had a lot of my gear around and were just talking kink and the atmosphere was starting to get very charged. I was wearing a short purple and gold dress and black sparkly panties. We were all sitting on the floor which gets uncomfortable and necessitates position changes. I made a joke that they had probably seen my panties by then, and Henry's friend remarked very quickly, "oh yes I love the black sequins". Fun :) I was enjoying the flirting and the tension.

When I pulled out the body contact probe which allows me to use my body parts to shock my partner, Frank excused himself to go to the bathroom so I decided to take the opportunity to enjoy the tension a bit more. I asked Henry if I could kiss him and he said yes. Now, if you've never experienced an electric kiss, it's a pretty awesome thing. It feels almost like being pulled together magnetically. So when people say that sparks flew on their first kiss... ours really did!

After some more conversation and just hanging out (it was actually starting to get pretty late, around one am), with the occasional look thick enough to cut the tension on the room, Henry mentioned that he was good at massage. I said that if it didn't bother Frank, I'd be interested in finding out. He didn't mind, so I took off my dress and lay down on my bed. Being kinky is awesome. I just love being open about what I want and things being relaxed. Of course, Frank perved my naked body but clearly that didn't bother me or I wouldn't have undressed in front of him, right? ;)

Henry really did have some talent in that area and I was enjoying myself. Frank asked if he could borrow a pillow and was about to lie down on the floor when I pointed out that I have a king size bed and Henry and I were only using half of it. So he lay back and was watching Henry run his hands all over my body. My pussy was dripping wet by the time he finished, and I could feel Henry's hard cock pressing against my leg. I pulled him down to kiss me and told him to take off his shirt. I loved feeling his hot skin pressing against mine while we touched and kissed. He's actually the first man I've been with to have a *real* mustache and beard. Not some little trimmed thing, but basically a ferret pasted on his face. It was kind of funny finding his mouth in there at times!

When I started to rub Henry's cock through his pants, he offered to make it easier for me and took off the rest of his clothes. I heard Frank's breathing start to catch while he watched me take Henry's cock in my mouth. Both men are so reactive! I loved watching Henry's eyes roll back in his head while he enjoyed my tongue and lips on his cock, and listening to Frank enjoy the show. When I was done teasing Henry, I told him I wanted him to lick my pussy and spread my legs. Henry is a musician and definitely knows how to use his hands! Frank was definitely showing a lot of interest when he listened to me have orgasm after orgasm. I teased him a little bit verbally but didn't go any further than that.

I was seriously considering making a move on Frank or even just inviting him to join us, but eventually I decided not to. I've been waiting quite some time to have Mark involved in my first MFM, and I have specific things that I want to happen, so while it was tempting, I decided to wait. This was the first time it really would have evolved organically and I'm sure it would have been good, but what's the rush? I'm sure I can fuck them together another time if I want to :) Also, Frank commented he was feeling a little spacey from the scene we did earlier, and I don't like to play with people who might be in an altered state of judgment unless I really know them well. While I doubt he'd regret fucking me, you never know. Besides, the tease was a LOT of fun. He commented that he was enjoying the denial aspect, which he'd only learned about five minutes before! It was really awesome letting another man play with my pussy while he watched, his erection straining in his pants, and couldn't do a thing about it. So, while I kind of had a MFM, one was purely a voyeur, so I decided to put the backslash in the post title, and only added one man to my 2014 count.

After some more satisfying orgasms, I wanted cock. I told Henry the condoms were in my nightstand and he rolled one over his cock. It felt so good when he slid into my dripping wet pussy. He enjoys missionary as much as I do (yes, that's right, readers- this kinky chick actually loves the most vanilla sex position there is!). I love being face to face with my partner- the kissing, the touching, the nibbling. It's just so awesome. We switched to a scissor type position, which I'd actually never tried before. I loved how easy it was for him to play with my clit while he fucked me though. It felt so good. We fucked for a long time- I was impressed at his stamina! My pussy was nice and achy today :)

We cuddled and kissed some more afterwards before I finally had to kick them out- it was 4am and I had to be up in three hours! It was definitely an exciting first meeting though and I'm looking forward to seeing him again soon. He's been texting me frequently, so I think he enjoyed himself as much as I did. Oh, and he left his hat here- isn't that an old trick? ;) Either way, we have plans to get together at the local munch next week. Good times!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Ups and Downs

