Monday, 26 November 2018

Happy Birthday to Me!

So things are really, really good right now. I don't think I've been this content, let alone happy, in a while.

This weekend was my birthday, and we had a big open house party for people to drop in and hang out and have food and drinks and socialize. The house got crowded, but it was nice to have so many people who wanted to celebrate with me. I felt loved and special :)  My friends all know that we're poly and kinky, since the majority of them are part of the BDSM community and the other ones have been around long enough to love me anyway. So Charles was there too, and as my boyfriend, not just a regular guest. I always love it when I can be affectionate to both my partners without having to worry about people's reactions.

Since we were drinking, lots of people wound up crashing in my living room. I invited Charles to stay the night, and Henry suggested that we take the master bedroom for the night and he'd get me the next day. That seemed fair to me!

We were tired and a little drunk, but Charles and I wound up naked in bed and kissing. We talked a little and soon his hard cock was leaking on me and I started teasing him. He said to me, "Well, I'm in bed with a beautiful woman, what did you expect to happen?" One thing led to another and soon we were having passionate sex. It was just so good to be lying in his arms and not to have to worry about one of us needing to go home.

And while I think he had a pretty good idea of how I've been feeling, I am indeed a big fan of communicating directly with words. But I didn't want to set up a big thing with pressure and expectations, so I waited until we were cuddling after sex and deciding to go to sleep. When I said goodnight, I also whispered in his ear, "I love you."

Charles grabbed my face and started kissing me in a way I can only describe as happy and enthusiastic- kinda like a puppy? And then he said "I know you want to go to sleep, but you can't drop a bomb like that on a man and then just pull away!" I told him that I just didn't want to create expectation or make things awkward. He kissed me again and then we went to sleep.

All my relationships feel differently; I've noticed even my NRE has been feeling different this go around, and I think I'm just more conscious if it now so it likely was before, too. This love isn't the same as the one I feel for Henry. It's unique to my connection with Charles, and right now it's just growing. But I think that he and I have something together, and I'm so glad that I met him and have him in my life.

I told Henry about that chat afterwards, and he got all playful with me and started teasing me about "catching the feels". But he was happy that I'm so happy. I'm glad I can share moments like that with him. Having him as my husband is pretty wonderful!

In the morning, I woke up next to Charles and we had pretty amazing morning sex. He joked that I'm going to fuck him to death! I just find it amusing that I have two boys and my sex drive outstrips both of them put together! I see why women choose to become cougars; they want to have a boy toy who can just keep going and going and going like the Energizer bunny ;)   Thankfully, I don't think I've hit quite that age, but both my partners are younger, so call me what you like!

And then the next day I spent with Henry- to be continued...

Monday, 19 November 2018

Finding My New Balance

Not the shoes, although I could probably use another pair! Speaking of which, this weekend is my birthday, so if anyone wants to buy a girl a gift, that would be lovely and much appreciated!

Things have just been good lately. I feel like I'm finally starting to be happy again. It's taken a long time to heal and realize that I'm not getting back to normal, that I have to create my new normal. And with a few exceptions, I'm mostly good with how things are going. Thanks for reading along with me this whole time!

Henry and I have been building more quality time into our relationship. It's definitely harder to make time for special moments in a long term cohabitating relationship, I think. There's always something that needs doing, or someone's tired, or else you figure that you see the person all the time anyway so no need to try and carve out special blocks, right? But it took seeing how much I enjoy the little blocks of time I have with Charles to remember that I really want to keep that same feeling with Henry, and it's definitely given our marriage a boost. The NRE is overflowing and that's just wonderful :)

We bought a new cock sheath from Bad Dragon since we enjoy our first one so much.

Because it leaves the cockhead exposed, it's fun and satisfying for both partners. I like the extra girth it puts around Henry's cock, and he still gets to feel my wet pussy and also the little nubs and ridges inside the toy. He often uses our other sleeve as a masturbation toy since it's such good quality. Definitely a fun one to add to your toy box.

Since we just got it on the weekend, I wanted to break it in in the most amusing way I could think of. I sucked Henry's cock until he was hard, and then had him try it on about an hour before my date night with Charles, and he let me know that it was feeling really good. I stroked it up and down over his cock and listened to his breathing and little moans. Just as he was starting to get close, I told him that I wanted him to wait for me to come home. He looked so frustrated! I don't always do much in the way of denial play, but this time I found it incredibly erotic to tell him that he could touch his cock all he liked, but not to orgasm without me.

And then I went off for my date with Charles. It was a pretty good night. He was having a house party and had made a delicious dinner and dessert, and introduced me to all of his friends. It was fun when someone made an offhand orgy joke and the only other woman there made a comment that she thought she could speak for both of us and say that we wouldn't be up for that. I kinda gave her a naughty grin and said that "Well, I'm not exactly a one person person anyway, so I'd be open to the idea!". There were about ten guys there, I bet that could have been a good night ;)

Then Charles and I snuck upstairs during the party and clothes came flying off while we were kissing passionately. We haven't gotten nearly enough naked time lately, but tis the season for things to get busy!

He told me how much he'd been missing me, how horny he was, and his cock was pulsing against me. I told him that maybe if he asked me really nicely, that I'd help him out with that. He whispered in my ear so sexily, and begged me to suck his cock. How could I refuse? I love feeling his big hard cock get even bigger in my mouth. It was fun to tease him and run my tongue on the edge of his cockhead and slurp him all the way into my throat. I love a good blowjob!

