Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Sweet Dreams

Mmm... wonderful date night with Charles last night. We've been together right around six months now, and it feels more relaxed between us. We spent most of the night just hanging out together over tea, before we went upstairs and cuddled in bed.

We were both tired, but it still doesn't take too long for desire to start rippling through my body. I haven't been having nearly as much sex as I'd like lately, and I was craving the feel of his cock inside me!

I do have a Mirena IUD in, which generally suppresses ovulation, but I know that it doesn't seem to do so for me. I can definitely feel a difference in my body when I'm ovulating, and it can be a lot of fun! My clit even gets a bit more enlarged, my pussy is more sensitive, and I squirt like crazy. And every single touch feels like the pleasure has been magnified.

Charles told me that he was tired, but he wanted to make me feel good, that he gets pleasure from seeing me happy. That hit all my buttons in more ways than one and I couldn't help but bite back a moan when he slipped his fingers into my waiting pussy. SO good... he got me wet and open before he climbed on top of me and started to fuck me hard. His cock feels like it was made just for me; it feels just right inside me.

He decided he wasn't ready to cum, though, so I told him I'd put on a little bit of a show for him and he could watch and play with his cock. Sex is so much fun when it's not just about the PIV! I like it when activities move around organically based on what we happen to be feeling in the moment. It's fun and keeps things interesting.

I pulled my current favourite vibrator out of my nightstand, the Fun Factory Volta that I've written about before, and spread my legs wide while he was sitting between them. I held eye contact with him while I started to buzz my clit. It felt so good... then I felt him slide his fingers back into my pussy and massage my G spot while I was working my clit. We were still looking at each other, while he had one hand stroking his big hard cock and the other deep inside my dripping wet pussy, and I was using my vibrator and my breath was starting to catch and I came in a hot wet rush all over his hand, again and again and again. He told me it was so sexy to see that :)

Then he slid his cock into me again and told me how wet and open I was and how good my pussy felt. Every inch of his cock sliding inside me felt so good that I was close to cumming just from fucking, and that doesn't happen often! It was amazing just to ride that edge and get swept away by waves of pleasure until he called out my name and filled me up with more wetness.

We had to change the sheets... but it was worth it to cuddle up next to him afterwards and fall asleep together. I really needed a night like that!

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Little Silly Moments

Much as I enjoy writing about sex (and I do!), there's lots of other stuff going on in my life and I thought I'd share some little vignettes that make me laugh or happy.

A few weeks ago when Charles spent the night here, he left some of his toiletries in the bathroom. Henry noticed and made a joke that he was "planting a flag" and couldn't resist teasing Charles the next time he saw him. Charles had actually forgotten them, not that it really mattered to us; we don't mind a few extra products in the bathroom. As a matter of fact, Henry had suggested that Charles could leave a change of clothes here if he wanted to make things easier if he stayed over unexpectedly. My husband isn't territorial, thankfully. But it was hilarious to see the look on Charles' face when Henry was teasing him!

In a similar vein, my men can just be so silly sometimes. When I'm in bed cuddling with Henry, he sometimes grabs some part of my body and says "MINE!" I don't usually mind, it's adorable and silly. And somehow simultaneously and without discussing it, both of them have started doing it! I was in bed with Charles and he was stroking my leg and he said he claimed it. I told him that he and Henry were going to have to work that out. Do I see a Sharpie in my future while they stake their claims? I don't normally play that way, but it's fun to indulge them sometimes!

It's been miserably cold here lately; everyone has been getting chapped lips even with the humidifier running. I haven't resorted to chapstick yet because I'm not really a fan of the texture. Sometimes I have sensory issues, so I generally don't use products like hand creams or moisturizers or whatnot. I only use lube because it's required sometimes but I hate actually touching it. Now, actual body fluids are another matter! I'm happy to indulge in those. But, I digress! Some days I get to spend time with both Henry and Charles. When I kissed Charles, my lips felt funny afterwards, and I asked him if he was wearing chapstick, and he said yes. So suddenly, I was wearing chapstick too- I really like kissing :)  On a different day, I noticed that some of Henry's had rubbed off on me. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm rather wondering about how interesting secondary transfer is going to be! How will they feel about something winding up with each other's chapstick on their lips? Sometimes it's funny being a hinge in a relationship!