It's been a pretty crazy weekend, in a good way! I'm feeling a little Top droppy, but I know it happens and I'll feel better tomorrow. And hey, I just remind myself it means things were that good that I have to come down from them :)

Jennifer had mentioned that she had tickets to a comedy club on Friday, and her husband and his Domme were going, and would I like to be her date for the evening? Why yes, yes I would :) Unfortunately it was going to have to be G rated since her teenage daughter was at home, but I was looking forward to seeing her anyway. She was wearing a lovely blue sundress that showed off her fantastic cleavage, and sexy platform heels. We had a nice dinner together before joining the others at the club. The show was actually pretty funny, although at one point the comedian was asking the audience questions and they included stuff like who was together. I was kind of wondering what would happen if he asked our table, since Jennifer's husband had his arm around his Domme while I was cuddled up to his wife! But, it didn't happen and probably just as well since he was looking for material to work with!

After the show, Jennifer's husband spent the night at his Domme's house while I stayed at their house. We couldn't play or fuck in case her daughter walked in on us, but it was nice to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. And when we woke up the next morning, we talked for hours. I really like my comfort level with her. I can't see this relationship ever going the way of a D/s connection, but I like playing with her, I like kissing her, and I like her as a person. So that's pretty awesome in and of itself. Can't wait to see her again!.

The next part of my weekend was something I'd been looking forward to for months; a high protocol female Dominant party with Chris! He and I talk at least a few times a week and we're pretty good friends. We also share so many similar kinks and desires and we have fabulous energy when we play together. We had planned out a couple of good scenes and I was really excited. Plus, this is my favourite party because I just love the atmosphere. It's so positive towards female Dominance and it just feels so right to me. Plus, where else do you get to have half naked men kneel in front of you to offer snacks and drinks, or to do whatever you need? Unfortunately we hadn't been there long before Chris developed a headache, so we decided to abort mission and just go back to his place since I was spending the night there. I was really disappointed not to get to use my electrical toys on him, but it happens and I know he felt bad about it and I didn't want to make him feel worse.

He did start to feel better after a couple of Tylenol and quiet hanging out at his house instead of the noise of the party, so we decided to do a little light play. I'm so glad we did because it was fantastic. We had talked about involving some more D/s in our play and I was looking forward to that since I enjoy that kind of connection.

He slowly put my over the knee boots on, taking care to make sure they fit me perfectly. I find this arousing on so many levels- it's not just that I have a boot fetish, it's that I know that HE also has a boot fetish so he's enjoying it as much as I am, plus the fact that he is doing his very best to do what I asked perfectly, and that feeds into my craving for power. So it's good on so many levels! When he was done, we were both in a pretty good headspace again. He sat in front of me on the floor while I was on the couch, and I teased him by rubbing my boots all over his body slowly. We just had a normal-ish conversation meanwhile but the tension was in the air and I could see his cock leaking precum like crazy. My pussy was dripping and I loved knowing how horny I was making him.

I directed the conversation in a more sexual way and we talked about scenes we enjoy and kept the verbal foreplay going. I took my panties off but kept my dress on, and told him if he did a good job licking my pussy, that I'd consider letting him lick my boots afterwards. Although he didn't have quite the intensity level that I crave, he did give me a satisfying orgasm. After that, it was time for some tease and denial :) Chris very much enjoys that sort of thing. I ran my 6" stiletto heel over his hard cock and said I wouldn't be needing that. I told him to go to my suitcase and bring back the hollow strap on. We had talked about it and I was really looking forward to trying it out! With the help of some lube, he squeezed his erection inside, and then pushed the rubber cock into my wet pussy. It felt so good... I bought the 8" version that was 5 3/4" around since I love girth and it was great. The best part was listening to him moan in frustration while he fucked me because he told me he couldn't feel a thing. I loved teasing him about how hot and wet my pussy was, and how much I was enjoying the way it felt when he slid the dildo back inside me. But all he could do was beg in frustration. It was wonderful.

