Thursday, 30 April 2015

Vanilla is a Flavour, Too

Henry and I haven't seen each other since Easter, since we've both had life stuff going on. He texted me yesterday and asked if he could come by and drop off a few things, and for he and Frank to spend the night here since it's a long drive. Sure! I had actually had plans with Jennifer, but she called and asked me if we could reschedule since she wasn't feeling well. So, it worked out, or I'd have had to say no to Henry. Poly and logistics! But unless it's an emergency, I hold to the plans I've made first, unless it would be dramatically unfair to one of my partners. I wouldn't want to be constantly rescheduled on, either. Y'know, it's funny how all the rules we make basically boil back down to respecting ourselves and others. When we do those things, it tends to go well.

They didn't get here until very late last night, but it as so good to see Henry. He was so wiggly and excited to see me, it was rather like having a puppy :) Actually, I jokingly asked him if he was on something because he seemed wired, but he said no, he was just happy to be here. Frank said he'd had a rough couple of days, so he gave me a hug and said he just wanted to go to bed. He's slept in my guest room before so it wasn't a problem.

I haven't really given any more thought to having a MFM with the two of them, anyway. Frank seems to have a lot of relationship stuff on his plate right now and he isn't sure if he's mono or poly, plus he feels like his sexual orientation is fluctuating at the moment. Just seems like it has a lot of potential to open a can of worms, so it's better to keep things platonic for now.

It wasn't long before Henry and I were upstairs naked in bed. We started off with some cuddles because it had been a few weeks and it just felt so good to have our arms around each other, and skin on skin is fantastic with a lover. And then I could feel him pressing his cock against me. I laughed and asked him what if I wasn't horny, and he joked that it would be a cold day in hell if that happened! I wouldn't go quite that far, but yeah, under the circumstances, he was probably pretty accurate :)

We kissed and things heated up and got urgent really quickly. He fucked me sideways and played with my clit until I had several intense orgasms, while I was toying with his nipple rings. Those are so sexy, I really like playing with them even without electricity! Then he asked me if I'd like to go for a ride. Oh, yes, yes I would :) My pussy was making lovely squishy sounds by this point, sliding back and forth over his hard cock. Lots of kisses and tongues and playing with nipples and sounds and body fluids everywhere... it was a good time :)

Sometimes, we don't need all the toys or accoutrements of BDSM. It's awesome and fulfilling and arousing, but vanilla sex can feel connecting and romantic, too. I remember leaning forward and brushing his hair off his face while I was riding his cock, and kissing down his neck and not even nibbling a little bit! And the best part? When we were curled up afterwards getting ready to sleep, he whispered in my ear "I love you, Princess."

Friday, 24 April 2015


Sometimes, poly life gets complicated! Jennifer and I have seen each other, but haven't really had a solid, focused-on-each-other date in ages. Twice she's been here when I was melting down over Mark and just wasn't in the mindset for a playdate or sex. Being the amazing person that she is, she was patient with me. She's also had some work and life stuff going on that made her schedule more complicated so it had definitely been a while! We talk every day by text, but I think we were both starting to feel a little physically disconnected.

Her husband had bought her a few new impact toys, and we both liked the idea of me being the first one to use them on her. She loves light to medium impact play, and she asked me to spank her ass until it was nice and red. Did I want to? Oh hell yes. Jennifer has an amazing ass and I love just about everything to do with it.

Between the two of us, we had quite the collection of impact toys to use. Various floggers, crops, and paddles, made of wood, silicone, and leather. It was fun trying out different implements on her, slowly building up the intensity, until she was actually leaning out her ass into my strokes. That was crazy hot to see.

And of course, it's fun to mix a little pleasure with the pain! I started to play with her pussy with one hand while I spanked with the other, teasing at first, and then trying to get her to orgasm while she was being beaten. She loves penetration, so I slid a dildo inside her and held it in place while I continued to paddle her and it wasn't long before she was squirting all over my spanking bench. So sexy! I gave her quite a few orgasms until I started to get the feeling she was going into subspace, so I started ramping down the intensity before we stopped and I gave her a hug and a kiss and told her she was my good girl and had done well.

