Friday, 28 November 2014

My Sexy Girl

Mmmm... today was a lovely day with a lovely lady! Jennifer and I had gotten together for a BDSM discussion group a couple of weeks ago, but we were both under the weather so we didn't even kiss. It was so strange being out with her and not being able to be physically intimate! We both felt like something was missing when we said goodnight then. The last time before that where we had played was the Halloween party, and even then we didn't have sex, so it had been quite a while. It does suck when real life gets in the way of fun!

My relationship with her is pretty fantastic. The longer we see each other, the closer I feel like I get to her and the more important she becomes to me. And today, I really wanted to fuck her. We texted back and forth for hours last night until we were both pretty worked up, and the moment she walked in the door today I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth to mine. We kissed until we finally had to come up for air and the sexual energy was already crackling.

We went upstairs to my bedroom where I brought out my violet wand. She had expressed at the party that while she had enjoyed watching me do electrical play with Henry, that she couldn't wait for another chance to bottom for it. And of course, I don't need much prompting to pull out my absolute favourite toy! Now, Jennifer isn't a masochist, but like I explain to everyone, electricity doesn't have to hurt. It's all about the skill of the person using the wand, the type of electrode they use, and how high the power is turned on. So today I didn't want to hurt her... I wanted to tease her.

Jennifer is a fantastic bottom. So reactive! I loved watching her eyes drift closed while she enjoyed the sensual way I was playing with her, sliding my gentler electrodes over her body and carefully avoiding any sensitive areas for now. I wanted to slowly work her up to more. I kept upping the intensity slightly with each new toy, before I finally wired myself up so my body was electrified and kissed her deeply. It's so sexy to feel the sparks flying between our lips and then sucking on her tongue before I kissed down her neck and to her nipples. I used my fingers to trace electric trails all over her breasts and down her stomach to her thighs while she was moaning, and ran an electrified fingertip over the hood of her clit and along her labia while she gasped and arched against my hand.

I couldn't wait much longer. I had to have her, NOW. I think this was the first time I've felt such intense physical desire for her but it was so good. I slid two fingers inside her and started to fuck her very wet pussy while I licked her clit. I love the way it feels when she tightens around me and starts to moan! She's pretty multiorgasmic, and I enjoyed watching her cum over and over. It was pretty fantastic when she finally had such a big orgasm that she squirted all over me!

And then it was my turn. I needed to cum so badly! She corkscrewed her fingers into my pussy and it barely took her tongue sliding over my clit before I had an orgasm. Jennifer is pretty darn good with her mouth and I was so worked up that I just kept cumming over and over. We were both wet and messy when I pulled her up and we kissed with each other's pussy on our lips.

We went out for dinner afterwards and just enjoyed some quality time. Texting is all well and good, but nothing beats reconnecting in person. It was so good to see her. I hope we don't have to wait that long next time, because I'm really looking forward to having her naked in my bed again ;)

Monday, 24 November 2014

Little Words

Sometimes life gets in the way... with his work stuff and my family being sick with the flu, I hadn't seen Henry since the Halloween party nearly a month ago. Sometimes distance really, really sucks. Thank goodness for technology, because I don't know how we would manage without texting, phone calls, and Skype. Fortunately, Mark has been home for a while, and so I went to see Henry for four days, and I just got home :)

So do I have sexy stories to share? Absolutely. But this weekend was a lot more than that to me. We did some stuff with Henry's hobbies and he introduced me to his friends... he made me a part of his life. This is what I really want. I want to have a long term relationship with someone, with physical and emotional intimacy and vulnerability. I don't want to be compartmentalized. So the fact that he wants this with me makes me feel so good. I've had a lot of fun and enjoyment with partners in the past three years, but this is the first time I've been looking for a relationship and I haven't felt like something is missing. It's only been about three months though, so we'll see!

When I first stepped off the bus and saw Henry, it was so good. I don't want to wait a month to see him again! We kissed passionately and even though he tasted like coffee (which I hate), it was still perfect.

Henry is very talented with his hands, and I don't just mean in bed. He is great at building all kinds of things, and one of his hobbies is building remote controlled model airplanes. I really had no idea what that meant; I was picturing those little kits in boxes that take maybe a couple of hours to get in the air. But he actually builds them from scratch and installs all the electronics and mechanical stuff that makes them fly with a remote control- it takes a really long time, but it's seriously cool. So we built a plane together and it was a lot of fun! I had never done anything like that before, but I enjoyed sharing in something that makes him so happy.

