Thursday, 4 December 2014

Who Needs Sleep?

I'm still processing last night. I like to mentally go over every gasp and touch and word, and replay it all in my mind. Sometimes, the little moments are the most important.

I've actually been doing a lot of thought lately on the pros and cons of dating someone local versus someone who lives just a little ways away (Jennifer is about an hour, Henry an hour and a half). I really enjoyed that when I dated John, I could go over to his house after dinner and be back before lunch the next day. We could get together more easily for the little stuff. But we didn't really spend blocks of time together and I am wondering if this kept our intimacy more surface level for me. I know he said he loved me, and I believe it, but I never did develop that intense emotional bond the way I have with other D/s partners, and I wonder if the brevity of time had anything to do with it (and yes, I find it funny that I call an overnight visit brief, but it really does feel that way a lot of the time). I really like to be able to spend days with my partners, wake up next to them and have time for morning sex and cuddles or whatever without rushing. I like to spend time talking and hanging out and getting close without having sex, too. Although the sex is pretty darn amazing!

Last night was the local BDSM munch, which I was unfortunately unable to go to since Mark is still out of town for work and I couldn't find a babysitter. I hate missing that because the monthly get together is one of my primary social outlets, but it is what it is. I know one of Henry's friends had been planning to get out to some munches so they'd let him come to some play parties (it's just basic vetting not to have complete strangers show up at at a private dungeon party), so I called him and suggested that he and his friend come down for the munch and maybe drop by to see me afterwards. The friend wasn't feeling well, but offered to let Henry borrow his car as long as he was back for 10am this morning.

He texted me- forget the munch... I want more time with you. He walked in my door and we kissed passionately. It had only been a week but felt like forever. I took him upstairs and blindfolded him, then bound him in leather cuffs and attached them with steel chain to my bed. I looked him with satisfaction and anticipation and said "And now you're all mine until I release you, aren't you?". "Yes, Princess." And I could already feel my pussy start to drip. I reminded him not to orgasm without permission, and got ready to play.

I had decided to keep it lighter today and not bring out my sadist. I wanted to do things that we would both enjoy, but with a focus on what he likes. He's been such a sweetie lately :) I started out by putting on a set of blunted claws. A lot of sensation players enjoy them, and they're exactly what they sound like- metal claws you put over your fingertips. I know that he loves them and they turn him into a puddle, so I wanted to start off by putting him in that headspace. Then I used vampire gloves, which are leather gloves with little needle sharp pinpricks protruding out. I used them gently, just to create sensation, not to cause pain. And watching him wriggle and moan and arch while I ran the gloves over his body was pretty awesome. He's such a reactive partner and I love it.

I continued by trailing ice cubes over his body, tracing lines up and down his chest and over his hips and across his inner thighs, and following them with my tongue and the heat of my mouth. When I finally got to his hard cock, which I'd been teasing by completely avoiding it, I took him all the way into my mouth while I left a pair of ice cubes on his nipples. He wears nipple rings, so I suspect there was a little extra fun in chilling the rings! Henry takes a long time to cum, so I knew I could enjoy myself with his cock for quite a while before worrying that I'd spoil the rest of my plans, and he was just bubbling with precum :)

While switching toys, I had kept coming up for the occasional kisses, but this time I wanted something a little more. He told me after with the blindfold he thought I just wanted another kiss when he found himself kissing my other lips. I was so hot and wet and needed to cum! I'm not normally the biggest fan of sitting on my partner's face, but I wanted him to feel completely mastered this time, just my little fuck toy, so that's what I did. And it was so good! He told me that he was happy to give me his body to use for my own pleasure any way I wanted, and that was the sexiest thing in the world. It fed my Dominant headspace so much. And he trusts me to take care of him and not actually harm him while I'm using him.

Next, I put 24 tiny clothespins on his balls. They don't feel like much going on, and have more sensation coming off depending on how long you leave them on. I didn't plan to leave them on long enough to really hurt... just to have some fun :) I took out my violet wand and my body contact probe, and used my fingers and lips to tease him with mild sparking. I love electrified kissing, and of course licking his cock with little zaps of electricity was a lot of fun! I didn't use any electrical toys this time- I wanted to keep things more intimate and just used my body. His cock was still straining up and I decided I couldn't resist it much longer!

I turned off the electricity and took the clothespins off one by one while I sucked his cock and listened to him gasp. When they were all off, I straddled him and started to kiss him while running my wet pussy along the length of his cock, but keeping myself just far enough away that he couldn't slide his cock into me even when he arched in frustration. I laughed and asked him if there was something he wanted to ask me for, while I could feel the head of his cock right at the entrance to my pussy before I moved away. "Please, Princess, fuck me!" he begged. I love that first moment when a hard cock slides into me. I rode him until I had a few orgasms and I could feel him pulling on the chains against his desire to touch me but not being able to. We kissed and I slapped his face a few times, suddenly, while I was sitting on his cock. Sometimes a little stingy pain makes the pleasure all the more sweet!

He begged me for permission to cum, but I laughed and said no, and climbed off his cock. I pulled out a glass dildo which I'd left chilling in the cup with the ice cubes, lubed it up, and slipped it into his ass. He gasped but spread his legs for me as much as he could given the chain, and I started to suck his cock while I fucked him with the dildo. He loves ass play, and glass in particular. It wasn't long before I felt him arching back rhythmically and I could tell he was getting ready to cum. I wondered if he'd remember to ask permission and was very happy when he did. I lifted my mouth from his cock, said yes, and listened to him moan while he filled my mouth with cum.

I released him from the cuffs and chains and blindfold, and we kissed and cuddled into he felt ready to go downstairs. We watched some Netflix for a few hours before I started to get sleepy and we decided to go back upstairs for more sex and pillow talk and just being close to each other. I don't know how other men feel, but Henry has never actually gone bareback with anyone before and he told me that the sex is so much better, that he feels more connected to me, and that it's more intimate. I would tend to agree, since I can't have sex for more than ten minutes or so with a condom before my pussy starts to tighten up and get uncomfortable (no matter how wet I am) and bareback I can fuck all night.

And we tried! We wound up staying up all night long because we wanted to enjoy our time together. I'm not actually sure how many times we had sex, between the talking and the kissing and the touching, but I remember that we finished with his fist stroking all those sensitive spots inside me and using his fingers hard on my anterior fornix while he licked my clit and it sent me into orbit so hard that I couldn't speak afterwards and had to push him away to tell him I was done. I remember fucking in so many different positions, and feeling the way his cock pressed on different spots inside me. I remember him pulling me onto his lap, our legs wrapped around each other and his lips on mine... him telling me that this was about as entwined and close as we could get. Listening to him gasp out that he loves me while his cock pulsed inside me. Talking and laughing while we had sex until we had to stop because it was just too silly. Sharing thoughts all wrapped up in each other's arms. I love being in love! It doesn't have anything on the depth and connection of a marriage, but it's different and exciting and intense. I love that I am able to have both.

It was such a fantastic night. So much intimacy. I won't see him for another two weeks, but then it's his birthday. We'll have a couple of days to ourselves at his place before he's invited me to come along with him to his friends' annual Christmas dinner. I'm really looking forward to meeting people in his life who are important to him. And I'll still be home by the 23rd to have Christmas at home with Mark and kiddo.

I am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life. I don't think I've been this happy in a long time. It's so good to have one person in your life who loves you and wants you to be happy, and I have three. It doesn't get much better than this.