She was pretty spacey afterwards, and it was lovely knowing that I was the one who had put her there. We went downstairs and cuddled on the couch so she could come down slowly, had a glass of wine and watched a movie. We were both pretty tired afterwards so we decided just to go to sleep. She was staying over, so we knew we'd have time in the morning!

And so we did. Vanilla is a flavour too, sometimes! I nibbled and kissed my way down her neck and started to play with her amazing breasts. She has a fantastic rack and whenever I take her to a party, she gets comments :) I love showing her off. But that morning, she was all mine. I sucked and twisted her nipples before working my way down to her pussy. It's interesting how both she and I like to be played with very different ways. She loves penetration and with the exception of fisting, I'm all about the clit. Experimenting is fun, though! I brought her to a few more orgasms until she squirted all over my face. So nice to have visible results that you're pleasing your partner!

She begged to return the favour, so I let her lick my clit and finger my pussy until I had a few nice orgasms of my own. I didn't squirt, but sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. Unfortunately, we were interrupted by my cat, who had managed to push the supposedly locked bedroom door open and jumped on the bed waiting for attention. Jennifer yelled at her "We have enough pussy in here already!" and I laughed so hard that it was pretty much over. But it was a damn good way to wake up! We cuddled and kissed before she had to get going home and we both said that we felt much better having gotten that time together. I have such an amazing girlfriend and I'm lucky.

Can't wait to see her again. We have plans for relatively soon, so hopefully that will work out. I think I might want to light her on fire :)

Friday, 10 April 2015

Who Needs 50 Shades?

I was really surprised that given all the hype around 50 Shades, that there have been some reasonably good BDSM movies produced in the past. Henry visited this past weekend for Easter, and we put on a movie called Exit to Eden. If you're curious or into BDSM, I definitely recommend watching it! While it's still a little messed up on gender roles, it definitely gives a more balanced look into BDSM and portrays it as part of a healthy sexuality. That's definitely improvement over the idea that kink is something abusive that needs to be cured, and this came out years ago!

I didn't realize that the movie would be so erotic, but it wasn't long before both of us were breathing a little harder. I wish I was able to visit the island as a guest! Although, logistical and safety issues for the subs, of course... but hey, it's fantasy, right?

I told Henry to pause the movie and I went upstairs to get a few toys. I brought down a vibrating butt plug and handed it to him with some lube and told him to go put it in. When he came back, I attached weighted clamps to his nipple rings, and a Humbler to his balls. Then I told him to get on all fours and I used him as a footstool while I played with my pussy and enjoyed watching the movie, occasionally trailing my nails over his body or toying with the butt plug. I also brought a leather strap downstairs and enjoyed surprising him with a quick crack across his thighs or his ass while I played with his cock. After all, he needed a reminder not to drip all over my carpet!

When he was arching into my hands and making frustrated noises, I decided to be nice. I unlocked the Humbler and took off the nipple clamps, but left the butt plug in his ass and told him to cum on my feet. It wasn't long before he shot all over me. And he knew what I wanted. It took a little coaxing, but he licked up every drop. It was an incredibly hot scene- I didn't even feel the need for an orgasm afterwards, it was so satisfying.

He was here for a while, so we got some other BDSM play in (fire cupping, sounds, and pegging along with a little bondage) but that was my favourite playtime. It was good having him here... we haven't been able to see each other as much lately, but hopefully that will be changing soon.

Thursday, 2 April 2015


It has been a long time since I've seen Adam last. It's kind of funny to realize that he and I have been having sex together off and on for three years now. He was my first local hotwifing partner. We were talking about it today and we both like seeing each other. He likes it because there's no pressure. He knows I'm not looking for anything but a good time with him, and we can just relax and have fun. I like it because he doesn't treat me like a booty call. We might not email much in between visits, but we do chat occasionally and whenever he comes over we spend like half an hour catching up on each other's lives before we finally get down to the fun :) There's a nice mutual respect there and we genuinely like each other which is a good foundation for even something as casual as what we have.

