Monday, 20 July 2015

Play Party

Okay, my life has been pretty awesome the last few days. Holy crap. I need those times to get me through the tough ones.

So on the weekend Henry and I went to a party. We both had plans to play although not with each other. I had two scenes lined up with friends who identify as heavy masochists, and Henry had expressed an interest in playing with a mutual friend of ours who does erotic knifeplay.

Henry is far more of a sensation player than a masochist, and sometimes a girl's just gotta hurt someone. While I know he would accept sadism from me, because he has before and he takes pleasure from mine even if he doesn't enjoy what I'm doing, I've been craving some intensity from someone who wants that from me. So the best solution seemed to be to find a masochist to play with, who would enjoy the pain I needed to dish out. And I got lucky enough to have a very full evening planned! A friend of mine, *Krystal and her boyfriend *Gerald wanted to play with me, and then the slave of the local community leader, *Lauren wanted to as well. That was pretty intimidating!

I hadn't done a two person violet wand scene before, but I had some ideas. I put two chairs back to back, and tied them together at the wrists and then to the chair. I also wrapped some conductive rope around them in interesting places. It was so much fun! I started ramping up, and watching them process those sensations in very different but delightful ways. She giggles and laughs when I'm hurting her, and he kind of flinches and takes it quietly. It was a lot of fun. I completely lost track of time since I was in my happy place; apparently we played for over two hours! It was one of the most fun scenes I've had in a while, especially given that it was with friends and not someone I'm romantically involved with. But being able to let out my inner sadist that much... that was good. I needed that.

Afterwards I got to play with the slave of the local community leader, and that was fun too! I chained her to the table and watching her jerk and pull on the restraints and listening to her yelp was lots of fun too! She was a little more sensitive than usual today so I couldn't bring out all my heavy stuff, but we had a good time. She even asked for more of one of my electrodes :)

And then I came home with Henry, who was all covered in knife scratches (nothing broke skin), and my panties were soaked through. I knew he wanted to cum just as badly. I sucked his cock a little bit, and then climbed onto his cock. I love riding him! It feels so good to make his cock slide all the way out of me and then push back in. When I needed more, I told him that I was undecided if I wanted to allow him to cum, but he could try to convince me. He gave me those puppy dog eyes and I told him that I wanted him to make me very happy and if he did a good enough job, I'd consider letting him orgasm :) I find the carrot works very well at times!

It wasn't long before I was screaming in ecstasy while his fist was pressing against my A spot and the bed was just covered with squirt and sweat and my girl cum. It was awesome; all I could think about was the sensation of his tongue on my clit and his hand moving slowly inside me, and then fucking me harder. I was already so sensitive from all the kink at the party that I was having a harder time than usual coming, but they were way more intense than usual. It was fantastic. Finally, I pushed his hand away before I got too high on endorphins to return the favour. I only used a couple of fingers to massage his prostate this time because he was just as eager as I was to find release, and it wasn't long before his cock was spurting all over my hand. So of course, he had to clean it up before we climbed back into bed for some cuddles. There's nothing better than slowly drifting down from a cloud of endorphins wrapped in a lover's arms.

And on the funny side- after two really heavy days of sexual play, my pussy has been too sore to fuck! The spirit is willing, but the body is saying "for fuck's sake give me a break!"

Thursday, 16 July 2015


You know what? I can say it. My sex life is amazing. My poor rabbit vibrator is starting to gather dust because I'm having great, intimate and connected, but also just plain bedrockingly hot sex in a variety of different expressions and ways. Holy crap.

Henry and I don't always bring our kink to bed, though. Sometimes it's just us having vanilla sex. Well, mostly. I suppose it depends how you define vanilla sex. I suspect we're still doing things that most people don't, but it's consensual and fun, so it's all good by me!

Kiddo is away visiting family this week, so I've been relaxing and enjoying some much needed down time. Yesterday while Henry was having an afternoon nap, I felt that familiar tingle in my nether regions, and found myself on Tumblr looking at my feed. There's always some pretty sexy content there! Henry and I had plans for a romantic dinner, and when he woke up I told him I wasn't sure what the more pressing need was, food or sex! He laughed and told me if I was patient I'd get both. But me, patient? :)

After dinner and a few drinks, we were both pretty buzzed. Which makes me even hornier, if possible! We wound up on Craigslist just looking at all the interesting/funny posts that people make in the Casual Encounters section. We didn't actually message anyone, but it's always a little fun to think that a fantasy might be only a quick message away. Then we decided to go upstairs and watch some porn. Henry is very aural and enjoys the sounds of people fucking and playing, so we often leave it on as background noise. I'll admit the video was pretty hot, though! Lots of fisting and DP and spanking and moaning and fucking. So of course, we got up to our own shenanigans.

