Monday, 29 September 2014

Sitting on Top of the World

Wow. What an amazing weekend. I don't normally share details this personal here, but it was so fantastic that I want to remember every single moment.

On the bus ride to Henry's city, I got a really sweet text from Jennifer. She told me that she knew she wouldn't hear from me for a few days, but that she wanted to wish me an amazing weekend with Henry. That she wanted me just to relax and be myself because she knows I'm an awesome person and so does Henry. I mean, wow. It just felt so good to get a message like that. Poly is fantastic sometimes.

The party was a lot of fun. We had to do a little improvising because the equipment I wanted was booked up, but the dungeon monitor had seen me play before and wanted to help me get it sorted out if she could. We figured out another piece of equipment that would work and decided to go for it. There were a few hiccups with finding an outlet to plug in my violet wand, but we got started and it was such an amazing scene. I've never had play chemistry with anyone the way I do with Henry. I know he's susceptible to subspace in general... but he really trusts me. He goes in really deeply and it creates so much intensity because all my focus just goes on making him react and watching him respond to me. I could really let all of my dark side out and take him over and it was okay because I care about him and he knows it, and I'm hurting him and he's enjoying it and enjoying the pleasure I'm taking out of it. It was so, so good.

After the party, we went back to Henry's place and had really amazing sex. It's funny... with him, it's been intimate sex from the very first time, even when we fucked in front of his friend. Lots of kissing and touching and just connecting. This time, I felt so emotionally overwhelmed by the intensity of our scene at the party and the sex afterwards that all I could think about was telling him how I felt. I literally could not think about anything else, it was that strong. I've been through NRE before... but this felt like more. So I told him that it was crazy but I felt like I am falling for him. He didn't say anything but I honestly had no expectations and I guess he picked up on that because we went on with our cuddles and talking and there was no awkwardness, just good times.

We spent most of Sunday just really enjoying each other's company. We fucked, we played, we kissed and cuddled and watched old TV shows, and just hung out. It was a really fantastic day. The only time we put clothes on was to walk to the local pizza place! My panties barely had time to get wet before they were off again ;) It was funny, a friend of his had mentioned coming over for a visit later in the evening, but we figured we had time to play first. I tied up his cock and balls with some pretty pink cord, and then attached clothespins all over his balls and then put a few on his nipples and thighs for good measure. We got a knock on the door at one point, but he just yelled out that we were busy. I smacked the clothespins off him with a riding crop and gave him a pretty good working over- a little more intense than what we did last time. So much fun! After, I turned him over and pinked up his ass cheeks just a little for good measure. By then, my pussy was just dripping wet so I told him to go down on me, and he kissed his way slowly down my body. I was so turned on that I couldn't help but moan when his tongue just barely touched my clit. He fucked me with my Tantus dildo for a while and I kept cumming so hard while he played with my clit with his tongue and fingers. He has strong hands and knows how to use them! But then he pulled the dildo out and slid his fingers inside me, stretching me out, before he started playing very intensely with my A spot. OMG it was so incredible I couldn't talk. I just kept having orgasm after orgasm until I was soaked with sweat and my pussy was dripping and I actually had tears running down my face. So good! We actually found out afterwards that the friend who came by was hanging out in his living room with his roommate waiting for us, and the sex sounds we made were so hot that the roommate and the friend hooked up even though they'd never had sex before. It was kind of fun knowing we'd inspired it!

That night, we had just kissed goodnight and were cuddled up in his bed when he rolled closer and laid his head on top of mine. I can't really tell you how I knew what was coming, but I felt something. I knew that it was about us and that it was something significant he wanted to tell me. When he went back to his original spot without saying anything, I figured that he wasn't ready to share whatever it was, or maybe I'd misread him entirely. Then he said to me "Remember last night when you said you were falling for me?" "Yes," I replied. "Well, I think I'm falling for you, too."

I don't think either of us could sleep after that, but there was still no awkwardness. No expectations- just that our feelings were out on the table and it was wonderful. We kissed and had pillow talk and touched until finally we fell asleep. We got to spend half of another day together before I came home to Mark. We kissed goodbye so passionately at the bus station- I wonder if the driver noticed I wore wedding rings and Henry didn't? I'm not sure when I'll see him again, but I hope it's soon. It was such a perfect weekend.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Fire & Ice

Life has been pretty awesome lately. It's really, really good to get what you need. I get my cuddles and love at home from Mark (although the poor guy has been sick lately so I can't fuck his brains out), I'm getting regular kinky playtime, and now I'm getting to explore a new D/s connection. I'm happy.

At a recent BDSM party, I had brought out some really interesting toys, and a friend of mine had walked over to me naked and covered with wax to ask to check it out. She was so curious about what I was doing that she had left her own scene to come over and check out mine! That was pretty awesome. So we'd agreed to make a date to play, and we did a scene at a house party on Friday. We were both pretty jazzed going into it- and even better, a friend of ours who is a professional photographer offered to come and take pictures of the scene. That was so exciting. Most play parties don't allow photos for obvious reasons, and I love having photos of me actually playing. Such good memories :) Plus, my violet wand looks really awesome in dim lighting.