After I told him to take off the dildo, he knelt in front of me and I was overcome with power and desire and lust. He had his head bowed down and that always gets me. I tangled my fist in his hair and angled his head to the side so I could bite his earlobe, hard. I loved listening to him suck in his breath. Then I kissed and bit my way down his neck before I decided it was time to drive him wild. I told him to lie down and NOT to cum without permission, and then I started to suck his cock. He was moaning and trying so hard to obey but I know I was pushing him hard until finally he stammered that he was close. I stopped right away, of course! He was so frustrated as I gently rain my fingers over his balls and towards his asshole. He loves to be pegged, but I had decided not tonight.

As much fun as we were having, it was nearly 4am so I decided it was time to wrap things up. I told him to worship my boots, and he immediately started to suck on my stiletto heel and then worked kisses all the way up my legs. It's such a turn on knowing how badly he wanted to. Then I gave him permission to cum on my boots. He stroked his cock for only a minute before he covered the shiny black leather with his cum, and then immediately bent over to clean up every drop.

It was really, really hot. So while I was disappointed that I didn't get to finish with the electricity... I definitely had a fabulous time playing with Chris and I'm looking forward to next time!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Cross One Off The Bucket List!

One major benefit of having a hotwifing relationship is how much better my sex life with Mark is. I mean, we did meet when I was 18 and he was 19, and neither of us had that much experience. And let's be honest, some people might be born talented, but generally practice makes perfect, right? And the more people you have sex with, the more different styles and tricks you're exposed to. I know I'm a much better sex partner than I was before we opened up, and he's learned some awesome tricks too after I described them to him. My husband is a fantastic lover and I am lucky that I can have him anytime I want :)

He's been travelling a lot this year, so we have to make hay while the sun shines! He came home on Sunday for just one night. We decided to watch a movie together, so we were all cuddled up on the couch. He couldn't keep his hands off of me, though, and I was enjoying teasing him by not letting him touch me for long before removing his hands. Then I told him about my date with Jennifer and he went wild. He grabbed the remote, pushed pause, and dove between my legs before he licked me to some satisfying orgasms. I asked him to grab one of my favourite dildos (a pink Tantus ribbed one) and he fucked me with it while he licked my clit. I was moaning and cumming so hard that I couldn't talk- it was fantastic! Mark and I have been making love for nearly fourteen years, so he knows exactly what I like.

When I didn't think I could handle any more orgasms (and those of you who know me know that's a lot!), Mark lay down the couch blanket on the floor and helped me lie down on it. He's been working out, so now he has incredible stamina for fucking and I love it. We fucked missionary (probably my favourite sex position, since I love kissing and having my neck nibbled gently), and then he turned me over onto my side, which is where his cock hits my anterior fornix. I can't normally orgasm from sex unless my partner has a cock that curves upwards, but this position can often get me off. Even when it doesn't, it feels really damn good!

When he finally pulled me tight and filled me with a hot rush of cum, I was sweaty and pretty happy. I figured we were done and I was about to get up to get cleaned up when he asked me if I'd like him to lick my pussy.

Well, hold the phone! Having a creampie licked out of my pussy has been high on my bucket list for close to two years, but this one is hard to manage since I almost never go bareback with other partners, and Mark isn't submissive. But I figured there was no rush. After all, I have lots of time to explore fantasies! I was definitely NOT going to turn Mark down when he offered, though! And it was so good. There wasn't much different sensation than from normally being licked, except that I was still feeling intense from getting fucked. It was the mental aspect, and him saying things like "Wow you are full of cum... your pussy tastes so salty... my face is all covered with cum... I licked out every last drop." I came so hard.

It was definitely way up there on my list of best sex romps ever! Cross one off the bucket list, but I still want to do it again! I just think it's awesome that I can still have some of my best sex with my husband. I love to fuck new people, but he's the one who keeps me coming back for more.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

An Electrifying Date

Well, I had a seriously awesome day. Jennifer and I have been flirting via text for days and building up the anticipation for seeing each other. When I have a person that I am planning to play with regularly, I have them fill out my version of a BDSM questionnaire. I originally started out using someone else's version, but the more I've learned in the kink community about my own likes and preferences and what I want to know about my partners, the more modifications I've made. At any rate, discussing someone's answers is erotic in itself :) What I like to do is effectively surprise my play partners, so I need to know all about their desires and limits, so that I know they will be comfortable with what I have planned. Negotiating scenes, while necessary, spoils the unpredictability so I'd rather do it all up front and just make changes as needed.