I felt really close to him after that, and when we were lying in bed together, I told him that I love him. I'm not sure why it was so hard to say, because I've been feeling it for a while now and just couldn't get it out. He pulled me close and said he loves me too. I don't think there's a whole lot that beats hearing someone you love tell you that they love you, for the very first time. They might just be words... and I've seen it on his face and felt it in his kiss, but they have meaning and power.

I kissed him intensely and then even though I was tired, I knew I wanted to make love with him. We had both been tested for STIs recently and came back negative, and I wanted so badly to feel that intimate connection. So we had sex for the first time without a condom and it was so good. He told me that he loved feeling how wet I was, and every muscle twitching when I orgasmed on his cock. And I loved the feeling of warm skin on warm skin. The sex was fantastic and it felt so good when he finally came inside me. We fell asleep in each other's arms afterwards.

When we woke up in the morning, it felt so natural for him to roll over and slide his cock inside me and to have some lazy morning sex. It wasn't urgent, it was just slow and sensual and felt good to both of us. We spent the afternoon with some kinky friends, and then went back to Henry's house to do a little play that we'd been wanting to try. I've got a set of sounds for urethral play, and Henry had been curious. (For my readers- don't try this kind of thing unless you've done your research about how to do it safely. There are a lot of considerations when doing medical oriented play for health reasons and it's really not worth damaging your body or getting an infection for a few minutes of fun! And of course, you don't want to end up on a show like Sex Sent Me To The ER!) We both had a lot of fun- it is definitely sexy to have so much control over a man's cock that you can put things into it, and he really enjoyed the sensations. It wasn't long before we had to remove the sound so that he could cum!

There was a party this weekend, and we were both looking forward to it. I really enjoyed having Henry on his knees in front of me lacing up my boots. Unlike Chris, Henry doesn't have a boot fetish, but he does enjoy making me happy, and he does a very good job of that. We did a wax scene together this time, and it was a lot of fun. I brought lengths of chain, and we cuffed his hands together and then chained them above his head, and chained his legs to the table legs. I locked them with tiny heart shaped locks that I had ordered thinking of him. Yup, I'm a romantic at heart, even when I'm hurting someone! I drizzled pink, purple, and white wax all over him, but I think I had almost as much fun removing the wax as putting it on! I use a big scary (dull) knife to scrape it off onto the drop sheet, but of course, some areas of the body are more sensitive than others. So he was ticklish in some places, and sometimes the knife scratched him or pulled on his body hair, so he told me afterwards his body was confused and he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I had no such worries though, and couldn't stop laughing! It was really good to get dressed up (or in his case, dressed down!) and spend time with friends at a fun party.

But, the weekend wasn't over yet! For my birthday, Henry gave me a salt float in a sensory deprivation tank, and that was pretty cool. It's not something I had ever done before but I'm glad I had the chance to try it. The water is so salty that you float on top and it's warm and very relaxing and peaceful. I recommend it if you haven't tried it! Then we were invited to one of his friends' houses for dinner, and that was nice. I got to meet some of the people that are important in his life and be introduced as his girlfriend, and that matters to me. It was a fun evening.

We'd been having so much sex that my pussy was starting to hurt but it was still so good that I wanted it anyway. When we woke up Monday morning, the first words I heard when I cuddled up to him were "I love you". Now that's a really awesome way to wake up! We were both in the mood for some intensity, so we had sex, and then I asked him to fist me. His hands are a little larger than Morgan's, so I didn't think I was going to be able to take it, but he was patient and I was dripping wet, and after a few orgasms he told me my pussy just sucked his hand in. It was so good to feel him stroking all the sensitive spots inside while he licked my clit. I came so hard over and over and finally squirted all over him, which isn't something I do regularly! Then of course, it was his turn. Henry loves ass play, so we lubed up my Realdoe and fucked him and played with his cock until he came hard all over both of us. You know you've had good sex when you're both sweaty, out of breath, and covered in body fluids :) Then it's time for a shower together so you can get ready to do it all over again...

It was hard to leave. It had been such a fantastic visit and time just flew by. We kissed goodbye at the train station and hopefully we'll see each other again soon. It was good to come home to Mark and hear him tell me that he was glad I was home. I was too sore for sex, but we'll make up for that tomorrow!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Bad Girl Bloggers Award

I was flattered to see that I was nominated to receive this award by Lola. It's really nice to see that my blog is being read and hopefully enjoyed by lots of people! Thank you for thinking of me!