One of the other little low key things I have been enjoying lately is my shower with Henry. We pretty much shower together every day, if schedules permit. It's become a little ritual for us; an opportunity for mindfulness and intimacy together. I think that D/s has such an edge in maintaining mindfulness in relationships; instead of going through our day and not really connecting, building a ritual around even the simple things is a reminder for us to check in with each other and strengthen our connection. It's one of the things I treasure. When we shower, Henry washes my hair. We have a standing joke now that he has "broken" me- I no longer have an automatic pilot setting for doing it myself. We all have those things in our lives that we just do and don't really have to think about it. Washing my hair used to be one of those things. Now, if I don't pay conscious attention to it, something goes wrong, which is rather embarrassing! He loves it, though. The few times I've showered alone and been distracted, I managed to 1) wash my hair with body wash, 2) wash my hair with shampoo, but forget to rinse it, and 3) forget to wash it at all. I think I managed it correctly once, when I insisted I actually pay attention to it! Oh well- I much prefer it when he washes it anyway. I also like that he will scrub me with body wash, too. I love the feel of him massaging it into my back and shoulders, over my arms, down my collarbone, and of course he can't resist copping that feel. He tells me that he's got to make sure that my breasts are very clean, right? Hard to argue with that!

Of course, I have been having some great sex with both my men! Not quite as much as I'd like, but is it ever as much as I'd like? My sex drive far outstrips theirs, so thank goodness for polyamory and polysexuality! I think I need a host like in the show Westworld (which I've really been enjoying, by the way). The only question then, would I get a male or a female host, or can I please please please have two? :)

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Warm Salty Tears

I thought about stringing you along a bit with that title, but I'm smiling so much I just can't pull off the tease.

Charles came over for a planned overnight this weekend and we had a wonderful time. We had decided that it was finally time to step up the intensity in our BDSM a little. I had been taking things slowly with him because he was pretty much brand new, and he was definitely experiencing sub frenzy with me. While I want very much to play hard with him and ride those extremes, the last thing I want to do is damage him. And there's no rush; we are so good together and we're both happy with how things are going, so there will be another chance to explore further.

But this weekend he wanted me to push him a little. So I decided to make some of his fantasies come true. He loves the feel of nylon and lace and silk, so I had him bring over a garter belt and a pair of stockings. We went up to the bedroom where my spanking bench was waiting, and I had him strip and put on his sexy clothes while I watched him. Charles is just as reactive as Henry is, in his own way, and I really enjoy that. I laid out my impact toys on the table; a stingy knotted flogger, a crop, a tawse, a stiff leather strap. 

When he was ready, I clipped some clover clamps to his very sensitive nipples and pulled on the chain to make him moan. My spanking bench is alongside some full length mirrors, so I pulled him to the mirror by his hair and made him look at himself; wearing the sexy black stockings and garter belt, clamped nipples, and then I wrote SLUT on his stomach and told him that he was my little slut tonight.

I told him to get on the bench and started warming him up with my tawse. It was lovely listening to his moans and watching him push his ass out for more as he started to turn pink, and then red. I paused occasionally to bite his neck, or pull on the nipple clamps, or whisper in his ear how sexy the heat coming off his ass was, or to stroke his cock. When it was time to take the nipple clamps off, I told him to count to three... and then I pulled them off on 2. I laughed and reminded him that nothing is ever going to be what he expects with me, even if he thinks he knows. His gasps and moans were making me so wet.

He asked me if I was enjoying this for me, or if it was all service for him. I smiled and told him that I'm no service Top; that hurting him was so delicious for me. And I slid his finger into my dripping wet cunt to show him that. Like a good boy, he licked his fingers clean before getting back on the spanking bench so I could push him further and further into his masochistic headspace. 

First the tawse, then the flogger, then the crop when I wanted to focus on very precise spots, and finally my strap when I wanted to make him beg for mercy. Soon there were warm salty tears dripping down his cheeks and I licked them off while I held him by the throat. He begged me to continue and I spanked him with my bare hands over the bright red spots on his ass until his legs were trembling and he couldn't stay on the bench anymore. That last moment of the scene was so intense that it felt like an orgasm to both of us. The Domspace was so, so good for me.

