Friday, 17 May 2019


Sometimes it feels like my cup runneth over. I am a very lucky woman!

Last night Henry and I just couldn't get enough of each other. We had sex twice in a span of less than two hours. We haven't had sex more than once a day in quite a long time, and it was always once in the morning, once in the evening. But last night we fucked so passionately and it felt SO good... we were cuddled up in bed watching TV and started kissing again and suddenly I felt his cock stiffening against me again... I shifted my hips so that he could slide into my slightly sore but wet and waiting pussy. Let's just say I slept well last night! ;)

I try really hard not to compare my relationships with Henry and Charles, because it's not fair to either of them, for different reasons. I mean, they're different people, and since a relationship is the sum of its parts, of course they will be different. Not to mention that my relationship with Henry is deeper and has more intimacy and familiarity just because of longevity, while my relationship with Charles is naturally going to have more passion and NRE because it's newer. I have to be honest that it's so wonderful and amazing to have both connections like that in my life! It's absolutely the best of both worlds.

And the differences only highlight the positives. I spent yesterday all day with Henry, and he was doing some rather unpleasant/tiring tasks for me. But he did them without complaint because he loves me and he wants to be happy. Knowing that he has my back and wants to make my life as easy as possible just makes me feel so loved and happy. And then that we can still have bedrockingly great sex too- how did I wind up with such an amazing husband?

Charles has really been pulling out the stops to make me feel wonderful too. He teasingly told me after he had just eaten my pussy until I saw stars, that he loves me more and that he wouldn't accept my arguing with him as valid because I was all high on endorphins! It was so sweet and silly and romantic that I couldn't help but kiss him and smile.

While some parts of my life have been stressful lately, I'm trying to stay as present as possible and enjoy the amazing moments I have with my two wonderful partners. My heart overflows with love, and my pussy overflows with... well, you know ;)

Wednesday, 8 May 2019


So, despite the fact that I have a Mirena IUD, I still ovulate. I think my body just really likes being pregnant! I have been having some issues with birth control lately that I've got to sort out, but for the meantime, that's what I'm working with- I'll save the nonsexy post for later!

I haven't been writing much, but it's not that I'm not getting up to deviltry- just that I've been too busy to write about it! I haven't missed a date with Charles, although he's been working more which has sucked a little.

Last week, though, when he came over, was more than memorable. Every once in a while I seem to have a very strong ovulation and I just go crazy with hormones. Previous partners have told me that my clit swells to double it's usual size, and I squirt much more often and copiously. And I just can't be satiated- I would fuck all night long. Isn't it good that I have two partners to try and keep up with me?

I was ravenous. I fucked Henry into the ground the night before. We put on some good porn, I sucked his cock, and then he fucked me so long and so good, but I just couldn't come and I was so frustrated. I'll get more into that in another post, because that's pretty rare for me. I grabbed the Hitachi magic wand and was using that while he fucked me and it felt amazing... but not quite enough. I felt like I needed a vaginal orgasm to really hit over the top so I asked him to stop and fist me while I used the Hitachi. And of course my wonderful husband pulled his hard cock out of me and worked hard to give me that pleasure I needed so desperately. He worked his hand into my wide open and dripping cunt and stretched me out until I came so hard and clenched on his fist, and squirted again and again. Although the funny thing about fisting is that it was rather like a plug, so the gush didn't come until he pulled out his hand- now that was quite the sensation!

He's such a good boy, though. I know it makes him happy to make me happy, even if that means I delayed his own pleasure for it. He was so close to cumming that he just had to give his cock a few strokes and he was finished.

I was still craving more, though. He had fallen asleep but my clit was throbbing and my pussy was aching to be filled. Like I said... those times when I ovulate hard, it's a little crazy but it's awesome. I had a little fun with some of my toys while he snored quietly next to me- it was kind of fun :)

And then the next day, I had Charles... I warned him what he was walking into but we were so eager for each other since we hadn't had sex the last time we got together. We went right up to bed and spent the next three hours there attempting to completely dehydrate ourselves! Mmm... so much kissing and licking and sucking... Charles loves making me squirt since he loves to lick it all up but this time me made me cum so hard that it sprayed all over his face! It was pretty awesome :)  And he made me feel so good. After we fucked and he filled me with his cum, I pushed his face down and told him to clean that mess out of my dripping wet pussy.

I was still so sensitive from the hormones and the fucking and orgasms and his tongue on my cunt was just pure bliss. He didn't have to work very hard to clean up his mess because every time he made me orgasm, the spasms pushed his cum out of me and right into his waiting mouth.

Mmm... I really needed that! The only problem is, the more that I fuck, the more that I want to fuck... Death by snu snu?

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Walking On Sunshine

It's such a beautiful day outside... and I'm feeling pretty sunny, too. I've been having lovely times with my two wonderful men and that can't help but make me feel awesome too.

Henry and I went to a BDSM party on the weekend and had a wonderful time together. He also enjoys being a Top, although he doesn't often have the opportunity. We wound up co Topping a friend of ours together and it was a lot of fun. She's a great bottom to play with and we all had a lot of fun. Henry and I make a great team together so it was easy to relax and just enjoy ourselves. I get a lot of delight out of watching his playful side come out in a sadistic way!