When we took our clothes off, he took his time kissing my neck and my shoulder and getting me all worked up. "You've still got it," he whispered in my ear. It's so nice to hear stuff like that right now. It wasn't long before we were making out, and then I got my mouth on his hard cock. I hadn't given a blowjob in so long... funny how I missed that. Henry isn't the biggest fan of oral sex either way, so while I give him head once in a while it's not a frequent thing. I worry that I'll get rusty! I really love sucking cock and I don't want my skills there to degrade.

It wasn't long before he was moaning and thrusting his hips at my mouth, so I stopped since I knew we both still wanted to fuck afterwards. He told me how much he'd enjoyed that, and I told him that I think I'd had almost as much fun! It was funny that we repeated that conversation in reverse after he licked my pussy. He kissed his way down my body, spending time teasing my nipples, before finally getting to my clit. And this is why Adam is still in my little black book after three years! He made me cum so many times. It's been a long time since I had a really good tonguing, and it felt amazing. I was craving to be filled with hard cock, so he grabbed a condom and we had a nice long fuck before collapsing in a sweaty mess.

We just hung out for a little while longer, chatting about random stuff. He was curious to see my violet wand and said he could understand what people might like about it. He's as vanilla as they come, but there's nothing wrong with that. And he's definitely got some skills. We were chatting about maybe getting together a little more often, but he's quite a ways away and doesn't work around here anymore, so I guess we'll see. It's nice to know I'm worth driving an hour plus each way for, though! ;)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

High Protocol

I love high protocol parties. It's just so pleasant to relax and know that if I need something, that it will be taken care of. And it's all in a very female positive environment, which is a nice change from the usual party. While it's not that I don't enjoy having male Doms around sometimes, it's just a different atmosphere which I enjoy. There have been some interesting thoughts rolling around in my head lately about gender stereotypes and BDSM orientation that I might have to write about at some point, but basically, I do think that the majority of F/m relationships have a different focus than the M/f majority. There's nothing wrong with anyone negotiating a relationship to involve whatever they want as long as both/all parties agree to it, but it's interesting to see some of the differences.

It was nice to walk in the door and have a submissive hold it open and take my coat and my shoes so I could go change into something more party appropriate. I decided to wear a red and black lace and PVC dress with black fishnet thigh highs and strappy stiletto sandals. Lots of fun. When I sat down, someone came to take my drink order and to offer hors d'oeuvres. It's basically a fancy cocktail party except that the men are wearing coloured tags defining the level of service they are willing to provide.

Erik had invited me to go, and this is one of my favourite parties, so I thought it would be fun. I wanted an opportunity to get to know him better after all. We spent the day hanging out and went for a nice dinner at one of my favourite restaurants before heading to the party. I met some really fantastic other Dommes and it looks like we're going to do some skill sharing which is pretty awesome. I would like to learn more about some of the stuff that she does, and she wants to learn electrical play. Sounds like fun to me!

Erik and I did a brief scene since he had never experienced electrical play before, and it was fun, but more like a lab just to give him a taste of it. I didn't know his body language well enough to read it, and he was inexperienced enough that I couldn't relax and trust him to tell me if I was pushing limits. I checked in frequently and used my number system but it kept me from getting too deeply into the scene.

We went back to his place afterwards and I could tell he was nervous but I was hoping to at least have a little fun. Unfortunately, it appears he also suffers from ED. I like him... but I also found out he smokes and frankly, I don't like the smell of stale smoke floating around. I told him today that I'd had a lovely time and would be happy to keep hanging out, but on a more casual basis. I told him the smoke was bothering me. I just don't think he and I would make a good long term match, and I didn't get that little zing of excitement that I get with Jennifer and Henry. At least he took it well, because he is a nice guy, but just not a good fit for me. Although I loved the little touches of service submission... he opened doors for me and never let my teacup get empty and held my coat for me. Oh well- c'est la vie!

I've been on Tumblr a lot and enjoy the lovely pictures there. Such a great place to find femdom porn :) I saw this photo and it really resonated with me. If I have to start over again, I want a D/s primary relationship. I want to find a man who not only understands my desires but who appreciates them and desires me more for them. So, maybe one day this will be me.