Thursday, 2 February 2017

Happy Travels

I love to travel. It seems like I get itchy feet sometimes when I have to stay in one place for too long. I want to explore the world and visit different cultures and try different food. I've always loved the quote that the world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page. But that might be because I am such a bookworm as well!

Since my circumstances have changed with the divorce and my health problems, I haven't really been able to travel because of budget. Henry hasn't ever really been able to travel, because of his health (lots of places he can't go) and again, the almighty dollar. We are hoping to take a honeymoon together though, next summer. We have our hearts set on a Celebrity cruise in spring 2018.

So, if you've been enjoying my blog (and either way I thank you for reading!), and have a little extra to spare, I would gratefully appreciate any contributions you might be willing to make to the Happy Hotwife Honeymoon fund. Through that site, you can email me the gift cards at Of course, there's no obligation- I have no plans to charge for my blog or to put up any annoying advertising, and please do continue reading- I'm hoping to have more salacious adventures to share soon! But if you do have a little bit you can share, I would very much be grateful for it as any little bit would bring us closer to be able to book our dream honeymoon. I also accept Paypal at the same email address if you prefer that. And perhaps we could work something out as a quid pro quo ;)

Either way- thanks for reading, and hope you continue to stick around as I continue to explore my kinky and sexual desires. Did I mention we're considering going to a swinger's club on our wedding night? :)