But of course, that means I didn't get to play with Henry... so we have a date planned for this weekend. I'm really looking forward to that!

And I had a wonderful date night with Charles this week, too. The NRE is still so heady sometimes, over 9 months in. It feels so right when we're just lying in bed holding each other, and of course when we're not just holding each other ;)

There's just so much difference between sport fucking and sex with someone you love. At times it's not even in the same ballpark. I enjoy sport fucking and sex with friends, but nothing really tops making love. And I get that with two different men! How did I get so lucky?

The sex was pretty amazing this time around. Charles and I share several kink interests that Henry doesn't, so it's nice to find an outlet for my desires. While Henry will generally submit to what I want even if he's not into it, and that is nice sometimes knowing that he will and making him do what I want... sometimes I really want to indulge in my kinks with someone who is just as eager as I am to enjoy them.

Charles loves eating pussy, and he's quite talented at it, too. I usually want to enjoy his tongue when we're together! But this time I wanted to start off by stroking his cock and teasing him with dirty talk while we were in bed, and drawing things out as long as possible. I told him all the things I want to do to him on vacation, like tie him to the bed and keep him erect and tortured for hours, using his cock and his tongue but not letting him cum until I'm good and ready. His cock seemed to like that idea ;)

When I was done teasing him with my fingers and sucking his cock, I told him to get to work ;)  And he did... such a good boy. I was so sensitive and wanted him so much, and he fucked me with his fingers while he licked my clit. It wasn't long before he started that chain of orgasms and it was SO good. When he finally came up for air I told him that I wanted his cock now, and he told me he thought I'd never ask!

I still love the head of his cock so much... it's so wide and thick that it feels so good when he slides into my wet pussy. After all that teasing, he came almost immediately. And then, like a good boy, he asked me for permission to clean up that mess.

He and I both share a love of using body fluids in kink play, and I love that he's happy and gets turned on my eating creampies. As soon as he caught his breath, he was right back with his tongue in my cunt, cleaning up every last drop. And of course with all that blood flow going to my pussy his mouth felt incredible. I've always loved having my pussy licked after sex because the pleasure is so intense... and Charles knows exactly how I like to be touched.

Oh, the post orgasmic bliss lying in his arms after a lovely, messy, sweaty session of sex. It was a pretty fantastic night.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Sick & Tired

Sorry I haven't been writing much, but I've just been exhausted lately. The past three weeks my health hasn't been great and so I didn't have much time and energy for writing.

Other than that, though, things are continuing to go well. Henry and I have been planning what we want to do for our first anniversary which is coming up next month. Sometimes it's hard to believe that this year has gone by so quickly, and that we won't be newlyweds anymore. I still feel like newlyweds, though! We aren't doing anything too exciting, but we decided we wanted a family sized version of the food we served at our wedding, and I've got a nice bottle of champagne that I've been saving. It'll be a lovely night, I think.

Charles also asked me if I wanted to do something for our anniversary, which is coming up in the summer. It's also hard to believe that we're coming up on that milestone, too. I still feel so much like I'm just getting to know him. But I still get those warm bubbly feelings when I think about him or look at him, and I'm enjoying my time with him very much. He texts me such lovely sweet things that make me feel so good. Yesterday we were being silly and he told me "of course I'm having a good day, I'm listening to good music, enjoying a beer, and talking to my girlfriend." So me being me, I asked if she was cute (he isn't seeing anyone else but it's fun to tease!" He told me no, she's gorgeous :)  It's nice to hear things like that sometimes!

Now if only I start feeling a little better so I can have some more energy... I want to play with my men! We've still had a little sex, but nothing too earthshattering. Always good, though. I am so lucky.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Basic Needs

I've been reading on various message boards lately and it's really interesting to see how differently people prioritize sex. I think to some, it's the icing on the cake. It's nice, but you also don't really miss it much if it's not there. The cake is way more important. And to some, it's not even the cake- it's air or water!

Sex is one of the big things that people fight about in relationships, and I think that we can easily end up at cross purposes if we don't understand how our partner views things. I read comments from women who are so hurt that their husbands don't just want to cuddle with them, they feel like their husbands only want to touch them to get sex. And then there are husbands who don't understand why their wives are okay with having sex once a month or even less often. And vice versa! I still joke that I have the sexual drive and appetites of a man, and I'm perfectly okay with that!

Please don't misinterpret me as saying that anyone ever owes their partner sex; you don't, ever, unequivocally, for any reason. But that being said, that doesn't mean there aren't consequences to choosing not to have sex with your partner. If one partner is in the "sex is nice once in a while" category and the other is in the "would like it twice a day", at least one of you is going to be very unhappy after a while.

And when you're in a monogamous relationship, a mismatched sex drive puts a lot of pressure on both partners. The one with the lower sex drive might feel obligated to have sex to keep their partner from straying, but duty sex is't exactly great either. And the one with the higher sex drive might feel disconnected intimately from their partner as well as of course having to deal with being horny all the time.

