Sunday, 30 March 2014

Picking Daisies

John and I took a little trip this weekend to a neighbouring city to attend a high protocol BDSM party. It was a new experience for me, but a lot of fun. This party was solely for female Dominants and their submissives. I really liked it! I didn't know anyone there so at first it was a little uncomfortable, but when I introduced myself everyone was friendly and I really enjoyed their company. I couldn't believe how many people were there! The parties I used to go to with Allen were much smaller. It was so awesome to see so many people enjoying an evening of female Dominance. Submissives were walking around with trays of goodies and there was a handsome bartender serving drinks.

John spent the evening sitting at my feet and taking care of my every need- fetching drinks and snacks, massaging my feet, and looking adorable. I dressed him in a sexy butler costume, with skintight boxers in tuxedo print, a silk collar with black bow tie, and French cuffs. I liked having my own butler to serve me :)

We had a lovely wax scene together- I used green candles and a shamrock cookie cutter to decorate him for a belated St Patrick's Day. It was a lot of fun! And he was so cute naked and blindfolded, restrained to the table with locked leather cuffs and chains. Later in the night after we'd been social, we went downstairs with a group of people to watch another scene, and I duct taped his mouth shut and locked him in a puppy cage. He looked so pathetic holding the bars of the cage and beckoning for me to let him out. I loved it.

That night when we were cuddled up in bed after the party, he whispered in my ear "Can I tell you a secret?". "Yes." "I'm falling in love with you."

Warm thrilling feelings rippling through my body. No words.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cruising Along...

I know I have said it so many times, but I'm really enjoying dating a local man. With Mark on the road, John's been coming over in the evenings to keep me company and that just makes me feel so good. So much touching and cuddling and kissing... it feels SO good to spend time with him. Not even mentioning the kink and D/s!

What goes up must come down, though. If you're into BDSM, you probably know about sub drop. When you play hard, it produces endorphins in your brain which feel awesome. However, Doms can drop, too. I had such an intense and exciting weekend that I could feel that I was high for days afterwards. I hadn't dropped in so long after play that I had almost forgotten that it happens to me. Well, Wednesday night I crashed hard. It didn't help that Mark was leaving the following morning and I was down about that. I hate how I feel when I drop. I can't stand being in my own head because I don't like thinking crazy negative thoughts. I just had a hot shower and went to bed. Cuddles help too. Fortunately, I felt much better the next morning.

Mark will be home next Monday. I can't wait, I really miss him. This weekend I've got a babysitter and I'm going to a party with John. It should be fun and I'm really looking forward to that! Things are just going really well, and I'm happy. I love getting all the cute little texted hearts from John, and chatting so much with him. So I don't have too much exciting today to share, but it's been good times. I could get used to this :)

Monday, 17 March 2014

Good Times

Holy hell, this has been a weekend I will never forget. It wasn't perfect, because life always has its little hitches, but it was pretty damn close. I don't think I've had that much fun in a long time. Gosh I love Mark. Honestly, I can never understand why hotwives leave their husbands for the new guy. I mean, this is how you have your cake and eat it, too! Mark stayed home all weekend, did chores, and took care of kiddo so that I could hang out with my friends and go to parties. And then I get to come home and cuddle and kiss with the love of my life and my best friend. How does it get any better?

I'll go on a bit of a tangent when I say that my views on poly are hierarchical, but also that I'm aware that even if I fall in love, it's not "real" to the same extent as what I have with Mark. I don't have to live with my lover, so there will never be the arguments over who left the lights on or if the bills got paid or the minutiae of daily life. Who will be there for me when I'm sick? Mark. I have the whole package with him. I love him in a romantic sense, I love him as a best friend, and I love him as a life partner. I date men that I know full well aren't the whole package, but that isn't what I'm seeking anymore. I'm looking for someone I can have fun with and enjoy an emotional bond... but there isn't that sense of looking for more, or of it going somewhere, and I like that. I can enjoy what I have for what it is, and that's pretty fantastic. So why would I ever leave my husband just because I fall in love with someone else? It only makes me love him more for being there for me and accepting me.

But, back to my awesome weekend! My friend and I slept in super late yesterday, since we were starting to get pretty worn out from going to bed so late. Certainly, my body is not used to going to bed at 4am anymore! We just relaxed and chatted until it was time to start getting ready for the party in the evening. We were carpooling with some other friends since this party is in another city, so it was a fun drive. It nearly didn't happen though! Their babysitter was 40 minutes late so I was starting to worry we'd end up having to abort mission! Fortunately, we got on the road and drove like a maniac so we made up all that time!

Chris and I have been friends for a year, and we have a lot of similar interests in BDSM and D/s. We decided we aren't suited to dating, because living in different cities sucks and he is looking for a primary relationship while I am only open to a secondary one, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun. We had never played together before but we negotiated a scene for the party that I was very much looking forward to.