You caught me in a thinky mood tonight, though, so it'll be a bit of a digression from my usual posts. It's funny that I don't really consider myself to be a "bad girl", though. The picture is really sexy, though (and I want those shoes)! If we write about sex, does that make us bad? I love sex, in lots of different ways with lots of different people. I like casual fucking and the occasional one night stand, and I like making love with my husband in missionary in the dark sometimes. I like sex in public dungeons, and I like sex at swinger's clubs. I like sex in movie theaters, and I like sex on a front porch in broad daylight with neighbors walking by (and yes, I have stories for all of these, and perhaps not what you think!).

So, am I a bad girl? It made me think about gender and how society programs us to think about sexuality. If I was a man, would I be a bad boy? I don't think so. A man who had lots of casual sex would be a stud, someone to be admired. Women, generally, are perceived as sluts. Look at all the emphasis placed on the "number", or even the movie What's Your Number?.

What I love about my life is that I am free to connect with people in any way that feels right for both of us. That I am loved and accepted for being who I am, and for the different qualities that my partners and I can bring to each other's lives. Sometimes it's just some physical fun. Sometimes it's friendship, with or without sexual benefits. And sometimes it's romantic love. While it's fun to roleplay the vixen, I can't see any of those things making me a bad girl. Sex isn't bad, dirty, or unclean- it's awesome, whether we're doing it to get our rocks off, or as an expression of love for a partner. And it's just plain fun :) So be a bad girl if you like the label and want to be one... no matter what you do in (or out!) of the bedroom. Life's too short to let what society thinks dictate how we behave, as long as everyone involved consents of course.

How about a Sexy Sex Positive Blogger award? :) I'd be happy to nominate some lovely ladies for that. Here are some blogs that I read and really enjoy, and want to nominate them to be read regardless of how they identify themselves!

Ferns of Domme Chronicles writes some really excellent thoughts on F/m BDSM relationships.

Sassy of Same Sassy Girl is always interesting and entertaining.

Aphrodite & Adonis have some great stories (and sexy pictures!) to share.

And of course, I love the open mindedness and fun attitude of Lola!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Magic Hands

It's been a pretty rough week- sick kiddo and tired Mom. I haven't really been feeling all that Dominant or sexy, honestly. Morgan and I had made a date to hang out on Friday but I wasn't sure if I'd be up to anything fun. She said no problem, we could just hang out and watch a movie and that would be good too. So I figured some company would be good for unwinding and I said sure, come on over after kiddo goes to bed.

So we ordered a pizza and hung out for a while and got to know each other better. I really enjoy connecting with people in various ways, and she seems like a really cool person. While I don't have time and emotional energy for another relationship, that works just fine with her since she wants to "slut it around" for a while, and I can't say I blame her because it's fun! So I think the label friends with benefits and play partners works just fine for now.

Of course, the conversation turned back to play. I wanted to see how the electric brand was looking! Pretty awesome actually. It was pretty exciting to do that! I ordered a pick that makes thinner line so that I can do a more complex design next time. I have always loved leaving marks on people so something like this was seriously awesome. Can't wait for next time :)

We found ourselves going upstairs and doing another electrical scene. It was really fun to break out some of my more intense toys and watch her wriggle! After I gave her some electric cock sucking (that's always SO fun, even if I have to keep the current low since it passes through my lips and tongue too!) she said she was really turned on and wanted to return the favour for me :) I'll never say no to that!

She went down on me and licked me to some lovely orgasms, but I was craving being filled. I asked her to grab one of my favourite dildos, a Tantus G spot with a lovely girth. And that felt great but I wanted more and more... I really needed it for some reason. I asked her if she'd ever fisted anyone before. She hadn't, but she had lovely small hands so we decided to try it. And oh, she is so good with her hands! I felt so delightfully full and she was touching all these intense places inside my pussy and I just was orgasming nonstop while she licked my clit. I haven't been fisted in more than a year, but who needs a big cock? Everyone has hands, and no cock is going to give that same full feeling and the same flexibility to touch all the good places inside me that a hand can!