What I don't understand is where the people with mismatched drives seem to come down so hard on porn and masturbation. I actually read someone say that porn is taking your intimate energy away from your marital partner. But if they don't want to have sex with you, then where does that leave you? I've read people's writing that they don't like feeling like a set of genitals to their partner. But if one part of a couple views sex as something that happens when they feel connected, and the other feels that they connect by having sex, there's no easy solution.

To me, sex is one of the basic needs. Being in a monogamous relationship with a partner who has a low sex drive would be intolerable. It would be like them saying to me that I could only eat food with them, but because they're not hungry, then I couldn't eat either. Or that I could only eat what they wanted to have. It just wouldn't work for me- how long would you be happy under those conditions? Sex isn't equally important to everyone, but I am sure I'm not the only person wired this way. I notice an immediate change in myself when I'm getting fucked frequently enough. I'm happier, I sleep better, I'm less irritable... loads of good things.

Just some thoughts of mine. I am so lucky to have my two wonderful men in my life! I haven't seen Charles in over a week because he's been sick, poor guy. I'm hoping to get together with him on the weekend. We've been talking over the phone which is nice but it's just not the same as in person time.

Henry and I have been having a lot of fun together, though! We spent a lovely afternoon with him bound to the four poster bed with some porn on the TV (well, you all know where I stand on porn!) and then long, torturous sessions of cock sucking and ass fucking until I finally let him cum. It was wonderful :)

And this morning we've already spent an hour in bed with some of our favourite toys, and now it's time for round two. My pussy is already aching a little but it's so worth it. What a great day! Such a happy me.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Shaving My Legs

It's funny, as I read back through my blog it seems that I tend to focus on one partner for a while and then switch off to the other. I don't feel like this is happening in my everyday life, though, but it's interesting to see the swirls and eddies in my posts here.

Basically, my everyday life is with Henry. We talk about our short term and long term goals and plans, we have family time, and we have kink and romantic time together. Sometimes the life stuff crowds out the fun stuff for a while and we recognize that a shift needs to be made, and we reprioritize our couple time. I think that happens in every long term relationship, and it's how you respond to it that matters. Henry and I are building a life together; knowing this gives me a comfort and safety and security that means so much to me. I know that things can change (oh, do I ever!) but I trust that we're going to continue working to be together, rather than working to be individuals.

I feel like I can always be myself with Henry. He loves me even if I haven't shaved my legs, or I'm wearing sweatpants and have greasy hair. He loves me when I'm sick. He even loves me when I'm upset and irritable and overwhelmed, although he might not like me very much in that moment! We always say that we like each other most of the time, and I think that's honest and about as good as it gets. I don't think you can genuinely like someone all of the time.

I was having a conversation with a friend and we talked about how most people feel uncomfortable when they see their partners getting all prettied up for a date with a new person. Maybe they lose weight, or wear makeup, or get some stylish new clothes, or they shave their legs in case they might have sex. So, why don't people do this as often with existing partners? It must mean that they are prioritizing the new shiny, right?

My friend had an interesting take on it that makes a lot of sense. We don't get all fancied up for our long term partners because we trust them to see us without all the shine and still love us and find us attractive. I don't shave my legs every day for Henry anymore, because I know he finds me sexy even if I have stubble. But Charles? I'm not sure that I really want him to see me "below average", as it were. I'm okay at this point having him see regular me and not going the extra mile to look better, but beyond that? I think I'd rather give that some more time! :)

Now, it's not that we never should take the time to look specially attractive for our partners, but that comfort and security, trust and love? I think we underestimate the value of that.

I know I've talked about NRE (new relationship energy) versus ERI (established relationship intimacy), and how there are definitely benefits to both. Charles and I had a really good conversation last night and I'm feeling more comfortable in our relationship. It's been seven months now, and I feel like we're finding our own rhythm a bit. It's different than any other relationship I've had before, but I'm starting to realize that every relationship is, I just didn't think of it that way before.

The NRE is still pretty heady with Charles but it's changed. There's less of the overwhelmingness except when we're together. I still have all the intense romantic feelings and desire, but it's dialed back a little. I think that explains why I am feeling less of the insecurity and anxiety. I know Charles loves me. I know he wants to be in this relationship with me. And I feel more comfortable talking about stuff with him. Those are all good things.

We had a really good date night yesterday. He made me a delicious dinner (even better, it was full of food that Henry is allergic to and so I don't get to eat very often!) and then we went upstairs for cuddles and conversation. It was really good connective conversation, too- we both know where we stand and what we want. And then that lovely flush of kink and sexual energy came over us and we spent the next three hours having sex. We got a little more intense and I had him fist me while he was playing with my clit, and when he begged to cum I had him blast all over my breasts and then lick off every drop. It was so hot! And his neck is all covered with bite marks and I love it. Mine :)

I only wish he had a bigger bed, though! I hate having to get a cab home late at night when I'm naked and cuddled up in his bed with him but I can't imagine sharing a double with someone would be all that comfortable for either of us. I hope I can talk him into a bigger bed at some point so I can sleep at his place!

Wednesday, 20 February 2019


Henry and I had a lot of external life stress early on in our relationship, so we lost the NRE early and had to struggle to maintain our connection a little. He had some serious health issues, relocation/job issues, and I had to deal with the end of my first marriage. It definitely ended the honeymoon phase between us.