Both of us have an intense boot fetish. I was so glad that I had bought those new boots because they were perfect. When I got to the party, I got dressed in the changeroom but didn't put on my boots. I just walked around barefoot and mingled and socialized while I waited for Chris to arrive. No less than three people offered to help me with my boots in the meantime, but I was saving them!

When Chris arrived, the energy between us was already good. We went upstairs into one of the semiprivate rooms where there was a chair, and he knelt in front of me on the floor. He made sure to do a perfect job helping me into my boots- picking my foot up and gently sliding it into the base, then unlacing them entirely and starting from scratch to make sure they fit my calves like a second skin. So hot! By the time my boots were on, we were both starting to get turned on and this was only the precursor to our scene! When he started to lick and kiss my boots, I couldn't take my eyes off him. He started at the top and kissed down the sides and over the toes, and licked the bottoms of my boots and sucked on the stiletto heel. Every time we made eye contact it was electric. The material of the boots were thin enough so that I could feel the pressure of his hands holding my leg and his lips and tongue caressing my boots. Then when he started to kiss my leg just above where the tops of the boots ended, I could feel my pussy dripping.

When he came up for air, I kissed him. His mouth tasted a little of leather but it was so sexy. I brought out a pair of heavy duty nipple clamps and he loved them. I attached weights to both sides and watched him kiss his way back down my boots with a heavy chain trailing down his chest. It was an incredibly erotic experience. I didn't realize that we had watchers at one point because I was so involved in what we were doing, but they told me afterwards that while they don't have boot fetishes, after watching us play, they could understand it.

We were both so hot afterwards that we were craving each other's bodies. I didn't even really want much in the way of foreplay, which is unusual for me, but I was so worked up from the boot scene that I wanted his cock. Now. Chris has a lovely thick cock with a curve and it felt so good when he slid inside my dripping wet pussy. He's very talented with his fingers, too :) When he was getting ready to cum I told him to pull out and take off the condom and cum all over my boots. He licked off every drop.

It didn't feel nearly as long as that, but we found out later that we played for over two hours. The energy was so good between us. I can't wait to see him again. Oh, it was a GOOD weekend!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Vanilla Can Be Sweet Too

It's funny, as I chose that title, I realized that it's still a bit on the inappropriate side. John and I didn't do any BDSM play last night, but there is a current of D/s that runs through almost everything we do together. And it makes me so happy... it just feels right. This is what I've been waiting for and didn't have in my relationship with Allen. Sex is good, but power is so much better.

Since I knew I had parties Friday and Sunday, I wanted to keep Saturday low key, but I also wanted to see John since I won't again for a while. Listen to me, for a while! I really am getting used to dating a local because I'll see him on Wednesday which is only a few days away! Mark leaves Wednesday morning for another work trip for nearly two weeks, so he gets all my attention on Monday and Tuesday.

But, I digress! I thought it might be nice to get a group of friends together to go out for dinner and maybe shoot some pool at a local pool hall. What with cancellations due to crappy weather, it wound up just being me, John, and a good female friend of mine. John joked that it's not all the time that he gets to spend two days in a row with two pretty women!

I texted him and asked him to find a restaurant near the pool hall, and to take care of all the arrangements. I got a message shortly afterwards that he'd found a highly rated Asian restaurant and we had 6:30 reservations, and a pool table booked at 7:30. Such a good boy :)

My friend and I went shopping to get some new stockings, and then we discovered there was a shoe store that sells fetish shoes and boots near where we were meeting for dinner, so we decided to check it out. I bought some fabulous new boots... laces up the front and a zipper on the side, knee high black shiny leather platform boots with a 6" stiletto heel. They are ridiculously sexy and I can't wait to wear them to the party tonight!

We met up with John and had a nice dinner before going to the pool hall. We were all terrible but had a few drinks and a good time before we headed back to John's house to relax in the hot tub. It was so cold outside that my wet hair was getting icy so I had to keep redipping it to melt, but my body was warm and I sat on John's lap and cuddled up... good times. We went inside and my friend passed out on the couch, so John and I curled up under a blanket and watched a movie and fooled around a little. I hadn't told Mark there was a possibility of staying the night, so even though I was sleepy and just wanted to go to bed with John, I called a cab and shook my friend awake so we could go home. At least we wouldn't have to get up early in the morning!

So far, this is just right for me. I'm definitely getting what I want out of this relationship... no lingering negative feelings like something is missing. So good.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Sometimes Life Doesn't Go As Planned...

I had been looking forward to yesterday for nearly a month. We were invited to an awesome private party, and it would be my first party going together with John. It was also the day that our contract kicked in, so I was already feeling a bit of a rush from that.