Then it was time to climb in bed for some cuddles and water so that he could come down gently. When he started to come back to himself, he told me that he wanted to serve me, to thank me for the beating. I gave him a seductive smile and spread my legs, and he dove right in. Enthusiasm is such a turn on and Charles always eats my pussy like he's a starving man. And he will stay right there until I either stop him or else he gets cramped or uncomfortable. So many orgasms and so much pleasure... it was wonderful.

The day wasn't over yet. I smelled wonderful smells coming from the kitchen, where Henry had been cooking dinner for the three of us. It was absolutely delicious, and we all chatted and spent some time together while we ate. Henry asked Charles to please try and wear me out a little, and Charles laughed and said that he would try! It's so awesome that we can all be open about everything together. I can't help the fantasies about bareback threesomes. Maybe one day ;)

After dinner, Charles and I went upstairs to cuddle and talk about the scene and what we had enjoyed. But it wasn't too long before I felt his hard cock leaking against my stomach and my pussy was tingling. We had rough, primal sex that was so satisfying! So many delicious orgasms, and then his nice thick cockhead pushing into my wet cunt over and over and over...

We spent the night together in my bed, and had time for just a little fun in the morning before he had to leave for work. I'm still riding the high today and can't wait to see him again soon. And tonight, perhaps Henry...

I am a lucky, lucky woman, and I want to enjoy every single moment.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year!

What a wonderful new year's this has been. It's certainly off to a great start. I am exhausted but I don't think I've been this happy in a while.

Henry and I threw a small house party, just a casual thing with music and apps and drinks, and we watched the ball drop on TV. Several friends came over, and so did Charles. It was really fantastic having both my men there celebrating with me. I told them that I felt so lucky. When we were in the kitchen prepping the appetizer platters, I kissed Henry and said I love YOU and then I kissed Charles and said and I love YOU. Both of them came back for seconds. It felt so good. I've never felt surrounded by this much love before, where it was just omnipresent and relaxed and comfortable and happy.

Hilariously, one of my neighbours decided to drop by. She and her husband cheat on each other regularly but they got really confused when I told them that we are open. I think it just doesn't make sense in their paradigm! So when she stopped by and I introduced her to everyone... I said "This is Charles," and you should have seen the look on her face. She kind of stammered "oh! I've heard so much about you!" and then kept staring at him like he was an endangered species, which I guess maybe he is :)  And I'd already had a few drinks so I felt like being playful, and while she was there I took every reasonable opportunity to be touching or kissing both of my men. All the other friends were poly or kinky themselves, so it wasn't anything out of the normal for them! Her eyes just kept getting wider and wider though- it was a lot of fun.

At midnight, I got two hugs and kisses. Then Henry decided to go sit in the hot tub and relax with some music, and Charles and I went upstairs to ring in the new year together. We were up for nearly four hours having so much sex. I remember telling him to stop fucking me at one point because I wasn't done orgasming! And he's such a good boy, he pulled out and started to lick my wet pussy until I came over and over and squirted in his mouth. He licked up every drop like I'm a delicacy. And we did it all again when we woke up in the morning on January 1.

We spent New Year's Day just hanging out together, the three of us. It was fun and relaxing. Henry made breakfast for all of us. We played games and spent some time in the hot tub as a threesome- nothing naughty but definitely good times.

When Charles went home, Henry and I went upstairs to watch a movie in bed. He picked Short Bus, which is definitely a sexy movie but also a little strange. But watching everyone fucking started to turn us on and soon Henry was starting to tease me slowly until I was dripping wet and moaning. He got me off again and again and again... I lost count quickly and just floated from orgasm to orgasm, and that was just from his fingers! When he finally slammed his cock into my waiting cunt it felt amazing. We fucked scissors style so that he could play with my clit easily and it didn't take much before I was cumming on his cock over and over and over until I was seeing stars. And he stayed hard and kept it up for nearly an hour of orgasms and cock pounding my sloppy wet pussy, and squishing sounds, and fingering my clit before he finally shot his load deep inside me with a growl.

I told him that if he was planning to keep that up for 2019 that neither of us would live to see 2020! That was by far the best sex I've had in a long time. And he knows what happens to my sex drive when I get well fucked... it doesn't satisfy the beast- it makes me want even more :)

I feel so lucky. It's going to be a very good year!