I'll digress a little. I met Charles in the same month I started dating Henry. Part of me draws parallels and wonders if we hadn't had all the life stuff crop up, would Henry and I have felt the way I'm feeling now with Charles? Henry and I had serious NRE when we started, given the intensity of our BDSM play and the amazing sex we had (and still have!). I read back here in my blog and see that I told him I was falling in love at 6 weeks. Reading that now makes me think I was a little nuts and hopped up on endorphins, but I remember being at his place after an amazing scene and a great fuck and being so high on it that I couldn't think of anything else but him. Whatever it was, it was certainly memorable.

So while we didn't get to drag our NRE out for long, what we have now is even more amazing. We have all the comfort and security and knowledge of each other that you get in an established relationship, plus we get the excitement and desire and happiness from spillover NRE and compersion. Henry loves to see me so happy, and I want to make him as happy as I am. It's a wonderful escalating loop of happiness.

I still have my overall best sex with Henry. I've had better individual encounters, but Henry always knows how to push my buttons and takes direction when I need something a little different. I feel safe and secure talking about any of my fantasies because even if he's not into it, he'll happily listen to me talk about it. He truly is my best friend as well as my lover.

We've been having some amazing sex too. Writing this entry got interrupted by a quickie. Totally worth it, by the way :) 

We often like to have porn on while we fuck, both for background noise and to watch and comment on to each other. The other day we found a video from that made us both really hot. It was from the sex and submission section and hit a lot of our favourite buttons- D/s sex, impact play, clothespins, predicament bondage. I was dripping wet watching it and telling Henry how much fun it would be if it was him in place of that pretty young girl and how much I wanted to do all those things to him.

My sex drive kicked up so high, as it often does when my power exchange desires get aroused. I jumped on the Motorbunny for a little bit while Henry was lying in bed stroking his cock and enjoying the video and the dirty talk. I had a couple of big orgasms while I was telling him that he would look so hot bent over while I spanked him and then fucked him, and then I decided to join him back in the bed.

He knew just what I wanted and he started to play with my pussy. Henry is a musician, so he really knows what he's doing with his hands. I love feeling him stretching me open and touching all the sensitive places inside my pussy and then stroking my clit. He always makes me feel so good and I was just gushing with wetness. I lost track of time while I was cumming over and over when he slid his cock inside me instead, and fucked me rhythmically while he played with my clit. It was so good! He knows exactly what I like.

I told him that I wanted to fuck him the way the submissive in the video was getting fucked, so when my legs were a little less wobbly, I strapped on his favourite cock- our big thick 11" realistic one, and bent him over the bed and worked it slowly into his tight little hole. Except that he was more open than usual after all the play we'd been doing and it didn't take much effort before I started fucking him hard and he came so fast. I love fucking him and making him feel as good as he makes me feel!

I was still turned on though from the videos, so I asked him to pull out the fucking machine for me while he went to get cleaned up. I turned on the fucking machine and used my Volta vibrator and pounded my pussy while I came over and over and over.  I wanted to orgasm until I couldn't anymore, and it was awesome :)

We were both exhausted afterwards but I think that video is going to make it into our Favourites section!

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Motorbunny Exploits

Funny how I wanted to describe last night as amazing, too, and saw that I used that adjective on the weekend. I guess my life is pretty amazing right now! I am so lucky. I know I've been saying that a lot lately too but sometimes I feel like I need to give myself a pinch, that this is too good to be true.

Charles came over for our standing date night and the three of us had a lovely dinner together. We hung out for a while and socialized; my men are becoming good friends and that's awesome. They've both told me that they think they are a lot alike, which is a good thing. I'm glad they get along so well. I didn't think kitchen table polyamory was for me, but when everyone clicks like this it's pretty wonderful.

After dinner, I was craving something sweet and my wonderful husband Henry said "Give me fifteen minutes." I made some after dinner cocktails for the three of us while Henry baked his famous coconut chocolate chip cookies from scratch. OMG. I need a thesaurus to keep coming up with these superlative adjectives because things are making me so happy that I'm getting repetitive!

The weather was terrible again, so Henry suggested that Charles spend the night again. No complaints from us! We went upstairs and spent the next two hours having the most amazing sex. I brought out the Motorbunny and he turned into such a slut for me! I put on one of the nice thick attachments and hopped on- strictly for demonstrative purposes, right? He stood in front of me and kissed me and played with my nipples while I rode that cock to orgasm over and over and over. I love how the Motorbunny attachments vibrate my ass, too. I am not a fan of anal play- bad experience a long time ago and I have never really been interested in repeating it- but I love being rimmed and having vibrations on the outside of my ass. Makes my orgasms so intense!

Then it was Charles' turn. I told him to bend over the bed and I warmed him up with my gloved fingers. It was so much fun watching him gasp as I slid my fingers in that I almost didn't want to stop fucking him to see him on the Motorbunny! He picked an attachment and impaled himself with a big thick cock. Then I sucked his cock while he was riding it and it was so intense for him! I loved hearing his groans and seeing the look on his face.

