Saturday, 19 April 2014

Quiet Nights and Exciting Days

Sometimes, low key can be just as enjoyable as a night of hot sex. Well, almost anyway! John and I had both had a long week for various reasons, but wanted to get together yesterday anyway. He brought over some movies but I wasn't interested in anything that required thought, so we watched some old episodes of Futurama (remember that show? I used to love it!). I ignored him while he worshipped my feet. It felt so good... I was tired from a lot of walking, and he gave me a fantastic footrub and then sucked and nibbled and licked my toes and up along my arches. I definitely needed that!

We went upstairs to bed to relax and cuddle. I was way too tired for BDSM or play, and apparently so was he. It was adorable when I noticed he'd fallen asleep. I wanted so much to drift off with him, but I knew he couldn't spend the night this time so one of us had to be awake. I was enjoying watching him sleep so I didn't wake him up until it started to get late. It was relaxing just to lie there snuggled up and reading a book on my iPad with him next to me. It wasn't an exciting night, but I don't need it to be all the time!

But, I still have needs :) I wound up with a day to myself since my son went to visit his Nana for Easter, so I texted Brian to see if he was available on short notice. Fortunately, he was! He came over and licked my pussy until I was a sweaty mess. I took out my big pink ribbed dildo and he fucked me with that while he licked my clit. It was so intense and amazing. When he tapped out, I sucked his cock. He's a little under average size, so I can swallow his cock easily while I play with his balls. I really enjoy the sounds a man makes while he's getting a blowjob. The moan when he pumped his cum into me was delicious :)

And even better... I chatted with him while he was here, and he's open to joining me and John for the MFM fantasy we have planned! I had a Craigslist ad up and I was screening, but my first requirement is the guy has to be someone I'd be willing to have sex with, and I just wasn't getting quality in my responses. So, I asked Brian if he was bi and he told me he was open to experimenting. Awesome! So it looks like next Saturday afternoon, John's going to get what he's been begging for and fantasizing about. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to tell him, but I'm leaning towards having it be a surprise.

SO excited! I've been waiting so long and there are so many things I want to do!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Busy Day!

So my libido has just been sky high lately. If it wasn't so frustrating, I'd laugh at the thought that I have a husband and a boyfriend and my sexual needs are still not being met! I spent some quality time with my sex toys, but ever since we opened our relationship I've been finding masturbation somewhat less than satisfying. It just feels so mechanical... release, but nowhere near the same amount of pleasure as an orgasm with a partner. Although I suppose that doesn't stop me, because when I do masturbate, I'm usually in bed with my laptop set to Literotica and I stay there for two or three hours until I'm an exhausted sweaty mess and the room smells like pussy. But I'd much rather have a romp with a sex partner I like, by far.

So, it was back to Craigslist for me, to see if I could find someone who I'd like to have visit me once in a while to take the edge off my frustration! I was going through the replies, and much to my surprise I got a message from someone I'd had lunch with last summer but never hooked up with. He'd recognized my writing style and figured out it was me (which kind of impressed me, by the way. I guess my ads are that different from everyone else's?). He reads here, by the way (which was another first for me, I'm not used to the people I see knowing that I write about them!), so say hi!

Since I'd already met Lonnie in a public place, even though it was a while ago, I was comfortable having him come right to my house. I had some lovely orgasms and enjoyed his company. And boy, did I need that! Good times :) Non reciprocal oral sex always leaves me feeling fantastic.

I also saw John again last night. We've been dating for about two months now, but last night was our contract renewal. I honestly think every relationship should have mandatory check in periods like this. I don't think that it's so much the structure that's necessary, although I do think it's great to have each person's responsibilities, obligations, and the goal of the relationship made clear cut. But I love that at the end of the contract, that we sit down and talk about how we're feeling and how things are going, if we want to make any changes or if there are any issues. Hands anyone, who thinks that relationships could use that kind of good communication? It would at least help keep little issues from becoming big issues, because they'd either get dealt with or you'd at least realize there's a fundamental incompatibility.

Our check in went really well. He is happy with how things are going, and when I suggested renewing for another month he said let's go for two :) We talked about the one thing I wanted to discuss, and then spent the evening cuddled up, being silly, and just enjoying each other's company. It was a really good night. My emotional attachment to him is definitely getting stronger.