So, I'd told her to wear clothes that she didn't mind throwing out. I'm not sure if she suspected my plans, but I was very much looking forward to it! When she arrived, I kissed her intensely; I'd be planning and fantasizing about our scene for days. Her mouth tasted like oranges :) I did some prep upstairs, and then fastened my pink leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles and padlocked them shut. She lay down spreadeagled on my bed blindfolded, still dressed, while I attached the cuffs to the steel frame. I felt that familiar rush... she was entirely in my power. I could do whatever I wanted to her and she couldn't escape or stop me unless I allowed it.

She knew we were going to do her first electrical scene, but that's it. I started off slowly, and worked over her clothes. What surprises most people is that violet wand electrodes are actually more intense when used over thin clothing, because of the spark gap. But I just wanted to keep the anticipation going and have her off balance wondering when they were coming off. I love reactions :)

Finally, I got impatient to play with her fantastic breasts- she's easily a natural DD with fantastic nipples that were so inviting. So I grabbed my scissors and cut the shirt and bra off her body while she was still bound. I loved watching her shiver when I used a Y electrode over the curve of her breasts and along her throat. I left her pants on for now... more anticipation. I used a variety of different electrodes on her and watched her wiggle, not that she had much motion permitted!

I got impatient, though, and started to cut at the bottoms of her leggings and then realized how much more fun it was actually to rip them off her body. That was intense :) And I carefully cut off her panties, and then she was finally naked for me. I used a few more electrodes on her, but stayed away from her pussy for now. Then I couldn't wait to get my hands on her. I used the body contact probe and at last got my hands and tongue on her. Kissing someone when electricity is flowing through our lips is so sexy. I trailed my mouth down her neck and started to suck and nibble on her nipples while she moaned. Her pussy had started to open for me and I could see how much she was turned on, and how badly she wanted me. I used my hands to gently tease her thighs before I finally worked my way down to her pussy and started to lick her clit with my electric tongue. She started moaning and came quickly while I licked and fingered her to a few orgasms. I turned off the violet wand and turned on my Hitachi- while I'm not a fan of them, I've never met another woman who didn't love it! I slowly turned up the speed and she had an intense shuddering orgasm and squirted all over the bed. It was so hot!

Afterwards, some cuddles and relaxing in bed together before we went downstairs for a snack and curled up onto the couch to watch a movie together. It was a really, really awesome night and I'm looking forward to seeing her again! I don't think we're going to develop a D/s relationship that will work outside the bedroom, but so far I'm really enjoying the chemistry for what we have together.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Happy Endings

It's funny; it seems like a really common fantasy in the early stages of this lifestyle involve a massage with a happy ending. I've seen lots of people on message boards write about stories where their wife has gone to the spa and come back either having fucked the therapist or gotten a happy ending of some sort. I'm inclined to disbelieve most of them, simply because of the whole accepting money and having some kind of sex = prostitution thing, and I doubt many therapists would be willing to risk their license over some babe when they could hook up with her later and in private for free. But hey, truth is always stranger than fiction (look at my life!) so you never know!

I had met a guy at last month's BDSM munch who is a retired massage therapist, and he had offered for me to come by some time and he'd give me a massage. *Cecil is old enough to be my father, but he's a nice person and I enjoyed chatting with him. He told me he was always happy to spend time with his hands on a beautiful woman, which definitely gave me a nice feeling! And I do love massages, and it had been a while. So we chatted again on Wednesday and he offered for me to come by yesterday, and I decided to take him up on it.