When his legs were wobbly, we shut it down and got back into bed, where he dove between my legs and slid his tongue over my wet clit before I had time to take a breath! I came so hard again and again before he finally slid his cock inside me and we orgasmed together. We cuddled and talked late into the night... he had an early morning but we didn't want to stop and go to sleep. It was such a good date.

Then today, I had a lunch date with Henry and we have plans for tonight, and I can't wait!

Monday, 11 February 2019

Valentine's Day

I have never really been one to celebrate Valentine's Day. It's a Hallmark holiday that tells us to appreciate our relationships, buy overpriced cheap candy and flowers, and go out for a crappier than usual dinner. Doesn't seem like the best investment of time or money. I'd rather have my relationship appreciated every day, not just when stores think I should be spending money.

But, I'll happily attend a Valentine's Day BDSM party- now that sounds like fun! Henry and Charles and I all went together and we had a lovely time. I had plans to play with a sexy young girl who very much enjoys the combination of pain and electricity. It was seriously awesome and I had a wonderful time.

I love going to parties with my two handsome men, and walking around with one arm around each of them. It's awesome getting kisses from them on both sides of my face and having two men look at me with those adoring looks on their faces. I am so lucky!

After my scene, we went and snuggled on one of the couches together, and I sprawled across the two of them- my upper body in Charles' lap, and my legs across Henry's. It was so wonderful being with the two men I love like that! Leaning up to kiss Charles while holding Henry's hand, and getting my feet rubbed by Henry while Charles was stroking my arms.

And then Henry decided to get a little familiar. So here we were in a social area with three couches facing each other and a whole room full of people with several play stations going, and he slid his fingers up my skirt while I was kissing Charles. It was electric (pun intended!). Charles told me how sexy it was to hear me gasping. My pussy was already drenched from my play scene earlier and I could feel how wet I was with his fingers drumming on my clit and then thrusting inside me. Henry knows exactly how I like to be touched and it was amazing. It wasn't long before I was orgasming in front of so many people who were enjoying the show! Charles was kissing me and stroking my arms and throat while Henry was making me feel so good. No oral or genital penetration at this party, but toys and fingers were just fine!

I wanted so badly for them both to come home so that I could have their cocks, too, but it was really late and we were all tired and had early mornings. So... rain check? :)

It was a really awesome Valentine's Party with my boys, even if I didn't get to be greedy it was certainly better than dinner and a movie!

Thursday, 7 February 2019

One Man Gangbang

Date nights really are so important. They help keep the fun and the magic alive. After all, why should we be having all the fun with our new partners rather than the established ones? The grass is greener where you water it.

I always loved going out and doing fun and interesting things with Henry, but sometimes the realities of life means that dating takes a backseat. There always seems to be something responsible we need to do, but one of our agreements is that since we are able to carve out dedicated time for new partners, that we need to make that investment in our own relationship.

We won some gift certificates to a casino in a raffle over the holidays, and since we both had free time yesterday we decided to use them. So we spent the day having fun on house money, and we both won a little bit which was nice. We decided to go out for a nice dinner to celebrate, and then we came home for the most incredible sex.

I don't think I've ever had someone fuck me PIV continually for over 40 minutes before! And Henry stayed hard the whole time, kept playing with my clit and kept me so turned on that my pussy was just leaking a river all over his cock and the sheets. I was so wet and open and begging for more and coming over and over and over while he was ramming his cock into me again and again. I was so slippery and wet that he nearly accidentally slid into my ass a few times! While that isn't usually my thing, the porn we were watching was featuring some double penetration in the moment and it sounded so sexy that I was wishing for a second cock.

Then when my pussy finally started to tap out from all the orgasms (I keep wanting to use the word amazing over and over because it was!), I wanted to make Henry feel as good as he was making me feel. I pulled out a fun ridgy masturbation glove we had bought from Aliexpress and lubed it up before sliding the different fingers into his ass so he could enjoy the sensations. He was so aroused and wide open for me! It was incredibly sexy. Afterwards, I strapped on that lovely 11" thick cock that he loves and fucked him silly until he came so hard. We both just collapsed afterwards. But sex should leave you sore and wet and exhausted and sticky, right? :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Unexpected Happiness

Charles had an impromptu sleepover last night because of the freezing rain that hit last night. We didn't want to send him back out in that, so Henry suggested that he stay.

He normally doesn't sleep over on weeknights because he has to work so early in the morning, but it is really so nice to have the evening together without keeping an eye on the time. I'm not really used to dating someone without overnights- I used to stay over nearly every time I visited a partner. I like the big blocks of time so we can do everything. Cuddles, kinky play, sex, whatever other activities we enjoy... no pressure on time or someone having to leave tired. It's actually been an adjustment to go back to dating someone without sleepovers. And no complaints, Charles does still make big blocks of time available for me as he can- we usually spend 5-6 hours together each time. I just happen to like it so much better when neither of us has to watch the clock.

While we were cuddling before sleep last night, he told me how relaxed and comfortable and happy he was to be with me. It just melted me. I am so in love. He had to leave super early this morning so he was gone before I was awake, but he sent me a text that he slept so wonderfully and wished we'd had some time together in the morning because he'd woken up filled with desire for me and a raging erection. Yum... I'm sorry I missed out!