I spent the day out with a friend, and we went to the spa to get manicures and pedicures before going to the party. I got fire engine red with little white flowers painted on my nails. Sexy but feminine... just right. When we got home it was time to get ready. I decided to wear a little black PVC skirt that laced up in the back, fishnet thigh highs with a black lace garter belt, and a black halter style wet look corset. I also wore my pair of suede peep toe stiletto heels with heavy metal spikes on the back. I felt killer sexy :)

When I got to the party with my friend, John was waiting for me in the main social area. He gave me a hug and a kiss, then offered me his chair while he sat by my feet. Such a good boy :) One of the things I had really missed about going to parties with someone is having a submissive on the ground stroking my feet and shoes while I chat with friends. So relaxing, and definitely feeds into my power exchange desires.

We had some plans for a scene together, and it was lovely. I put a large ball gag in his mouth and had him kneel on all fours in front of me so I could use him as my footstool. Those spiked heels left some lovely scratches on his back :) Afterwards, a Dom friend of mine invited me to join him and his submissive for a fire cupping scene, which was really awesome. I love playing with fire. It's so erotic and edgy and sexy and fun, but obviously a bit on the dangerous side. Practice really helps though. I had a LOT of fun.

Afterwards, I ran into my friend chatting with Kristen, the cute little blonde that I had played with at the party last month. Sexy as ever :) My friend suggested we all go upstairs to one of the smaller rooms to hang out, so we relocated. My friend was there with her Dom and his wife, Kristen, me, and John. We socialized for a while while John and I cuddled, and then when they all left for the night, we moved to the bed and I invited Kristen to join us. We just cuddled and caressed and chatted, and I kissed John a few times. I asked Kristen if I could kiss her, and she said yes :) I was so excited... I knew she'd never been with a woman and I'd been interested in her since we met. So sexy and interesting and such a reactive bottom. A tantalizing combination. Her kisses were just as tantalizing.

Threesomes are fantastic. Extra hands and mouths and just plain lots of fun. My last FFM threesome was a little more awkward because I was just developing a comfort level with women myself. It was more than a year ago so I was nervous and didn't really identify as bisexual. Well, now I can say I am fully comfortable enjoying myself with women who I'm attracted to! John and Kristen and I had a fantastic time with lots of fun all around. Kristen squirts like a porn star, which is ridiculously hot and well worth having towels handy! We played for 2 1/2 hours and it went by so quickly, and didn't feel awkward or uncomfortable. Threeway cuddles with the afterglow of sex are so nice. Hopefully we'll do it again sometime soon.

So, sometimes life doesn't go as planned. Sometimes, it's better.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Interesting Overnights

It's been really nice dating someone local for once! I like that I don't have to commit a whole weekend. I can see him just for dinner or coffee, or spend the night and still come home in the morning. It's really awesome and I've been enjoying it. Plus I can see him several times a week and I really like that!

I spent the night at John's house the past two evenings, but I got to come home in between while he was at work. So, I still spent time with Mark and with kiddo when school was out, had dinner at home before heading back out to spend the evening at John's. I am really starting to enjoy hot tubbing in the winter. Cold crisp air, but steamy hot water and it is just so relaxing and sexy and fun all at the same time. We've had some good conversations just hanging out in the hot tub. It's been a good way to get to know him better as a person. And I'm enjoying what I'm finding!

Aside from the time we're spending cuddling and chatting, we're finding we have a lot of common ground and enjoy a lot of the same vanilla hobbies. It's really nice to have a foundation for something more between us than just BDSM and D/s, although that is fucking fantastic, too.

We decided things were going well enough for us to commit to a one month D/s contract between the two of us. As of this Friday, I own his cock. He can't masturbate without receiving my permission. SO fucking hot. I can't wait. We're not looking into a device for now... I think the honour system is more sublime torture. So close, and yet so far. Our contract is relatively simple, but it spells out our expectations and obligations and a few other things, and just the idea is really sexy to me. He'll be mine. He wears no collar because that has more significance to me, but to all intents and purposes, for the next month he'll do what he's told. And then we'll go from there and see if we're both happy with the way the relationship is going. I really like how this builds in intervals for us to talk ab. out the relationship and what we like and what changes need making. I think that's really helpful and productive, and I'm glad that I was given the idea to use contracts early in a relationship.

We also got in some fun BDSM play. The first night we slept together, I found out he meant what he said when he told me he was cuddly at night! He woke me up three times trying to snuggle closer. Yeah... that wasn't going to fly. When we were getting ready for bed last night, I pulled out a set of wrist cuffs and rope, and told him if he couldn't keep his hands to himself, he was going to sleep with them loosely bound to the headboard. That produced the desired result, although I think it would have been fun to see him try to sleep like that! But he begged and promised to be good, and he was true to his word, so I suppose leaving it as a threat worked just as well. And it was fun to see the look on his face when he realized I was serious and this wasn't a time to tease me! I love his sassiness at times, but this wouldn't have been one of them!