So my friend and I had a fun scene together. She laughed and wiggled and it was just great watching her react. It was even funny when the photographer accidentally shocked himself by touching something! Although he wants to bottom to me at some point, so I guess that was just a bit of a warm up. And he took over 170 photos! I've only seen them on his camera, and can't wait to have a better look at them. I know some turned out really well.

I went over to Jennifer's house on Saturday and we had plans to go to a kink party at a swinger's club that night. She'd been to the club before with her husband, but not on a kinky night, and she was a little nervous. She looked so good, though. She wore a black and red lace bra and panty set, black stockings and garters, and red high heels. Definitely good enough to eat! I liked introducing her to people as my girlfriend. I joked to her that she was my arm candy, and she liked that.

We watched a few scenes together and it just felt good to be all cuddled up with her and watching all the sexy people walking by wearing little to nothing. Then I asked her if she'd like to play, and she was definitely interested. I'd brought my gear to do a hot wax scene. Unfortunately, the club had recently enacted a rule that anything involving fire had to be outside by the pool, and not in the dungeon. Guess what? It was 40F that night, and windy! So I had her naked and spreadeagled in front of an appreciative audience while she was shivering from the cold. She told me afterwards it was an interesting juxtaposition of sensation to be so cold and feel the little sting of the hot wax droplets falling on her. I was using UV wax and there were black lights, so she looked fantastic.

The cold changed the dynamic of the scene quite a lot. Instead of it being sensual and sexy, it was more about temperature extremes. Which actually was a lot of fun! But it meant that when I brought out my wax knife to remove all the bits, instead of it being sexy touch, it was scraping her with freezing cold metal! We both had a good time though, and after she had a quick shower to hose off any remaining wax, we got together in the hot tub and kissed and cuddled. I grabbed her by the hair and kissed her passionately. It was a really good night, and we went back to her place afterwards. I'm looking forward to seeing her again soon!

Monday, 15 September 2014

New Beginnings

It's been a really, really good weekend. Of course, I am completely exhausted, but it was oh so worth it!

On Saturday, I was childfree and looking forward to a date with Jennifer. We had a pretty relaxed and low key evening with pizza, wine, and movies. Just connecting and snuggling. It was pretty awesome. We slept cuddled up together. We made sure to set our alarm extra early in the morning to have some time to play though! So good. She's a fantastic kisser and for some reason, she always tastes like oranges. I love it :) The morning was full of us licking each other's pussies, playing with dildos and vibrators, and finally me fucking her with my Realdoe. She told me I was the first woman to fuck her with a strap on, and I thought that was pretty hot! I can really see why men like having a woman ride their cocks- I got a fantastic view of her breasts bouncing while she was on top of me, and feeling the bulb of the Realdoe twist inside me and the ridges rub against my clit was fantastic. That is definitely something I want to do again!

In the afternoon, Jennifer and I went to a BDSM workshop. This one was pretty low key, and designed to be more of a taste test than to be purely instructional. I also knew most of the people presenting so it was some nice social time, too. We went to a demo on play piercing, which has been intriguing me lately. I think it's more the intensity and the power exchange that draws me, but I plan to continue learning. After that, we looked in at a rope demo and Jennifer asked many questions since she's considering learning to do rope bondage.

She and I have settled into an interesting dynamic. I'm definitely the Top in our relationship, but we don't have any overt D/s in our relationship because she doesn't think she's really submissive. I genuinely like her and enjoy spending time with her though, so what we have is pretty awesome. I think it'll be interesting seeing what avenues she chooses to pursue, like if she learns to start tying rope.

After that, we stopped by the fire play and cupping booth and chatted with the presenter, who is a friend of mine and a giant pervert but he's harmless and we love him. He just loves the opportunity to get to handle a lot of naked breasts, and who can blame him? I got Jennifer's consent, and then volunteered her to be his next demo bottom. She was a little nervous but she looked so sexy with flames playing over her body and she told me that she thinks she's going to be a fire slut :) I also volunteered her for a wax play demo, and she really enjoyed that, too. It was a fun workshop and we had a great time together. I'm looking forward to seeing her again at a party next weekend!

In the evening, Henry came by to spend the night. We'd had the two in person dates before, but hadn't really spent a lot of time together in person. We've been Skyping a lot, though- hours every night. It was really hard not to try and go overboard with expectations in case the chemistry didn't work that well once we started to play together. But it was so good, and he said he knew it would be. We did a wax scene after I bound him to the bed, and the energy between the two of us was so intense. It was one of the hottest scenes I've had in a long time, and his eyes were glassy for quite a while afterwards.

My pussy was dripping wet after such a great scene, and after we did some aftercare, it wasn't long before his tongue was between my legs and I was cumming so hard. I've got a pretty awesome new dildo from Tantus that's curved, and it hits my A spot just right. I had some fantastic orgasms. Henry loves ass play, so I pulled on a glove and started playing with his prostate to warm him up, before bringing out another new toy I had recently ordered, which is a cock ring attached to a butt plug. His cock was so hard from all the teasing that I couldn't wait to have it inside me, so we rolled on a condom and he slid into my wet pussy. He only lasted a few strokes before having an orgasm so intense that it sounded like it lasted for more than a minute. So hot to listen to! It was a really intense evening and we fell asleep together not long afterwards.