The part that tickled my funny bone is that Henry was out for part of the night, and he got home after Charles had fallen asleep and before I was asleep. So I sneaked out of bed and went downstairs to spend some quality time with my husband. Life is very, very good :)

Sunday, 3 February 2019


This is following a question I read on a message board, where people were asking how to "safeguard" their marriages after opening up.

Personally, I don't think you can ever safeguard your marriage, whether it's open or closed. Even monogamous people cheat and have affairs and fall in love. It could be someone they work with or a stranger they pass on the street- it's not about the act of looking for a new partner that could make lightning strike.

To me, the only way to truly safeguard your marriage is to make it so wonderful that it's a place that both of you want to stay. Are you communicating openly and honestly? Are you fulfilling each other's Love Languages? Having some kind of physical connection that is satisfying to you both? Spending quality time of some sort with each other? I think that's really the best you can do. We're all different, and we need different things. Think of what brought you together and what made you happy, and try to recapture that. Love changes and evolves as relationships do, and intensity waxes and wanes, but if you focus on what made you both happy then I think you have a great shot at making things work regardless of what comes.

What makes you feel connected in a relationship? Please, comment away! I'd love to hear from different points of view.

I was having an interesting conversation with Henry yesterday while we were lying in bed. I told him that sometimes I think that Charles just doesn't "get" me the way that Henry does. And then Henry blew my mind by saying that he didn't know how much he "got" me either back when we first started dating. I know that the NRE between the two of us was extremely intense because we jumped into the BDSM pretty hard and both of us experience Domspace/subspace (from our respective sides of the slash of course). It made our connection almost overwhelming at times.

So I jokingly asked Henry, so when I feel anxious emotionally about my budding relationship, that I should just fuck Charles or play with him? And he was 100% serious when he said yes. He said that it will hopefully carry us through the stage where the anxiety and insecurity is higher and into a more relaxed and comfortable spot. I thought it was hilarious when Henry said that he thinks that he and Charles are a lot alike.

I find myself thinking that my previous aversion to kitchen table poly might have a lot to do with my ex husband Mark. Because now it feels like the most wonderful thing in the world to be hanging out or to go to a party with my two favourite men. I thought it was so wonderful on NYE to get two kisses at midnight, and that I can show affection to both of them at the same time and have them be silly and loving with me together (like when they make a Me sandwich and tickle me like kids used to do in school). I still definitely want my alone time with both of them but it's nice when we can do an activity together too.

Yesterday's date night with Charles was really good. We had dinner and conversation over a nice bottle of wine, and then spent the night alternating between cuddling together in his bed, having great sex, and snuggling back up together again. It was such an amazing night and I'm feeling so in love. He texted me today and told me how wonderful it was to have me next to him in his bed and it just made me smile.

I'm so lucky to have two wonderful men in my life.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Sweet Dreams

Mmm... wonderful date night with Charles last night. We've been together right around six months now, and it feels more relaxed between us. We spent most of the night just hanging out together over tea, before we went upstairs and cuddled in bed.

We were both tired, but it still doesn't take too long for desire to start rippling through my body. I haven't been having nearly as much sex as I'd like lately, and I was craving the feel of his cock inside me!

I do have a Mirena IUD in, which generally suppresses ovulation, but I know that it doesn't seem to do so for me. I can definitely feel a difference in my body when I'm ovulating, and it can be a lot of fun! My clit even gets a bit more enlarged, my pussy is more sensitive, and I squirt like crazy. And every single touch feels like the pleasure has been magnified.

Charles told me that he was tired, but he wanted to make me feel good, that he gets pleasure from seeing me happy. That hit all my buttons in more ways than one and I couldn't help but bite back a moan when he slipped his fingers into my waiting pussy. SO good... he got me wet and open before he climbed on top of me and started to fuck me hard. His cock feels like it was made just for me; it feels just right inside me.

He decided he wasn't ready to cum, though, so I told him I'd put on a little bit of a show for him and he could watch and play with his cock. Sex is so much fun when it's not just about the PIV! I like it when activities move around organically based on what we happen to be feeling in the moment. It's fun and keeps things interesting.

I pulled my current favourite vibrator out of my nightstand, the Fun Factory Volta that I've written about before, and spread my legs wide while he was sitting between them. I held eye contact with him while I started to buzz my clit. It felt so good... then I felt him slide his fingers back into my pussy and massage my G spot while I was working my clit. We were still looking at each other, while he had one hand stroking his big hard cock and the other deep inside my dripping wet pussy, and I was using my vibrator and my breath was starting to catch and I came in a hot wet rush all over his hand, again and again and again. He told me it was so sexy to see that :)

Then he slid his cock into me again and told me how wet and open I was and how good my pussy felt. Every inch of his cock sliding inside me felt so good that I was close to cumming just from fucking, and that doesn't happen often! It was amazing just to ride that edge and get swept away by waves of pleasure until he called out my name and filled me up with more wetness.

We had to change the sheets... but it was worth it to cuddle up next to him afterwards and fall asleep together. I really needed a night like that!

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Little Silly Moments

Much as I enjoy writing about sex (and I do!), there's lots of other stuff going on in my life and I thought I'd share some little vignettes that make me laugh or happy.

