Monday, 24 November 2014

Little Words

Sometimes life gets in the way... with his work stuff and my family being sick with the flu, I hadn't seen Henry since the Halloween party nearly a month ago. Sometimes distance really, really sucks. Thank goodness for technology, because I don't know how we would manage without texting, phone calls, and Skype. Fortunately, Mark has been home for a while, and so I went to see Henry for four days, and I just got home :)

So do I have sexy stories to share? Absolutely. But this weekend was a lot more than that to me. We did some stuff with Henry's hobbies and he introduced me to his friends... he made me a part of his life. This is what I really want. I want to have a long term relationship with someone, with physical and emotional intimacy and vulnerability. I don't want to be compartmentalized. So the fact that he wants this with me makes me feel so good. I've had a lot of fun and enjoyment with partners in the past three years, but this is the first time I've been looking for a relationship and I haven't felt like something is missing. It's only been about three months though, so we'll see!

When I first stepped off the bus and saw Henry, it was so good. I don't want to wait a month to see him again! We kissed passionately and even though he tasted like coffee (which I hate), it was still perfect.

Henry is very talented with his hands, and I don't just mean in bed. He is great at building all kinds of things, and one of his hobbies is building remote controlled model airplanes. I really had no idea what that meant; I was picturing those little kits in boxes that take maybe a couple of hours to get in the air. But he actually builds them from scratch and installs all the electronics and mechanical stuff that makes them fly with a remote control- it takes a really long time, but it's seriously cool. So we built a plane together and it was a lot of fun! I had never done anything like that before, but I enjoyed sharing in something that makes him so happy.

I felt really close to him after that, and when we were lying in bed together, I told him that I love him. I'm not sure why it was so hard to say, because I've been feeling it for a while now and just couldn't get it out. He pulled me close and said he loves me too. I don't think there's a whole lot that beats hearing someone you love tell you that they love you, for the very first time. They might just be words... and I've seen it on his face and felt it in his kiss, but they have meaning and power.

I kissed him intensely and then even though I was tired, I knew I wanted to make love with him. We had both been tested for STIs recently and came back negative, and I wanted so badly to feel that intimate connection. So we had sex for the first time without a condom and it was so good. He told me that he loved feeling how wet I was, and every muscle twitching when I orgasmed on his cock. And I loved the feeling of warm skin on warm skin. The sex was fantastic and it felt so good when he finally came inside me. We fell asleep in each other's arms afterwards.

When we woke up in the morning, it felt so natural for him to roll over and slide his cock inside me and to have some lazy morning sex. It wasn't urgent, it was just slow and sensual and felt good to both of us. We spent the afternoon with some kinky friends, and then went back to Henry's house to do a little play that we'd been wanting to try. I've got a set of sounds for urethral play, and Henry had been curious. (For my readers- don't try this kind of thing unless you've done your research about how to do it safely. There are a lot of considerations when doing medical oriented play for health reasons and it's really not worth damaging your body or getting an infection for a few minutes of fun! And of course, you don't want to end up on a show like Sex Sent Me To The ER!) We both had a lot of fun- it is definitely sexy to have so much control over a man's cock that you can put things into it, and he really enjoyed the sensations. It wasn't long before we had to remove the sound so that he could cum!

There was a party this weekend, and we were both looking forward to it. I really enjoyed having Henry on his knees in front of me lacing up my boots. Unlike Chris, Henry doesn't have a boot fetish, but he does enjoy making me happy, and he does a very good job of that. We did a wax scene together this time, and it was a lot of fun. I brought lengths of chain, and we cuffed his hands together and then chained them above his head, and chained his legs to the table legs. I locked them with tiny heart shaped locks that I had ordered thinking of him. Yup, I'm a romantic at heart, even when I'm hurting someone! I drizzled pink, purple, and white wax all over him, but I think I had almost as much fun removing the wax as putting it on! I use a big scary (dull) knife to scrape it off onto the drop sheet, but of course, some areas of the body are more sensitive than others. So he was ticklish in some places, and sometimes the knife scratched him or pulled on his body hair, so he told me afterwards his body was confused and he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I had no such worries though, and couldn't stop laughing! It was really good to get dressed up (or in his case, dressed down!) and spend time with friends at a fun party.

But, the weekend wasn't over yet! For my birthday, Henry gave me a salt float in a sensory deprivation tank, and that was pretty cool. It's not something I had ever done before but I'm glad I had the chance to try it. The water is so salty that you float on top and it's warm and very relaxing and peaceful. I recommend it if you haven't tried it! Then we were invited to one of his friends' houses for dinner, and that was nice. I got to meet some of the people that are important in his life and be introduced as his girlfriend, and that matters to me. It was a fun evening.

We'd been having so much sex that my pussy was starting to hurt but it was still so good that I wanted it anyway. When we woke up Monday morning, the first words I heard when I cuddled up to him were "I love you". Now that's a really awesome way to wake up! We were both in the mood for some intensity, so we had sex, and then I asked him to fist me. His hands are a little larger than Morgan's, so I didn't think I was going to be able to take it, but he was patient and I was dripping wet, and after a few orgasms he told me my pussy just sucked his hand in. It was so good to feel him stroking all the sensitive spots inside while he licked my clit. I came so hard over and over and finally squirted all over him, which isn't something I do regularly! Then of course, it was his turn. Henry loves ass play, so we lubed up my Realdoe and fucked him and played with his cock until he came hard all over both of us. You know you've had good sex when you're both sweaty, out of breath, and covered in body fluids :) Then it's time for a shower together so you can get ready to do it all over again...

It was hard to leave. It had been such a fantastic visit and time just flew by. We kissed goodbye at the train station and hopefully we'll see each other again soon. It was good to come home to Mark and hear him tell me that he was glad I was home. I was too sore for sex, but we'll make up for that tomorrow!


  1. "You know you've had good sex when you're both sweaty, out of breath, and covered in body fluids"

    I want this on a T-Shirt.

  2. I'm always torn about reading yoru blog. The sex is so fantastic that it makes my life seem small and boring. But, in the end, i always read because you are amazing and a fun read. Keep up the goodwork.

    1. @Advizor54, thanks for the kind words. And just because we do different things in bed doesn't mean that one way is better than another. I might be kinky, but sometimes missionary sex in the dark is pretty fantastic, and that's about as vanilla as it gets.
      Sometimes it's fun to swing from the chandeliers, but I wouldn't want every sexual encounter to be like that either. Variety is the spice of life!

      Thanks for continuing to read and comment.

  3. I enjoy your blog and appreciate your honest commentary. I don't mean to make you feel bad but I can help but wonder will your husband wake up one day and wonder what he is getting out of the relationship. It just seems like he doesn't get much.

    1. @Anonymous no worries at all! I'm rather curious what you think he's going to wake up and realize, though. I don't write as much about our marriage because it's less interesting to share, but that doesn't mean that we don't have our wonderful moments as well. Mark and I have a fantastic sex life- how many married couples do you know who still have sex 5+x a week after fourteen years together? We're both excellent communicators and each other's best friends.

      Basically, we both believe that marriage is about supporting your partner in achieving their goals and desires. We also believe that one person can't meet all your needs, and there is nothing wrong with having those needs met with other partners. Mark has been starting to make connections with other people as well.

      Have you done much reading on polyamory or compersion? Perhaps that would help you understand the situation a little better. We have a stronger and more loving marriage than most people we know.

  4. Thanks for replying in such a kind manner. I didn't realize that you relationship was as complete and sexual as it was. I'm very glad that you both are doing well with your lifestyle. I wish my relationship could include others but we are unable to that.