Power exchange gets suspended when we're under the influence, although we still might do some light kink like a spanking or whatnot. But Henry doesn't wear his collar when we're drinking or whatnot. It doesn't rule out a lot of things, though! So, we were in bed and we kissed and made out and fucked and he gave me several awesome orgasms with his hands, before I slipped on a glove and gave him a nice fisting. He came in a huge gush all over himself, which was really sexy to see!

I was still horny, but he needed some refractory time, so we decided to go for a walk. It's been a really long time since I've gone for a walk at night, since usually I can't because of kiddo. It was so nice! Crisp, cool night air. Dead silence except for the sounds of nature. Apparently frogs sound a lot like birds!

When we came home, it was time to head back upstairs for round two. My pussy was begging for more sex! Given how high my drive is, when I say I'm going to fuck him into submission, it's pretty accurate. We started fooling around, and then I felt his hands start to caress my body and slowly work their way down to my clit. Usually I'm more sensitive and aroused during a second round of sex, so I was already having pretty powerful orgasms. When I felt his fingers inch into my wet folds, it felt like I couldn't stop cumming, especially when he started to work my A spot. I was squirting and moaning and gripping my pillow so tightly I thought I might rip it in half. Time stopped and all I could focus on was how amazing my body was feeling, and every little movement his hands and lips were making. I don't know how long I was orgasming for, but the bed was soaked and I couldn't talk anymore. I was so high from endorphins that all I could do afterwards was get cuddled and go to sleep.

I still feel amazing today. So happy and satisfied and full of love for Henry. I haven't had sex that amazing in a long, long time and I feel like I really needed it!

Saturday, 11 July 2015


My primary arousal comes from power. It's so interesting to think about. Because I don't mean it like the women out there who want to fuck powerful men. I mean that I crave power over my partner, so sometimes it's the smallest things that are intensely erotic for me. A presenter at a Master/slave conference termed it the "mental cock or mental pussy" and that feels so apt.

Last night, Henry came over while I was surfing Tumblr. It was pretty clear what direction my thoughts were going! He asked me if I'd like to play with my violet wand. I'll admit that always surprises me a little even though it shouldn't because he knows how much I love it. I know that he doesn't enjoy it at the level of intensity that I like to wield it, but that he feels his submission when he's taking it for me.

I chained him naked, spreadeagled to my bed. I briefly considered a hood or a gag, but I enjoy watching the expressions on his face and listening to the sounds he makes, so I left him the way he was. I decided that I wasn't feeling my sadism as much as eroticism and control, so I planned to step back on the intensity a little and give him an experience I knew he would enjoy.

I started off with my vampire gloves, the little pinpricks scratching gently over his skin. He loves that type of sensation and watching him shiver and moan made me smile. When I stepped it up to a set of titanium claws, I ran them gently over his cock and balls. It wasn't long before he had a raging erection. He had asked for violet wand, but I decided to throw in a few other things from his toy bag. A few interesting brushes that he enjoys having run along his skin, and then my new rabbit fur flogger. I trailed the soft falls over his face and along his body before giving him a swing across each thigh. It's impossible to hurt someone with a fur flogger, but I can vary the sensation with the strength of impact.

Then I finally took out the wand. I kept the power very low, to keep the focus on sensation rather than pain. I can vary what my partner is feeling dramatically based on what types of attachments I'm using, and I'm experienced with this toy and I know Henry's reactions well by now. I loved it when I saw his eyes roll back in his head the first time. I know I'm taking him somewhere wonderful.

When I put on my body contact probe, I can use my body parts to conduct sparks. Trailing my fingers down his body and having it feel like it vibrates or buzzes is so sexy. I brushed my lips across his and felt a little jolt. My pussy was dripping down my thighs. Nothing is more erotic than having a helpless, bound man available for my pleasure while I'm using my favourite toy on him.

I worked my way down his body and started to trace my fingers over his balls and cock. He's told me before that he enjoys the sensation of electricity as long as I don't turn it up too high :) and he was getting his wish. When I lowered my tongue to his cock I heard him sigh in pleasure. Electric oral sex is definitely a thing, and it's a lot of fun! I slowed down because I didn't want him to cum yet- I was having too much fun!

I ramped the electricity back down slowly, and then snapped on a latex glove with a smile. Henry really enjoys anal play, and lucky him, I enjoy giving it :) I lubed myself up, and slipped a couple of fingers inside him. He was still bound, so he couldn't stroke his cock, and I could hear how frustrating it was for him! His eyes were rolling back in his head from all the pleasure and he was begging me not to stop. I ran my tongue around the head of his dripping cock to tease him, but didn't give him enough stimulation to orgasm. I added a third finger and he groaned deep in his throat. And then it was time for some fun. I stopped finger fucking his ass and told him that he had a choice. He could ask me to let him swallow his cum, or we could stop.