A few weeks ago when Charles spent the night here, he left some of his toiletries in the bathroom. Henry noticed and made a joke that he was "planting a flag" and couldn't resist teasing Charles the next time he saw him. Charles had actually forgotten them, not that it really mattered to us; we don't mind a few extra products in the bathroom. As a matter of fact, Henry had suggested that Charles could leave a change of clothes here if he wanted to make things easier if he stayed over unexpectedly. My husband isn't territorial, thankfully. But it was hilarious to see the look on Charles' face when Henry was teasing him!

In a similar vein, my men can just be so silly sometimes. When I'm in bed cuddling with Henry, he sometimes grabs some part of my body and says "MINE!" I don't usually mind, it's adorable and silly. And somehow simultaneously and without discussing it, both of them have started doing it! I was in bed with Charles and he was stroking my leg and he said he claimed it. I told him that he and Henry were going to have to work that out. Do I see a Sharpie in my future while they stake their claims? I don't normally play that way, but it's fun to indulge them sometimes!

It's been miserably cold here lately; everyone has been getting chapped lips even with the humidifier running. I haven't resorted to chapstick yet because I'm not really a fan of the texture. Sometimes I have sensory issues, so I generally don't use products like hand creams or moisturizers or whatnot. I only use lube because it's required sometimes but I hate actually touching it. Now, actual body fluids are another matter! I'm happy to indulge in those. But, I digress! Some days I get to spend time with both Henry and Charles. When I kissed Charles, my lips felt funny afterwards, and I asked him if he was wearing chapstick, and he said yes. So suddenly, I was wearing chapstick too- I really like kissing :)  On a different day, I noticed that some of Henry's had rubbed off on me. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm rather wondering about how interesting secondary transfer is going to be! How will they feel about something winding up with each other's chapstick on their lips? Sometimes it's funny being a hinge in a relationship!

One of the other little low key things I have been enjoying lately is my shower with Henry. We pretty much shower together every day, if schedules permit. It's become a little ritual for us; an opportunity for mindfulness and intimacy together. I think that D/s has such an edge in maintaining mindfulness in relationships; instead of going through our day and not really connecting, building a ritual around even the simple things is a reminder for us to check in with each other and strengthen our connection. It's one of the things I treasure. When we shower, Henry washes my hair. We have a standing joke now that he has "broken" me- I no longer have an automatic pilot setting for doing it myself. We all have those things in our lives that we just do and don't really have to think about it. Washing my hair used to be one of those things. Now, if I don't pay conscious attention to it, something goes wrong, which is rather embarrassing! He loves it, though. The few times I've showered alone and been distracted, I managed to 1) wash my hair with body wash, 2) wash my hair with shampoo, but forget to rinse it, and 3) forget to wash it at all. I think I managed it correctly once, when I insisted I actually pay attention to it! Oh well- I much prefer it when he washes it anyway. I also like that he will scrub me with body wash, too. I love the feel of him massaging it into my back and shoulders, over my arms, down my collarbone, and of course he can't resist copping that feel. He tells me that he's got to make sure that my breasts are very clean, right? Hard to argue with that!

Of course, I have been having some great sex with both my men! Not quite as much as I'd like, but is it ever as much as I'd like? My sex drive far outstrips theirs, so thank goodness for polyamory and polysexuality! I think I need a host like in the show Westworld (which I've really been enjoying, by the way). The only question then, would I get a male or a female host, or can I please please please have two? :)

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Warm Salty Tears

I thought about stringing you along a bit with that title, but I'm smiling so much I just can't pull off the tease.

Charles came over for a planned overnight this weekend and we had a wonderful time. We had decided that it was finally time to step up the intensity in our BDSM a little. I had been taking things slowly with him because he was pretty much brand new, and he was definitely experiencing sub frenzy with me. While I want very much to play hard with him and ride those extremes, the last thing I want to do is damage him. And there's no rush; we are so good together and we're both happy with how things are going, so there will be another chance to explore further.

But this weekend he wanted me to push him a little. So I decided to make some of his fantasies come true. He loves the feel of nylon and lace and silk, so I had him bring over a garter belt and a pair of stockings. We went up to the bedroom where my spanking bench was waiting, and I had him strip and put on his sexy clothes while I watched him. Charles is just as reactive as Henry is, in his own way, and I really enjoy that. I laid out my impact toys on the table; a stingy knotted flogger, a crop, a tawse, a stiff leather strap. 

When he was ready, I clipped some clover clamps to his very sensitive nipples and pulled on the chain to make him moan. My spanking bench is alongside some full length mirrors, so I pulled him to the mirror by his hair and made him look at himself; wearing the sexy black stockings and garter belt, clamped nipples, and then I wrote SLUT on his stomach and told him that he was my little slut tonight.

I told him to get on the bench and started warming him up with my tawse. It was lovely listening to his moans and watching him push his ass out for more as he started to turn pink, and then red. I paused occasionally to bite his neck, or pull on the nipple clamps, or whisper in his ear how sexy the heat coming off his ass was, or to stroke his cock. When it was time to take the nipple clamps off, I told him to count to three... and then I pulled them off on 2. I laughed and reminded him that nothing is ever going to be what he expects with me, even if he thinks he knows. His gasps and moans were making me so wet.

