Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New Experiences

Well, life has been interesting again! Mark came home on Saturday and we've been having a lovely week together. Our child is still visiting inlaws so it's almost like we're having an at home honeymoon. Sleeping in late, just spending quality time together... and lots of sex! After all, we have a month to catch up on, and he leaves again soon.

Then, yesterday Mark had to visit a customer in Allen's city, so I decided to go along. Allen and I had a lovely evening together while Mark was working. We went out for dinner, spent some time talking, and of course, some very hot sex. I always enjoy his tongue on my clit and his fingers inside of me! But, we only had a few hours so it was just more of an opportunity to connect again. I had really missed him.

But of course, having H in the same city opened up an interesting opportunity. I was nervous about it... but I know to ever get my MFM, there has to be a comfort level. So, Allen walked me back and met Mark. And it was surprisingly okay. They didn't become best buddies, but they chatted politely and there didn't seem to be awkwardness. I even kissed Allen goodnight and grabbed his ass :) But wow... if things continue to go well, perhaps for by my birthday I will have Allen licking cum out of my pussy. Having a creampie licked out of me is very high on my bucket list, along with having my clit licked while I'm being fucked.

God I'm horny. And hopeful!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Keeping Myself Busy!

Mark is camping with our daughter, and I've had the house to myself for the past few days. Unfortunately Allen wasn't available, and so I found myself thinking about getting up to some trouble. Guess it's just who I am!

I made a dinner date in the evening which was really disappointing. He seemed like a nice guy, so I decided to bring him home afterwards. I wish I hadn't bothered- I knew as soon as he kissed me that it was going to be a waste of time. If a man is a lousy kisser, he isn't going to be any good in the sack. But I figured he was here, he had a nice thick cock, I was horny, so why not give him a chance? But he was as useless as I thought he'd be. I am extremely multiorgasmic, especially from oral, but this guy couldn't get me off even once. So I sucked him for a little while and then asked him about a condom so we could fuck. Would you believe he didn't bring any? I didn't have any Magnums and he wasn't fitting into the ones I had in my nightstand, so I wound up just giving him a blowjob. The whole encounter lasted maybe fifteen minutes? Sigh.

After that, I really needed someone useful! I hadn't seen Adam in a while so I texted him last night and he said he'd come by on his lunch hour today. Ahhh :) He's not as good as Allen, but he gave me some very satisfying orgasms before we had a sweaty, noisy fuck. I'm feeling better now! And, it was nice to see him. He was one of my first sex partners as a hotwife; we've been seeing each other off and on for 18 months now. I genuinely like him as a person, but there's no emotional connection. It's just a nice, drama free fuck with a pretty talented guy. And there's nothing wrong with that!

Mark will be back on Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it. We have a lot of time to make up for! I told him that I want to fuck him on the weekend like crazy... and then I plan to suck his cock like crazy all next week. I am really looking forward to making him as happy as I've been feeling lately.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Good Times!

Life has been pretty damn good lately. Lots of fun things!

Allen and I went to a party on Friday night and it was a lot of fun. I had planned on an electrical play scene, but I hadn't gotten much sleep and was pretty tired, so I decided to call it off. I don't want to risk his safety if I can't be fully present to play. We did have a nice time, though; socialized with friends, and had a bit of fun. I really enjoyed it when he sat on the floor next to me and rubbed my feet and shoes. If I haven't written about it, I have a pretty intense foot fetish! Allen has long hair that I love to play with, so it was low key but very pleasurable. And of course... rubbing my feet and legs got me pretty turned on, so we decided to use one of the available beds and have some hot, noisy sex. I kept my high heels on, and the back is covered in metal spikes, so it was pleasant listening to his groans when I had my legs wrapped around him while he licked my pussy. I joked that someone might think he was enjoying himself! His cock was hard as a rock. I just love that he can cum over and over without getting soft... it was good times. We both find it amusing that a quickie for us is 30-45 minutes!