I decided not to get him off like that, though. I wanted to say all the awful things I have been thinking of doing to him and watch him play with his cock while he listens. I told him how I want to bring over some gloves and watch him squirm while I play with his prostate, then bring out my strap on harness and bend him over the edge of the bed and fuck him like a two dollar whore. He was so excited by that and begged me to use him. Too bad we didn't have more time!

Instead, I decided to be consistent and leave him wanting more... I left him with a hard cock and whispered "Sweet dreams"! Then I went home to my Henry and he fingered me to some lovely orgasms before I told him he could slide that sheath into my pussy and fuck me hard. So good... It was a lovely day :)

Monday, 5 November 2018

Happy Halloween!

And so, it was time to pop Charles' cherry and take him to his first BDSM party. I invited him to our local Halloween ball and he decided to come along with me and Henry.

I always love being able to be out in public with more than one partner and show affection to both. It was lovely having one arm around each of them, or one kissing my neck while the other holds my hand. I enjoyed introducing Charles around to the friends he hadn't met yet while Henry was playing up his brat role a little bit. Fun was had by all :)

Charles decided he just wanted to watch for the night, so we took in some scenery. It was lovely to watch a Dom smacking a pretty young girl's ass until it turned a lovely shade of pink, watching her moan and jerk and beg in her bondage. I whispered in Charles' ear that I could tell he wished it was him, and he gave me an embarrassed smile and nodded yes.

We also watched a few other demos... someone dripping hot wax onto breasts with sensual sighs. A heavyset man being lit on fire. A small woman being suspended from a rope frame. Just another night at the local dungeon... but full of wonder for someone new. I remember my first play party and how much I was fascinated by all that we do and why. I still don't know why some of it arouses me, but I get enough enjoyment not to worry about it too much. After all, I don't see how it's much different than liking blowjobs, or being attracted to blondes. Sexual preference is sexual preference, and it's OK to have your own preferences as long as you don't dehumanize people nonconsensually.

And then I sat Charles down and started strapping Henry to a table. It was time to put on a show of my own! Henry was bound with his wrists over his head and his legs spread wide. I pulled out my violet wand and accessories, and I made love to him the best way I know how. Running little sparks of electricity up and down his body until he gasped and shook in his bondage. Wiring myself up so that my fingers produced tiny electric shocks, teasing his cock to full hardness in front of a room full of people, then zapping him with some intense toys before working his cock back up again. I'm sure the arousal and pain yo-yo was agonizing and fun all at once! We always get a lot of spectators when we play together because we're a lot of fun to watch, and we do stuff that is a little off the beaten path.

I didn't let Henry cum, of course... I wanted that for later ;)

Of course he needed aftercare. When I undid the cuffs and chains and wrapped him in his fuzzy blanket, we went over to one of the couches and I brought him water and we cuddled. Charles joined us not too long after, and I found myself draped across the two of them, my upper body in Henry's lap and my legs and feet on Charles. It's lovely that the two of them get along so well, because it makes so many good things possible. While this party doesn't allow penetrative sex, there are lots of things it does allow!

It wasn't too long before Henry was playing with my nipples through my sheer costume blouse, and Charles started stroking my thighs until I was squirming on both of them. Playing at a BDSM party always makes me so wet and I was enjoying their touch. I told Charles to slide down my purple lace panties, and I saw him suck in his breath when the scent of my arousal was so prominent.

Henry kissed me passionately and continued lightly pinching and stroking my nipples while Charles buried his face in my dripping cunt. I nearly came at the first touch of his tongue. It was so sexy to watch all the fun going on at the party, and I had enjoyed my scene with Henry very much, and now here I was on a couch in front of onlookers with a tongue in my mouth and a tongue in my pussy, my skimpy skirt hiked up and my bare lasered pussy on display. I enjoy being an exhibitionist at least as much as I like being a voyeur, and I was impatient for more skin on skin so I pulled open my blouse so that Henry could have easier access to my body. He kissed down my neck to the nape of my shoulders while he was still working on my breasts, and then I felt Charles' fingers slide into my sopping wet hole while he continued to tongue my clit as though pleasing me was the most important thing in the world- and in that moment it felt like it! I bit back a loud moan and orgasmed hard in front of the large audience that had built up by now.

I wasn't done yet- I'm not the kind of woman who is one and done. I was rocking my hips and grinding my pussy on Charles' face while he pumped his fingers in and out of my tight little cunt. I wanted cock so badly, but his finger fucking was the next best thing. He slid his hand in deeply and started to rhythmically stroke my A spot and I gasped with the intense pleasure as the two of them expertly worked on making me feel so good. They could tell from the increasing pitch of my moans that I was getting ready to cum again and Henry pinched my nipples hard at just the right moment when Charles was tonguing my clit just the way I like and fucking his hand in me so deeply, and I screamed and squirted all over Charles' face when I came in a hot wet rush.

I looked up to a round of applause, and someone was kind enough to hand Charles a towel to dry himself off a bit. I kissed Henry, and I pulled Charles up to me and kissed him with the scent of my pussy all over his face. It was a fabulous night out with my boys!