He asked me if I was enjoying this for me, or if it was all service for him. I smiled and told him that I'm no service Top; that hurting him was so delicious for me. And I slid his finger into my dripping wet cunt to show him that. Like a good boy, he licked his fingers clean before getting back on the spanking bench so I could push him further and further into his masochistic headspace. 

First the tawse, then the flogger, then the crop when I wanted to focus on very precise spots, and finally my strap when I wanted to make him beg for mercy. Soon there were warm salty tears dripping down his cheeks and I licked them off while I held him by the throat. He begged me to continue and I spanked him with my bare hands over the bright red spots on his ass until his legs were trembling and he couldn't stay on the bench anymore. That last moment of the scene was so intense that it felt like an orgasm to both of us. The Domspace was so, so good for me.

Then it was time to climb in bed for some cuddles and water so that he could come down gently. When he started to come back to himself, he told me that he wanted to serve me, to thank me for the beating. I gave him a seductive smile and spread my legs, and he dove right in. Enthusiasm is such a turn on and Charles always eats my pussy like he's a starving man. And he will stay right there until I either stop him or else he gets cramped or uncomfortable. So many orgasms and so much pleasure... it was wonderful.

The day wasn't over yet. I smelled wonderful smells coming from the kitchen, where Henry had been cooking dinner for the three of us. It was absolutely delicious, and we all chatted and spent some time together while we ate. Henry asked Charles to please try and wear me out a little, and Charles laughed and said that he would try! It's so awesome that we can all be open about everything together. I can't help the fantasies about bareback threesomes. Maybe one day ;)

After dinner, Charles and I went upstairs to cuddle and talk about the scene and what we had enjoyed. But it wasn't too long before I felt his hard cock leaking against my stomach and my pussy was tingling. We had rough, primal sex that was so satisfying! So many delicious orgasms, and then his nice thick cockhead pushing into my wet cunt over and over and over...

We spent the night together in my bed, and had time for just a little fun in the morning before he had to leave for work. I'm still riding the high today and can't wait to see him again soon. And tonight, perhaps Henry...

I am a lucky, lucky woman, and I want to enjoy every single moment.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year!

What a wonderful new year's this has been. It's certainly off to a great start. I am exhausted but I don't think I've been this happy in a while.

Henry and I threw a small house party, just a casual thing with music and apps and drinks, and we watched the ball drop on TV. Several friends came over, and so did Charles. It was really fantastic having both my men there celebrating with me. I told them that I felt so lucky. When we were in the kitchen prepping the appetizer platters, I kissed Henry and said I love YOU and then I kissed Charles and said and I love YOU. Both of them came back for seconds. It felt so good. I've never felt surrounded by this much love before, where it was just omnipresent and relaxed and comfortable and happy.

Hilariously, one of my neighbours decided to drop by. She and her husband cheat on each other regularly but they got really confused when I told them that we are open. I think it just doesn't make sense in their paradigm! So when she stopped by and I introduced her to everyone... I said "This is Charles," and you should have seen the look on her face. She kind of stammered "oh! I've heard so much about you!" and then kept staring at him like he was an endangered species, which I guess maybe he is :)  And I'd already had a few drinks so I felt like being playful, and while she was there I took every reasonable opportunity to be touching or kissing both of my men. All the other friends were poly or kinky themselves, so it wasn't anything out of the normal for them! Her eyes just kept getting wider and wider though- it was a lot of fun.

At midnight, I got two hugs and kisses. Then Henry decided to go sit in the hot tub and relax with some music, and Charles and I went upstairs to ring in the new year together. We were up for nearly four hours having so much sex. I remember telling him to stop fucking me at one point because I wasn't done orgasming! And he's such a good boy, he pulled out and started to lick my wet pussy until I came over and over and squirted in his mouth. He licked up every drop like I'm a delicacy. And we did it all again when we woke up in the morning on January 1.

We spent New Year's Day just hanging out together, the three of us. It was fun and relaxing. Henry made breakfast for all of us. We played games and spent some time in the hot tub as a threesome- nothing naughty but definitely good times.

When Charles went home, Henry and I went upstairs to watch a movie in bed. He picked Short Bus, which is definitely a sexy movie but also a little strange. But watching everyone fucking started to turn us on and soon Henry was starting to tease me slowly until I was dripping wet and moaning. He got me off again and again and again... I lost count quickly and just floated from orgasm to orgasm, and that was just from his fingers! When he finally slammed his cock into my waiting cunt it felt amazing. We fucked scissors style so that he could play with my clit easily and it didn't take much before I was cumming on his cock over and over and over until I was seeing stars. And he stayed hard and kept it up for nearly an hour of orgasms and cock pounding my sloppy wet pussy, and squishing sounds, and fingering my clit before he finally shot his load deep inside me with a growl.

I told him that if he was planning to keep that up for 2019 that neither of us would live to see 2020! That was by far the best sex I've had in a long time. And he knows what happens to my sex drive when I get well fucked... it doesn't satisfy the beast- it makes me want even more :)

I feel so lucky. It's going to be a very good year!