Monday, 30 September 2013

Out of the Blue!

Well, that was a bit of a surprise! I hadn't seen Bobby in quite a long time, since he visits my area for work and because he'd had a death in the family he'd taken a lot of time off work. I got a text from him tonight saying he'd gotten sent to my city on the spur of the moment, and was wondering if I'd like to get together. Ummm... YES, yes I would!

I really enjoy Bobby's company as a person. He's a really awesome guy, intelligent and interesting to talk to, and we have a good connection which helps with smoking chemistry in the bedroom. By the time we got there, both of us were turned on and wearing far too many clothes! I sucked his cock for a little while, but he stopped me before he came so that he could pay some attention to me. He's very talented with his tongue and fingers, and I had several deliciously intense orgasms. He said he was hoping for a blowjob tonight, and I was happy to oblige.

The nicest part about seeing Bobby is that I still like him after we have sex, too. He doesn't just fuck and run; he stays and cuddles and we talk. He gave me a lovely massage afterwards and I feel so contented and relaxed right now. It's always nice to see him; I think this is what FWB should be like!

Ahhh... life is good!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

More Happy Times

I've seen Allen the past two weeks, and things are still pretty damn awesome between us. He was sick last weekend, so we didn't do the kink scene that we had planned at the Domme party, beyond having him sit at my feet and stroke my legs and shoes, while we sat around chatting with other kinky friends. Which is still pretty damn hot and had me so wet that I wanted to just push his head between my legs and have him lick me right there. I was wearing a black corset and a PVC skirt, fishnet thigh high stockings, and a garter belt with no panties, and 5" strappy stiletto sandals. The funny thing was, Allen didn't want to kiss me since he had a sore throat and he was worried about getting me sick, so for the hours before the party we didn't kiss at all. I was frustrated as hell, and finally at the party I vented that I didn't give a fuck if he was sick, I wanted to kiss him! He showed me that he was equally as hungry for me as I was for him; that kiss was so passionate and intense that we came together like magnets and didn't let each other go.

This weekend was his birthday, so I bought tickets to the theatre. It was awesome to get dressed to the nines and go out for a lovely evening with him. I love it that we can just go out like a normal boyfriend and girlfriend and enjoy each other's company. Being polyamorous is really wonderful and satisfies my emotional needs as well as my physical ones.

It's funny, I don't normal like to cuddle when I'm actually sleeping with someone. I love cuddles after sex and pretty much anytime, but when we're going to sleep I generally prefer to sleep not touching my partner. So far, though, I'm finding that I really do enjoy sleeping wrapped in his arms. It just feels so happy and right.

Actually, another interesting thing came up this weekend that I'm still considering. Normally, I'm not a big fan of the taste of cum. I love getting it, so I accept the taste as a side effect and just ignore it because I'm glad to be able to get him to produce it. Allen's has always been the same for me; salty and mildly unpleasant. This weekend, I was surprised to notice that the taste of his semen was, if not actually pleasant, at least decidedly neutral. He told me that he hadn't changed his diet or anything like that, so I assume it's on my end. Have I become accustomed to the taste of his cum? That seems a little unusual, although I have certainly swallowed a lot of it! Or is it perhaps some kind of chemical reaction? I know I love his scent and find myself extremely sexually attracted to him, so perhaps it's biology kicking in? Either way, it's not like I needed incentive to suck his cock more often... but it's a nice perk!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Absolutely Perfect

This weekend was perfect, from beginning to end. Just so awesome that I'm still coming down off the high of awesomely good feelings.

Mark is still out of town, so I made childcare arrangements and invited Allen to spend the weekend with me. He got here on Friday night, and it was just so nice to see him and be with him again. It's been nearly three months and I still get wet when we kiss or touch... my body craves his. We made a beeline for the bedroom and had sex before falling asleep cuddled in each others' arms.

One of the things I enjoy about my relationship with Allen is that we go out on dates, too- we don't just get together and fuck. So after some nice morning sex (pussy licking is the best way to wake up in the morning!) we went to the local farmer's market and wandered around for a while. It was a gorgeous day and it was really great just to be out and enjoying each other's company.

When we came home, he gave me a manicure (God I love submissive men!) and while it was his first time, he actually didn't do that bad a job. Not salon quality of course, but it was intimate and I enjoyed the effort he put into it. Allen loves to cook, so I knew he was planning to make me dinner. He remembered that I had commented once that I love honey garlic chicken, so guess what he made? :) It was delicious.

He really went out of his way to pamper me. After dinner we relaxed on the couch and he gave me a foot and leg massage while we watched a comedy show on TV, before I couldn't handle any more and had to take him upstairs to play. We did a scene with hot wax... I love how he looks with pink and purple wax drippings all over him. And the lovely moans and grunts he makes while I'm hurting him... God I get wet. He tells me that he loves listening to the changes in my breathing because he can hear how aroused I am by what we're doing. Of course, that led to a shower together to get the bits of wax off... that was fun!