I was supposed to have a date with Adam on Thursday, but he emailed me and said he's going to have to cancel. I'm a little disappointed since he's one of my favourite casual sex partners- we have been fucking for over two years, after all. But hopefully another time soon! I am feeling the urge to get busy again. Maybe pick up another new partner or two :) I love variety.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Playing the Game

Mark isn't really into power exchange at all, but over the years he's come to find he enjoys experimenting with some kinky stuff with me. Most of the time our sex life is pretty vanilla, but sometimes we can get pretty freaky. It's so intensely connecting afterwards, because it just feels so intimate. I know he's not doing it for the sake of the kink- it's because he enjoys connecting with me like that. I don't think he'd do those activities with anyone else, so it's a reaffirmation of our trust and bond together, which is pretty awesome.

This afternoon we were having an exchange via text while I was out, and he started to send me some silly, bratty text messages. I laughed and said "someone's feeling feisty today, huh?" He sent back "Maybe I need to be punished for it." Heart starts racing and I can feel the adrenaline start flowing. Oh, yes. Wonder what I'm going to do with him tonight. Is it D/s? Nope. It's a game, and no less exciting or sweet or fulfilling for that. And sometimes, playing the game is just so delicious.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Takes My Breath Away

Last night was a lot of fun. We went to John's sister's house because she was throwing a party for the Game of Thrones premiere. I got to meet a lot of his friends and be introduced as his girlfriend. I'm not sure how many people noticed my wedding rings, but I did make a comment about my husband at one point and got a visible reaction so maybe they didn't notice. His sister and brother in law are poly too, so I didn't think it was a big deal. It's been a while since I've gotten to go out as someone's girlfriend, and if you've been reading me for a while (thank you!), you know that's something that's important to me.

I really enjoyed him sitting on the ground in front of my chair and rubbing my feet while we watched the show, and bringing me snacks and drinks. The hot tub was a bit crowded afterwards so it's good that not everyone stayed! Every available seat (and some laps!) was taken! I am definitely not going to remember everyone's name, but I think I'll remember one woman. (Excuse the nerd segue, but I don't think this is much of a spoiler!) So remember how the Unsullied have to kill puppies at one stage in their training? One of the guys brought a stuffed dog and wanted to put tape X's over its eyes to show it was dead as a joke so he was frantically rooting around for tape. I told him I had neon pink and pulled a roll of duct tape out of my backpack. She asked me why I was walking around with duct tape in my bag. I just looked at John, laughed, and said sometimes it comes in handy. John doesn't really hide that he's a submissive, but it's not always necessary to make a big production out of embarrassing him. I bet she got the idea :)

My heritage is from Transylvania, so I always joke about how I'm a vampiress since I do love bites as a way of causing pain. John and I were lying in bed cuddled up and talking about some fun kinky stuff and I kissed and nibbled my way down his neck. My hand brushed across his cheek and down his throat and I couldn't resist the desire to grab him by the throat. I felt him jolt in surprise and the lovely sounds he made when he gasped were so hot. I bit down on his earlobe and he moaned, and then I let him go. Until he begged me to do it again...

It's been so good to have someone to enjoy the D/s with. It's more than just kinky play. It meets so many cravings in my relationships. I don't really think I am better or more important than John, and I always come at the heart of our relationship as though we are equals. Do I enjoy the way he treats me and making the decisions? Absolutely. And I know it turns him on to feel like he is less than me and there to be used. And then cuddling with him afterwards and hearing him whisper in my ear that he loves me? Just perfect.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Sleepy Cuddles

I've always been the kind of woman who doesn't like to touch when sleeping. Fuck off and leave me alone, we'll cuddle when I am awake! But I'm finding that I really enjoy John's body pressed against mine and his arms wrapped around me while we sleep. I wouldn't be able to handle it every night since I know I'm waking up more often (I'm a really light sleeper), but for now, it's pretty good.

We slept together two nights this week. It's so nice to be able to spend the night with him, come home and see my family, and then go back out after kiddo goes to bed. I also rather like staying and sleeping in his bed when he goes to work, and waking up when I feel like it. I know it's silly, but it feels intimate to me.

We woke up in the middle of the night hungry for each other. Passionate kisses and my hand on his hard cock. I loved listening to the little moans he made for me. We talked through a sexy fantasy that turns both of us on (stay tuned if I make it happen!) and the air was crackling with intensity. I trailed my lips down his neck and bit him right above the collarbone. His reaction was so sweet... he loves pain and I love hurting him. I climbed on top of him and slid my wet pussy over his cock just to tease him. While I rode him I put my hands around his throat and told him he was mine... so hot.

I'm not sure how I feel about him yet, but I'm definitely enjoying the time we share together. One day at a time.