He had a room in his house all done up like in a professional spa, with a fancy massage table and the soothing music and hot stones and everything. It was pretty cool! I didn't know where exactly things were going to go bu figured I'd stay open minded. And since I had slept funny and woke up with a sore neck, this felt SOOO good. It felt just like a regular massage at the spa while he was working the knots out of my neck and shoulders. Maybe less so as he worked down my body... you don't normally get a butt massage at the spa! But I've been to Thailand before and I'm used to "full body" massages, so it didn't make me uncomfortable. The hot stones were fantastic, too. At first they felt just a little too hot, but then they melted the tension away.

As Cecil worked down my back to my thighs, I started to pick up a bit of a vibe :) As he massaged the inside of my thighs, the back of his hand brushed against my pussy lips casually. I didn't respond because I was just enjoying being in the moment. In most of my interactions sexually I'm Dominant, and occasionally it is nice to just lean back and focus on sensation and not on thinking. I don't enjoy being submissive because I won't give up power, but this was a nice, power neutral situation where he just wanted to make me feel good, and I was going to allow that! So he continued working down my leg and left my pussy alone, which I noticed left me feeling a little disappointed. I was definitely starting to get wet for this man who is nearly thirty years older than I am. Then he went around the table and started working on my other thigh and his hand brushed against my pussy lips once more. I didn't move, but I'm sure my breathing was coming harder and he finally ran the side of his hand directly over my clit a few times... not enough to make me cum, but enough to make me want it. I could hear him panting as he told me that I had a beautiful pussy, but he was going to forget to finish the massage if he stayed there!

When he was done with my legs, he asked me to roll over onto my back and just looked at my body for a moment and told me that he was feasting his eyes. I smiled and just relaxed while he massaged my collarbone and worked his way down to my breasts, which also made me feel like he had a direct line to my pussy. Once again I found myself being a little disappointed when he went back to "regular" massage stuff, but hey, I do like a good massage and Cecil is very good with his hands!

I was feeling very relaxed and pretty sleepy when Cecil finished with my neck and face, so it was a bit of a wakeup when I felt that vibrator buzzing on my clit! I had an orgasm almost before I knew what was happening, but I definitely wasn't going to ask him to stop. Did I mention before how good he was with his hands? Well, with that little vibrator and a few silicone cocks, Cecil kept me cumming, and cumming, and cumming, until I was a sweaty mess. Then he had me sit up on the end of the table and put a wedge pillow behind me so I could sit propped up, and fucked me with the vibrator while he licked my clit. It was so good and so intense. I was pretty worn out by the time we went outside to sit on his patio and have some water!

Definitely a good way to spend an afternoon. Go figure, I had actually posted a Craigslist ad recently to get a massage and some pussy licking. I hadn't imagined things were going to play out with Cecil like they did, but that was much better than I could have expected from some random guy! So, note to self; fuck massage therapists more often, they sure as hell know what they're doing! And Cecil's already invited me to come back for another massage when I feel the need. I suspect I will!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

On the Prowl

Well, I've been busy! Sometimes it's more fun to live life than to write about it!

Mark and I took a little junket to Vegas, which was a lot of fun. I met some other women who are in the lifestyle and we had a blast. I wish we'd had more time to hang out and swap stories!

We stayed at Trump Towers, which is just off the strip. The most fabulous part was that even though I scored the reservation for a super low rate on Priceline, they upgraded us to an enormous suite when I checked in! Guess there are perks to being a cute and sexy hotwife ;) Although honestly, if you met me in real life, you'd never know how I like to spend my time. I look just like the girl next door. So sometimes you really never know!

But I digress. I'd been chatting with some Vegas locals on Fetlife to see if I could find something (or someone!) fun to do while we were visiting. Much to my surprise, there isn't much of a BDSM scene in Las Vegas, or if there is one they don't share it with the tourists, which I suppose would make sense. I decided I wasn't interested in going to a swinger's club, but a hookup would be awesome. So I started chatting with *Ryan, who deals blackjack at Aria. He was cute and really nice, and we spent the weeks prior to the trip getting to know each other and I was looking forward to meeting him :) He was shy in person but when I leaned over and kissed him, it was really good. I knew I wanted to get to know him better.

And of course, this is where that lovely enormous suite at Trump came in! There was a huge L shaped sectional sofa in the living room, which was just perfect for me to lie back in the corner with my legs spread so he could lick me to some satisfying orgasms. I really needed that. The best part was, he was delightfully subby, so after I coated his face with my pussy juices, I just kissed him goodbye and let him leave with his erection straining against his zipper. Perhaps sometime I'll get back to Vegas to see him again!