Mark was stopping in between trips on Sunday, so he was dirty texting me in the afternoon. I was so excited when he requested that I pack the toy bag! We knew we only had one night before he headed out again and we hadn't seen each other in a month so he told me he wanted to make it count. I was so excited! He asked me to tie him up and fuck him with my strap on. OMG hot! I face fucked him with it before I slid it into his ass and just seeing him like that turned me on so much. Seeing him kneeling in front of me on the bed so submissively... I was dripping wet. He told me he never wants to be my sub, but there are times he enjoys being used like that. And do I ever love to use him! God I love my husband so much.

And then today, I had a "date" with someone from Craigslist (SD for sugar daddy). No matter what you're looking for, there is someone on CL who'd be interested in doing it with you. Pretty awesome! I needed some new fetishwear for parties, and that stuff is really expensive and not in the budget right now. So, I posted an ad that I'd like to be taken shopping, at the man's expense, and I'd be happy to model whatever he'd like to buy me. He could touch, but there would be no sexual contact between us. And, I got a lot of responses to that ad! Most of them I discarded, but I found a couple to be really interesting. So, I met one today at the mall, and we went shopping. He bought me some new lacy panties that I picked out, and in exchange I gave him the pair I was wearing. Then we went to a sex shop and I tried on lots of new sexy outfits for parties. He bought me a dress, as well as a skirt and top combination in PVC. I feel really awesome in the new clothes and can't wait to wear them out! He wanted nothing from me except to watch the delight on my face as I tried on outfits, and to touch them on me when I was dressed (he never saw me naked, even).

Things are just so good lately... I am happy. I'm hoping they continue to go well with the men in my life. I'm finally starting to heal from the damage that was done to my heart over the past year, but I've let myself get vulnerable again. Oh well... life is better lived with no regrets, and sometimes gambles pay off.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Happy Awesomeness

I'm still really enjoying fun times with Allen. We've had two weekends together since my last post, both involving lots of kink and lots of really hot sex. The first weekend, as soon as he got here I kissed him roughly and passionately, and demanded he take off my panties and lick my pussy right in my front hallway. I really enjoy that position, with the man on his knees in front of me. Very, very hot. Then I took him upstairs and used my pink leather restraints to tie him to my bed, and proceeded to spend the next two hours edging him. It was lovely! I told him it wasn't going to end until he begged, and he finally did... so satisfying.

We went to a party that weekend as well, which I really enjoyed. We didn't do a formal scene, but as far as I'm concerned, it was nearly as hot. I was wearing thigh high black leather 4" platform boots, and put my legs in his lap and he rubbed my through my boots and over my fishnet stockings on my thighs. I was close to orgasm just from that. I knew that I was always sexually aroused by sexy shoes and boots, and having men put on my shoes and the like, but I didn't realize how intense my fetish could be. I really, really enjoyed that.

This past weekend, we went to a duct tape party. It sounded so silly I really wanted to go! It wound up being expensive since my outfit took four rolls of duct tape, but I had fun! I made myself a turquoise and purple leopard print corset top, and wore it with my fishnets and a black miniskirt. We did a wax scene, and it was so smoking hot we pretty much rushed back to his house to fuck afterwards. I covered him all over with pink and purple wax and his moans and twitches were so delightful. Then when I was scraping off the wax, we discovered that the knife I was using was ticklish, and it devolved into an impromptu tickle scene that made me laugh so hard I cried. It was so much fun... it really gave me an intense rush of pleasure to have him at my mercy like that. He begged me to stop, but of course, stop is not a safe word and he knows it :)

Life can be so much fun sometimes. Our sexual chemistry is incredible, especially given his stamina and desire to lick pussy, and my insane multiple orgasms and desire to be licked :) I'm really enjoying the kinky play, too. I'm not sure it will go any farther than this, but even if it doesn't, it's still pretty damn good.