I had to tap out after half an hour or so because my clit just got too sensitive. Which surprised me a little because Morgan doesn't really work it as intensely as some of my other lovers had. I think I just had so many full body orgasms that my pussy decided it needed a break! But it was so good, and we cuddled up and she said she'd really enjoyed that and would love the opportunity to please me again. Oh yes, I think she's going to get that chance!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Halloween Surprises

Sometimes, unanticipated times can be a lot of fun! I had a pretty fantastic Halloween. I took my kiddo trick or treating in our neighborhood, then left Mark at home so I could go have a little Halloween fun myself. I wore a sexy nun costume (which led to no end of jokes from my friends about my bad habit, or having nun of it!) which was made of see through spandex and cut low, with a slit all the way up my hip and a gold cross belt. It was a lot of fun! I was invited to a house party which is more of a social get together that just happens to involve BDSM play and sex. Because it's a house party, things are pretty casual, and there are no play monitors and really no rules. The house is pretty well equipped in terms of play stations, and it's generally a lot of fun just to hang out.

I didn't have any specific plans to play at the party, but I brought one of my violet wand cases anyway, because I figured, you never know. And I do love my electric play! So I got to the party, changed into my costume, and sat down to hang out with my friends. We chatted for a while and caught up, and then one of them asked me if I'd Top her with my violet wand. We'd played before- her Dom was one of the people who has given me lessons in fire play- but this was the first time I was being recognized for my own skills, and it felt pretty good. She doesn't like intensity with electricity, but I kept the wand cranked low and used milder electrodes, and she really enjoyed it. It was fun watching her wiggle, too :)

I had taught a lab on electricity a few weeks ago and worked with a pair of play partners, who both happened to be at the party. They asked me if I'd be willing to do a more intense scene with the bottom. Oh, yes :) I don't often have the opportunity to play with a masochist who can take that much, so it'd be tough to turn down! We had a really fun scene where I broke out some new toys and really ramped things up. *Morgan, the bottom, had asked me if I'd do an electrical branding, and I said yes. I told her I was going to do it relatively lightly this time so we could see how long it would take to fade, and warned her that it was going to be rather painful. That made her smile! I decided to do a little flower on her thigh, since she left the design up to me. We had joked before the scene that it would be funny to put my initials and say "XX was here!". Funny, but not my style in a casual type of thing.

We had a really fun and enjoyable scene though, and she's already posted a picture of the brand and it looks pretty good. I was glad to be asked to be a part of it and the energy transfer was fantastic. Afterwards, we went back upstairs and she put her arm around me and we socialized a little. Then she started playing with my hair and kissing my neck, and I warned her that I was going to get turned on if we kept up with that and she smiled and said that was okay, so I relaxed and enjoyed it until my panties started to get wet, and then I suggested we head back downstairs and try out one of the beds!

Morgan is a really interesting person for a lot of reasons (aside from the physical, of course). She describes herself as transgender, although her body is biologically male, and she prefers to use female pronouns and a female name, and often wears women's clothing. She also wears nail polish and styles her hair like a woman. Either way, she's a very alluring person and I had felt myself drawn to her the first time we'd met. I am open to sexual encounters with people I click with regardless of how they identify themselves, so I figured no matter what, we'd have fun.

We kissed and touched and caressed each other's bodies before getting onto the bed. There was a kinkster watching TV in the other chair, but she said she didn't mind watching! I seem to be having interesting encounters with spectators lately! I sucked Morgan's cock for a little while, before she pulled away and started to kiss me before she went down on me. It was so good... I had a lot of orgasms and oh did I need that. It's been a while since I had really good oral. I was making a lot of noise and I'm sure all our friends upstairs could hear me. But hey, that's part of the fun and background noise at a kinky party! What was even funnier was that the kinkster downstairs with us watching TV was watching that TLC show about sex that puts you in the ER, and every once in a while a snippet of the show would float into my consciousness and it just made me laugh to listen. Then my attention would be pulled back to my pussy which was spasming with pleasure around Morgan's tongue... sigh.

She said she was happy just to get me off, but I asked if she'd like to fuck and she said she couldn't turn that down and went to get a condom. Oh, I love how it feels on the first stroke of a hard cock sliding into me! So good. We kissed and nibbled and I played with her nipples while we fucked, and managed another orgasm or two before we finished. We stayed downstairs for a little while after, just chatting, and it was good. I really like her. I'm quite happy with it staying casual, because my plate is pretty full right now, but there's nothing wrong with having a friend to play with and fuck, especially one with a golden tongue!

So, I went to the party just planning to hang out with friends, and instead I got to play twice, do a branding, and get laid. It was a pretty happy Halloween!