Mark and I had a lot of fun, too. We went out for some really nice dinners together, and spent one evening downtown getting really, really drunk! That isn't something we normally do, but hey, it's Vegas and it's easy to get a cab to take us back to the hotel room for some nasty hot drunk sex. On the couch and the floor and in the shower and on the bed...

Things are progressing with Jennifer, but I suspect they won't go in the direction that I'm ideally looking for. I like her very much and I really enjoy her company. I just think we're looking for different things in the BDSM world. And that's totally okay, I'm fine with having another friend and fuck buddy and play partner, but I'm still missing being in a D/s relationship. She and I had a really nice date before I left for Vegas, though. I went to her city and we had dinner together and went to see a live theatre performance about relationships. It wasn't great, but I enjoyed the company... and the kiss we shared afterwards gave me butterflies :) We have another date planned Friday and she asked me if I would like her to stay over. Oh yes, yes I would! After all, even if this isn't going where I want it to go, there's nothing wrong with having more awesome people in my life.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Getting to Know Me... Intimately

So, I was recently asked about my masturbatory habits, and decided that I'd share them with you all here. So as you know from my writing, I'm a very sexual person. I like to fuck and I love to cum over and over. I think about sex a lot of the time, and certainly when I'm ovulating all I want to do is orgasm. I have noticed if I don't get laid for a few days, I get cranky.

It's funny, but in the 2 1/2 years since Mark and I opened our marriage, my frequency of masturbation has significantly decreased. I've found that a toy just isn't as satisfying as a real partner. I'd rather wait and have sex with someone, than have a few mechanical orgasms because a lot of times I just find it frustrating. When I'm with a partner, I get off easily and often. I had one ex boyfriend count me at 100 orgasms in an overnight visit before he stopped counting, and that's not unusual for me with a partner who knows what s/he is doing and wants to give me pleasure. When I'm using a vibrator, it often takes me a half hour or so to get worked up enough to have an orgasm, even if I was turned on before I got started. I'll have 20-30 good orgasms over the next couple of hours (that's right, if I have less than an hour, I don't even bother) but around then it starts to get difficult to cum again and I just get annoyed. I never have these problems with a person! But a few orgasms just isn't enough for me; all they do is create the desire for more...

I also find that I can't masturbate within a few days before seeing a partner. It's not that I need the buildup- I have no shortage of orgasms :) It's that my clit gets numb after a few hours with a vibrator, and it takes a few days to resensitize, which is again not something that happens no matter how often I've cum with a partner.

Rabbit style vibrators are my favourite- I really enjoy getting penetrated as well as my clit stimulated at the same time. Plays into my fantasy of getting fucked and licked at the same time, I'm sure. This is my very favourite sex toy. I've tried a few different rabbits, but the "ears" are all different lengths and some just don't touch me the way I need to orgasm. My pussy also clenches very tightly when I'm cumming, so I have a tendency to break my toys. Which is pretty sexy to think about, but it's hard on my pocketbook! I've tried other vibrator styles, including the famed Hitachi Magic Wand, but none do it for me like the rabbit does. And dildos just aren't my thing at all unless someone is licking me while I'm being fucked with it. I have never actually used my hands to cum, ever. I just prefer using a toy. Or a jacuzzi... that was where I first learned to pleasure myself.

While I enjoy porn, I prefer to watch it with a partner as part of foreplay. When I'm on my own, my go-tos are reading erotic BDSM or fetish stories on Literotica, or checking out photos on Tumblr. I think I prefer it because I can use my imagination. You know what they say about the mind being the most powerful sex organ!

I would definitely give up masturbating if I had a convenient partner around every day to lick my pussy until I can't talk anymore (and yes, that does happen... but it takes longer than most people's jaws and tongues can handle!), but until that happens, sometimes a girl's just gotta have an orgasm or fifty. Tonight I've been playing with my pussy for three hours and I just squirted all over the bed. I love the smell of hot, wet pussy. Now, if only I had someone here to clean up this mess...