Sunday, 24 April 2016

Oh What A Night!

For some reason that song keeps playing in my head. Although I suspect when you get to the end of this post, you'll understand why!

Last night Henry and I went to one of my favourite BDSM parties. There's always lots of interesting people to talk to and sexy scenes to watch. It doesn't hurt that the house submissives are so available for anything I could happen to need, even if that need is just for a cute bottom to spank (with consent of course)!

We brought a friend of ours, *Donna, to come with us. She's a super awesome person- cute and funny and just an overall lovely person that we are happy to have in our lives. Sadly for both of us, she's not only straight but mono, which rules her out for both of us. We all still make jokes sometimes but having her as a friend is much more important to us than the occasional romp in the hay. It's too bad we can't have both, but eh- see, there are some straight and monogamous kinksters out there! They just happen to be in the minority, which makes it tough for them when they are seeking relationships.

She was really enjoying herself at the party, too. While she is a switch who prefers mostly to Top and bottom, not to engage in D/s, we got a peek of her inner Domme last night! She was really enjoying giving directions to the submissives and ensuring they were followed. I was even taken aback when she chastised one for not following the dress code! While she was absolutely in the right, I couldn't believe that it was her first time to the party and she sent him home to change. I was kind of proud of her :)

We spent the evening mingling and watching some pretty hot scenes! And who did we run into but Erik, the guy I went out with once and wasn't compatible with but still think he is a pretty nice guy. And who else seemed to think he was a pretty nice guy but Donna :) They were all cozied up on the couch, so as the party went on I interrupted them and sent him off on an errand so that I could check with her. She told me that she did want to go home with him but she doesn't normally do stuff like that so she was a little nervous and didn't want to say anything. It had been a while since her last relationship and she hadn't tried casual before so this was all new. I told her I'd take care of it! I went over to Erik and told him to take her home and show her a really awesome time, and to make sure that he brings her back to our city today. He messaged me today and told me I was a great wingwoman LOL and I told him that's fine as long as he treats her well. She and I have chatted and she did in fact have a great time, so I am really happy for them whether it goes somewhere or not. After all, one night stands have their place, right?

Speaking of one night stands... although I kind of hope this one won't be :) I was chatting with this sexy blonde woman, *Mary, and found out that she was a switch and not a Domme, and that she certainly enjoyed bottoming for electricity. It was super hot to have her spreadeagled in front of me on a piece of bondage furniture with Henry holding one of her legs and a house slave holding the other while I fucked her with an electric dildo and licked her clit! And, after some flirting and a little bit of play, somehow we found ourselves with an extra passenger in the car on our way home! I have joked to friends that we brought home a walking souvenir from the party.

It was an amazing night. We did a little more electricity once we had her at my house, and then it degenerated into a lovely mess of lips and fingers and tongues and cock and pussy. Since she was our guest, Henry and I decided to make her feel welcome :) He started to play with her pussy while I nibbled her neck and sucked on her nipples. She has small breasts but they are so sensitive and lots of fun to play with! Listening to the sounds she made while Henry's fingers were pushing in and out of her wet pussy was pretty awesome. Then she rolled on top of me and started to play with my breasts while Henry continued to finger fuck her. I couldn't help but feel my hips moving because my pussy was so hot and wet and currently being ignored!

Not that I wasn't having a wonderful time. I was playing with Henry's nipple rings while he was still continuing to play with her clit and she was moaning into my breasts... it was such an awesome jumble of lust. It's been a while since I've had any group sex and I really missed it. When she finally came in a hot wet rush, she moved away from Henry and rubbed herself down my body until she was between my legs. That first lick of her tongue across my clit felt SOOO good! It wasn't long before I was moaning and clenching my pillow in my hand. I asked her to finger me while she licked my clit, and Henry showed her exactly how I like it. Mary had never fisted anyone before and she had lovely small hands, so we gave her a glove and Henry was working my clit while her hand was sliding in and out of my pussy and they were each playing with one of my nipples and I was in absolute sensory overload and it was incredible. I had so many amazing orgasms! By this point the sun was well over the horizon because we'd been partying all night so much as I wanted to continue, I tapped out and enjoyed a few minutes of post orgasmic bliss while Mary went to wash her hands.

And then of course, it was Henry's turn! I asked if he'd like some ass play and he said yes, so I grabbed the lube and the gloves and sat at the foot of the bed. I was going to suggest that Mary suck his cock but Henry commented that he would like to fuck her and I figured there was probably room for both of us around there so I told her to go and ride his cock after he had a condom on, while I played with his prostate. It was a little rough on my arm, but did I ever have an awesome view! And it was pretty hot to guide his cock into her pussy with one hand while my other was in his ass. It wasn't long before they both had noisy and happy orgasms. After a little bit of cleanup, we all collapsed into a sweaty heap and fell asleep. We were so tired none of us noticed that the lights were still on and it was full daylight outside.

It was so much fun that everyone got their turn with two other people doing their best to give them an awesome experience. No worries about who couldn't play with who or discomforts- we all had a great time. Henry made us all breakfast in the morning before she went home, and though we didn't have time to go for another round, hopefully it will happen again soon! Henry and I have already had sex twice more since then, so it's given our libido a bit of a spark!