Instead, I decided I wanted to have some fun with him. I pulled out a new set of nipple clamps, and they are nasty. I'm going to have to use them with my violet wand at some point! He is a pain slut and he told me they were hurting (but wasn't close to calling red) so I know these have a good bite to them. I also brought out my lovely clothespins and hung them from his balls, but this time I added some weighted clamps, too. Each one had adjustable 4oz weights and I didn't let him take the tension off. It was a lot of fun watching him react as I pulled them off... threatening to beat them off him with my crop. That had him whimpering... he is SO fun to tease. I can watch him turn into a pile of subby goo while I talk him through a fantasy. So lovely.

So far I'm really enjoying my new relationship. John is so appreciative and flattering and he just makes me feel so good. He is always touching me just because he likes to (and I mean nonsexually), and telling me how beautiful and attractive I am, but in different words. Today he told me that talking to me was the highlight of his day. Last night he told me he never sleeps with a woman who he can't look at in the morning and say "Oh fuck yeah." He has walked an hour to see me after work, in -5F weather. And he's a smoker, who never ever smokes around me no matter how long we're together. And he's actually quitting smoking so that he'll have more time and money to spend with me. Stuff like that... that's actions matching his words. He is showing me that he's invested in our relationship and that he wants to see me. And that's a really awesome feeling.

So I don't know where we're going, but I'm definitely enjoying the ride.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Public D/s

I got a sad email this morning. Adam, one of my first sex partners in the lifestyle, just broke up with his wife. Poor guy. We've been seeing each other off and on for over two years now, and while I enjoy his company, there's no emotional attachment there. More like casual acquaintances who like each other and fuck sometimes. I feel badly for him, though, because there's kids involved and breakups are always tough. On the other hand, he and his wife were both cheating on each other so it was a bit of a trainwreck, but that's really none of my business. He asked me if we can get together in a few weeks and I said sure. He's a good fuck and it's nice to see him once in a while.

I had a fun night out yesterday, though! I really love the little aspects of D/s. The things you can do in public that no one else would recognize but has significance to the two of you. I told John what time to meet me and where, and he was walking up right as I arrived. And he was so excited to see me! It was really adorable and flattering, actually. It had only been a week since we'd seen each other last but he told me it felt like forever. I laughed and reminded him I was used to dating long distance where I'd have no chance at seeing anyone more often than that!

He carried my things for me while we walked to the restaurant I wanted to go to for dinner. No one would have known anything was different about us except that he was carrying our bags and that I'd chosen what we were eating with no input from him. But I felt it, and I liked it :) We had a nice dinner and I asked him at one point to refill my drink. He returned with it and stood beside our table with the drink in his two hands waiting for me to take it. I was impressed. Such a good boy!

We joined up with some kinky friends afterwards for drinks and just hanging out. It was so nice to be out as a couple, even if a relatively new one, and just socialize. He was very attentive to me but not in a way that was pushy or overbearing. Just right. We had a great time before heading back to his house for hot tubbing and some more private time.

NRE is sweet.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Mark came home yesterday from one of his trip and I was so happy to see him. Spring and summer are his busiest seasons. Our ninth anniversary is this weekend and he gave me my gifts early, what a sweetie.

I wonder how many couples who met as young as we did and have been together as long as we have, are happy. We are great partners and co-parents, we have open and honest communication, we genuinely care about each other's best interests, and we still have smoking hot sex. Life is GOOD!

Since he's been home, we've already been indulging in some kinky sex. It's always best with my husband... he sees that look in my eyes and he knows exactly what it means. I told him I thought it would be really hot if he jerked himself off and came all over my breasts, and then I wanted him to lick me clean. He thought it was hot too, so we decided to do it. I warned him he wouldn't still think it was hot after his orgasm, but he told me that was okay.

So I took off my shirt and my nipples were rock hard when he splashed hot cum all over me. I saw the look on his face and knew he wasn't aroused by it anymore... but then he bent over and cleaned me up, every drop. He laughed and said he had cum breath and I loved it. So fucking hot...

And of course, he's my husband, so some fantasies I'm happy to indulge for him that I wouldn't for anyone else. He was playing a game and I wanted to suck his cock. He really needed to concentrate... and I really needed a cock. Guess who won? So he tried vainly to finish his game while I sucked his cock and then asked me if he could cum on my face and rub it in. I love Mark so I said yes. Honestly, now I really understand the attraction and I wish I could produce cum when I wear a strap on. Since I can't, watersports will have to do! So before bed he came all over my face and used his cock to rub it in like face cream. It was an interesting sensation! :) Jumped in the shower right afterwards though!

The one thread of continuity through our journey is Mark. I love him. He's always going to be the primary focus in my life, even when I get swept away by NRE. I can feel the ORE flowing, too.