Our sex is already pretty awesome, but after a kink scene we're always both so hot that it is bedrockingly incredible. I remember thinking last night how amazing it was. I was so sensitive in a good way and just kept orgasming over and over on his fingers and tongue... holy crap. I felt so good. If sex was always that good, I'd want to have lots more but I'm not sure my body could handle being used that hard!

When I woke up this morning, Allen had made me French toast. Happy sigh. I was hoping he felt half as good as he'd been making me feel, because this weekend has been the epitome of perfection. I couldn't ask for anything more. So of course, I had to suck his cock and return the favour. I love how he can just stay hard after cumming so that even after an orgasm, we can still have more fun! We went upstairs and did a little kinky play- I tied up his cock and balls and attached clothespins to his nuts while I was sucking his cock. I know every time his cock pulsed it was pulling on the pins... so much fun to hear his moaning! I told him he wasn't going to get to cum this time and I knew he was feeling frustrated, but all along I intended for him to :) He warned me when he was getting close and was delighted when I told him to go for it.

I have wooden railings with bars along the stairwell in my house, and I saw a sexy picture on Tumblr that gave me an idea. So, I told Allen to sit down and cuffed his hands to the railing, and then leaned back against it so he could lick my pussy. It wasn't all that comfortable, but just the idea of having him chained to my staircase so that I could use him as he liked was such a massive turn on! But, I unhooked him so we could adjourn to bed!

Gentlemen, if you don't know what the anterior fornix is, trust me when I tell you that you need to find out. No one has ever touched me like that, and it causes the most intense and long orgasms I've ever had in my life, especially in conjunction with clit licking. He went down on me for so long that he absolutely wrung me out- I was very close to the point where I'd be nonverbal just from sensory overload. It was so incredible. I was cumming so long and hard... Absolutely mindblowing. Then he turned me over and rimmed me while he played with my pussy, and I kept having orgasm after orgasm. We had sex twice more after that, although the first time was more intense fucking, and the second felt a lot more close and intimate. I love missionary with a man that I care about... so much skin to skin and touching and kissing and biting. Sigh.

I know it's only been three months... but I could fall in love with Allen. It just doesn't get much better than this. I can't wait to see him again this weekend!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Lots of Kinky Times

I spent this past weekend with Allen, and had a wonderful time. Now if only the heat breaks! His air conditioner isn't working, and it's rather unpleasant to have hot, sweaty, messy sex when the room is ridiculously hot. We actually wound up going to a hotel on Saturday night because the heat at his house left us not getting much sleep- and not for fun reasons! Thank goodness the summer is nearly over.

He wondered how typical our garbage was- for one night, there were six condoms in the trash can! But, we had a LOT of fun. He is a very, very talented pussy licker and I very much enjoy his attention! I had a lot of intense and noisy orgasms. Wonder if the neighbours heard us?

Although perhaps I should be wondering if they overheard us during our kinky play! I tend to be the noisy one when we are having sex, but since he's the bottom, he's the one being noisy during our scenes. I attached clothespins to his cock and balls, and then teased him for ten minutes. Every time his cock jerked, it pulled the skin tighter and the pins hurt a little more. And of course, I took the last ones off first so that the last pin was rather intense when it came off! Oh, it was lots of fun! He really enjoyed it as well.

In the morning, we did some cock and ball bondage and violet wand play. I had bought special rope that conducts electricity, so it was really fun to spark the rope and know it was travelling all over his cock and balls. I also then used a special setting so that I could electrify my body and then use my fingers (or tongue, or lips) to shoot sparks on him. Lots of fun! He made such delightful moans while I touched his balls and licked his cock! I was dripping wet afterwards, so of course we had some hot sex!

After that, he was still horny (I love how he stays hard after cumming; he can have six or seven orgasms in a session before he starts to go soft!) so we decided to do another scene. I cuffed his hands and bent him over the bed kneeling on an ottoman, and spanked him until his ass turned a lovely shade of red, before I brought out my leather paddle. By the time we worked up to the wooden spoon he was swearing at me. It was a lot of fun! And then another round of quick and dirty sex afterwards before we had to check out.

It really was a lovely weekend. We went back to his house and watched a couple of movies on Netflix, just cuddled up and enjoying each other's company. I sucked and played with his cock casually... when it's there, I nearly always enjoy touching it! I did bring him to orgasm eventually, but enjoyed the teasing and play.

I'm not sure if I'll see him again before the next party in his city, but I am looking forward to it when I do!