When we woke up, it was playtime again! We did some mild CBT, since he said he hadn't done any before. I put little tiny clothespins that I got from a stationery store all over his balls, and a Gates of Hell set of cockrings on his cock. I lightly spanked his cock and balls with a crop and alternately teased them with a feather before removing the clothespins. So much fun to hurt him! It was a pretty light session and he told me I could take him further next time, but we both enjoyed it. My pussy never lies after a good play session! So of course it devolved into another round of sex... where he begged me to fuck his ass. Back out came my trusty Realdoe and I told him to hop on. So good. I had more than a couple of orgasms while he impaled his ass on my thick hard cock and played with his nipple rings. He came twice on my chest while his ass was full of my cock, and then licked me clean afterwards.

I think we were both pretty worn out by that point, so we spent the rest of our afternoon in bed cuddling and kissing and talking, and just trying to make the most of being together, since we knew it will be a couple of weeks before we're able to see each other again. I'm pretty heavily into NRE and he's showing me that he is, too. When he was waiting for his bus home, he told me he was sitting on the bench thinking about me and wishing he didn't have to go home. Sigh.

To cap off a new record, Mark came home from work tonight and we had hot, sweaty sex in bed. We're both tired so it wasn't anything too athletic, but it felt like home. And since Mark is currently the only partner I'm fluid bonded with, it was great to feel his cum spurting in my pussy. I always love that sensation!

So, I've fucked three different people in three days, two of them with my Realdoe. I asked Mark if he wanted to be the third for the Realdoe and he laughed and said one record is enough for today! And he's right; perhaps I'm being a little greedy. But wow, it's been an awesome few days and I'm really happy right now. I can't wait to see how things with Henry continue to play out.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Happiness Comes in Twos

Yesterday was pretty fantastic. Jennifer and I made plans to have a spa day. Can you believe that she'd never gotten a mani/pedi before? Apparently she'd just never gotten around to it. It was nice to share something I enjoyed with her! She says she liked it, and she did get a lovely red polish :) My nails are now a cute sparkly pink; I was in a girly girl kind of mood. Good times :)

I brought her home and we hung out with Mark for a little while. Of course, I know in the back of his mind was wondering if he'd ever get to watch us fuck or if he'd get to fuck her himself! He might not be a typical hotwife husband, but he sure can be when it comes to me and other women!

We went out for dinner, and got in some interesting fantasy talk. I was chatting with a kinky friend of mine, who told me that he had a dream about serving me and a lover. It was actually pretty hot when we talked about it! Jennifer indicated some interest in trying this stuff out, so who knows what might happen? ;) Sometimes talking about and planning things is almost as much fun as actually doing it.

Then I took her to our local BDSM munch. She's more of an introvert so I know it was intimidating for her, but I introduced her to all my friends. It was really nice. I always enjoy the atmosphere at that munch- catching up with friends, chatting about interesting potential ideas, and generally just hanging out with like minded people. It's awesome not only to be around people who understand me, but who are into the same crazy stuff I am and appreciate me for what I can bring to the table :)

Henry had made plans to come to town for the munch, but unfortunately got delayed and didn't arrive until nearly the end. I didn't get to show him off, but he did meet Jennifer. That was interesting! I've had Mark meet partners, but I've never had two secondary partners before! I mean, the thing with Jennifer is pretty casual, and I'm actually not sure how to describe her. I introduced her by name last night, not by a relationship. She's definitely not my sub, and I'm not sure if she's my girlfriend. I really, really like her, and I like to play with her, and I like to fuck her. Play partner or FWB seem to be too casual even for that though. I'm not sure and will have to think about it.

I walked Jennifer out and kissed her goodbye when she had to go to work, and then Henry and I went to a bar after the munch closed to hang out for a while. Mark was home and had gone to bed early, so I didn't want to bring Henry home. It was okay. We had a few drinks and talked and cuddled and kissed just like high school students. It was kind of fun, actually. We considered going to fuck in a park but it was kind of cold last night. So instead we just really spent some time connecting. We couldn't keep our hands off each other after a week of Skyping. It was so good to actually be able to reach out and touch. I mean, being able to cam helps with the distance, but nothing beats a kiss or having your arm around someone.

It just got really intimate and felt so good. I know that he's had shitty D/s relationships in the past. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of people have, which is awful. Unfortunately, it's not always that tough for abusers to disguise themselves as Doms and to prey on people in sub frenzy; I've heard the story before. A sub gives up a lot of trust, and violating that trust can really screw someone up. Last night, he confided some things in me and I just had this intense rush when he told me that he trusts me. I can't even really describe it. I want to get closer to him. I want to show him that not everyone will be like that. While as a Domme I like to be served... I also like to take care of my subs. He's not mine... but it could go that way.

I'm still a little worried about the distance and other feasibility issues... but you guys all know where this is heading. NRE is hitting me pretty hard. So we're going to find out where it goes. For now, I'm feeling pretty excited and blissed out.