I could see that words were difficult for him because of the endorphins flooding his body, so I twisted my fingers inside him and said to him, "Please, Princess, I would love to swallow my cum for you." I know he isn't the biggest fan of consuming his own body fluids but it's not a limit, and I wanted it. The next time my fingers rubbed his prostate, he stammered it out and I smiled devilishly. Then I lowered my mouth to his cock and sucked him while my fingers slid in and out of his tight little asshole. It wasn't long before he exploded and I made sure to get every drop in my mouth and hold it until I came up to give him a kiss. He opened his mouth like a good boy, and I told him he was. And then it was time for some chocolate and cuddles so he could come down out of the fog I put him in.

I should note that I don't subscribe to getting consent when one partner is in subspace or high off endorphins, and I wouldn't have done it with anyone but Henry because it's part of our dynamic. It's not cool to get someone to make a decision when they can't think straight and it's definitely taking advantage. But with him? I'm not sorry :) It was just another way for me to exercise my power over him, and I loved it.

He told me he was a puddle, and I loved knowing that I had done that to him. He was too worn out to give me the orgasms I had originally wanted when we started the evening, but I got pretty high off the mental satisfaction. And the sexy dreams I had afterwards. I decided not to masturbate because I figured I'd rather wait for tonight, and I find vibrators desensitize my clit a little for a few days.

I love my sex life and I could never go back to vanilla. When I lay in bed last night thinking, I realized that we could have had ten or fifteen minutes of vanilla sex like most people, I'd have had a few orgasms, and that would be that. Or, we could do what we just did, which was two hours of pretty hot sex, even though I didn't cum. It was still worth it :) And most of the time with him, I do. But the fact that I got him to a point where he couldn't reciprocate was its own kind of sexiness.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Henry and I have been getting in a lot of playtime lately, which is fantastic. It keeps drawing me back to the concept of energy. When I was first starting out in the BDSM community, the person explaining to me about scenes was talking about energy transfer. That sounded so New Age-y to me, but I was smart enough not to say anything since I didn't know what I was talking about. And it's good that I kept my mouth shut, because I can't really think of another way to explain what passes between me and my partner when I do BDSM play. It's not just the type of play I do, because I can do a scene with a casual friend and then a very similar scene with Jennifer or Henry, and suddenly the energy that was playful has become sexual or romantic. It's all about my partner and how I'm connecting with them and how we're sharing the sensations that we're experiencing together.

I've noticed lately how much playing with Henry has strengthened our connection. In a very real way, whether I'm hurting him or making him orgasm, locking his collar around his neck or accepting a drink according to our protocol, it feels like saying I love you. It feels like it validates our relationship; that this is who we are and what we want. I really feel like the kink keeps us connected and in touch with each other more than it might in a vanilla relationship, since there's so much trust and communication so that we can explore together. I don't think I've ever been as mentally aroused as when I told him during our "funishment" that I wrote about last post, what I was going to do to him and waited in case he needed to yellow or red out of it. And instead, he just waited patiently for me to do what I wanted to him. He submitted himself to my desires wholly because he trusts me and loves me and wants me to be happy and that was incredible.

I've had Henry wear his collar more often when he is here, and not just when we're playing. It's a noticeably different headspace for both of us. When he sits on the floor at my feet when I'm on the couch with his head on my lap, while we watch a movie together, it just feels so right. Not that I don't like it when he's cuddled up next to me other nights :)

We had a pretty hot scene the other night, although I'm sure it wouldn't qualify for most people's idea of porn. Henry loves restrictive bondage, so I locked his collar and a steel cock ring on him and hooked a pink leather leash to the O ring on his collar. Then I put my leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles, and locked on a spreader bar so he couldn't close his legs. Then, just to make it more fun, I locked the wrist cuffs and leash to the centre of the spreader bar so he was sitting but kind of hunched over and had very little play to move his hands or feet. We did a little sensory play with claws and different textures, and then I thought it was time for some silliness. Henry had baked cookies the other night, so I put a couple on a plate about three feet ahead of him. I laughed until I cried watching him try to figure out how he could get the cookies and then get them to his mouth! And yes, sexual or not, it still turned me on like crazy :) I did reward him afterwards... unhooked the wrist cuffs from the bar and wrapped the leash around my wrist instead. Then I slid in his stainless steel jeweled butt plug and played with his cock until he begged me to let him cum. He's my good boy, so I let him :)

I just ordered a chastity device for him, a CB6000 in stainless steel. I'm not planning on locking him up full time because frankly, I like fucking him, and it's part of how I bond emotionally. But I think it'll be fun for some tease and denial play. Just enough to make him wonder if this might be the time that I won't let him cum :)