Monday, 11 April 2016

Swingers Clubs

Well, last night was certainly interesting! I went to a swinger's club on a BDSM theme night to do demonstrations and teach people a little on how to use various BDSM toys, and that part was a lot of fun. And it's not like I haven't been to swingers' clubs before, but generally I go on a night where it's a BDSM party so perhaps it attracts a different crowd than swingers who are there to learn and get a little taste test (pun intended!). Boy, these people were handsy without asking permission! It really surprised me that I had people hugging me and grabbing my breasts and stroking my ass without even a by your leave LOL. I'll admit it was a very sexy and charged atmosphere but I was pretty taken aback.

It was awesome to have the live porn shows going on while I was presenting, though. At one point I had an oral sex daisy chain going on while I had them all wired up with electricity. That was super hot to watch! And listen to all the moans of orgasming people. Henry thinks that the sounds of sex are almost more arousing than the sight, and I certainly enjoy both. Watching the all female orgy pile was really hot, too.

I really enjoyed all the breasts that I got to play with, consensually of course! Lots of fun when I'm doing demos on beautiful ladies. I also gave out a few kisses so people could experience that with electricity, and got propositioned for a blowjob LOL. I might have gone for it but I didn't have anyone else there to do the demos while I was occupied. Perhaps next time ;) Henry and I are thinking of going together and having some fun. We've both been missing some group sex- after all, what could be better than multiple hands and mouths and naughty bits to play with?

Sunday, 3 April 2016


Would you believe that after all this time, that I can still be surprised by the dating/sexual culture out there? Sometimes I think I am unshockable, but apparently not!

I apparently no longer know what life is like in the vanilla world. Perhaps I'm glad that I live on the dark side now! So last week, our Xbox 360 finally gave up the ghost, and kiddo was heartbroken. I found one listed near to us online, so we walked over to pick it up. Much to our surprise, the seller was the dad of a child in kiddo's classroom. The kids chatted briefly and I suggested to the dad (*Pierce) that they might like to have a playdate sometime. Kiddo is always thrilled to have kids over or to go to their homes.

So we get home, and I have a message from Pierce saying to let him know if there are any problems with the Xbox because it hasn't been played for a while but should be fine. I tell him we've already got it up and running and kiddo is glued to it. He says that he thinks the playdate would be a great idea, since he has four kids and it's good for them to get some time when they aren't all a big group, and I say sure. When he tells me that he has his child every other week because of divorce, I commiserate and say that my ex spouse has moved to another country and kiddo lives with me full time.

I don't know- was that not something I was supposed to do? Apparently mentioning my marital status was taken as an invitation, because he immediately asked me if I was dating. Thank goodness for online messages because I was flummoxed and had absolutely nothing to say! I mean, how do I answer that? I hadn't really planned on being "out" as poly outside of the BDSM community, and this guy has a child in kiddo's class, so that's a little close for comfort. On the other hand, I don't really know many of the parents in the area and I do enjoy first dates- maybe I'm crazy. I asked Henry what I should say and he said to go for it if I liked. So I told Pierce that I have a boyfriend but I'm in an open relationship- I thought that was the easiest way to explain things. I still don't know if he has quite the right impression, but I guess we'll see since we have a date next week.

I still feel kind of funny about all this. I am not really looking for a relationship right now, but I'm not averse to say, a casual FWB type thing. I at least made it clear that I'm not open to a monogamous relationship, so I don't think we're going out under false pretenses. Which kind of makes me wonder why he still wants the date, but maybe he's hoping to get laid LOL.

What is making me feel weird is that first off, he doesn't even know me. We chatted for less than five minutes while I was picking up the Xbox. Is it normal for vanilla people to ask someone out on that basis? I don't really get attracted to people that I don't know- looks is only one ingredient in my cocktail of attraction. I'm not sure I want to go out with someone who is going solely off looks either- that makes me feel like a commodity and not a person.

I'm also kind of feeling funny about going out on dates at this point in my relationship with Henry. Yes, we're poly, and yes we've discussed other partners, both sexual and romantic, but neither of us has been actively dating outside of our relationship with the exception of me with Jennifer, who was existing before I met Henry (that relationship has morphed into more of a friendship than anything romantic, but she's still a very important person to me. It's more of a change than a breakup). I'm not feeling like I am at a point to actively be seeking new relationships; I want to stay focused on Henry. Honestly, I'd love another fuck buddy or two because I've been feeling almost mono by default lately, but the fact that I feel slightly uncomfortable looking makes me think that I am not ready yet. If something comes up when I'm playing at a BDSM party, I'm OK with that. I am less OK with actively seeking a new partner. I know I'd have feelings to deal with if he was pursuing a new relationship, too (although I would deal with them). Sex, though- sex is just sex :) It's fun. I think things will be different when (if?) we've been together longer, but for now, this is how I am feeling.

But, I'm still going out on Thursday because why not. I don't think Pierce will get lucky on the first date, but I guess you never know!