Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Naked in the New Year

I've really been missing getting back out again- I miss my friends and I miss my kinky lifestyle parties! It was time to start going to events and hanging out again :)

This past weekend Henry and I went to a bondage themed party. He really enjoys restraint, and while I'm not the biggest fan of rope, sometimes I like to make him happy. But you know what they say... if the woman ain't happy, ain't nobody happy, am I right?

It was a great party. We socialized and caught up with people we hadn't seen in a while, received tons of congratulations on our engagement, and had a really sexy scene together. First we did some violet wand, just to warm him up and get those endorphins flowing. I loved seeing the glazed look in his eyes while my hand drifted over his cock and he couldn't decide whether to stop or beg for more. That pleasure and pain can be exquisite! When I was ready to move on, I opened up my already prepared sounding kit and pulled on some gloves. Henry loves being sounded and tonight I was going to give him a treat, well, sort of ;)

Henry was tightly bound to a table but I left his face unencumbered so that he could see what was happening, and what was going to happen. It wasn't long before he was moaning in ecstasy while I slid a stainless steel sound into his hard cock (note: Do NOT attempt sounding unless you have been trained in how to do it safely and correctly. Medical play has risks!). I could tell he was dying to cum but tonight was about what I wanted.

Before I had started my scene with Henry, I had been watching *Richard chatting with another woman at the party. He was naked and sitting on the floor next to her so I had a perfect view of his nice thick cock that kept getting erect, and then slowly softening before rising again. It was almost hypnotic and very sexy. And my pussy was dripping down my thighs from watching him, and from the fun I was having with Henry, and I decided to have some hotwife fun to celebrate my engagement!

I removed the sounds but left Henry in bondage, and walked over to Richard. I asked him if he'd enjoyed watching my scene and he said yes. I told him that I'd certainly enjoyed watching him! while my eyes trailed down his fat cock. And that I wasn't quite done yet but I could use another participant if he was interested. He smiled and said he'd love to.

I brought a chair over right next to where Henry was tied, now that he'd noticed I was no longer working him over. It was so close he could have reached out to touch me if he hadn't been tied up. Oh well- that's unlucky for him, now isn't it? ;)

Richard sat on the chair and I could see that beautiful cock rising again. "Oh, is this for me?" I said flirtatiously, running my fingers down his chest. He just grinned and told me it was all mine. And that is just what I wanted to hear. Last night I was wearing a purple PVC miniskirt trimmed with lace, my favourite black leather over the knee high heeled boots, and a black spiked bustier- power clothes ;) And I am sure I have mentioned how much power turns me on...

Henry was wide eyed watching me stroke Richard's cock slowly, while Richard was thrusting his hips at me to push his cock against my hand. I briefly considered pulling away and teasing him, but decided to keep the focus on teasing Henry who was all worked up and bound to the table, his cock straining away at nothing. I pulled my skirt up so that they could both see my bare glistening pussy, and started to play with my clit. "mmmm.... I think I need some cock," I said while I was looking into Henry's eyes. I kept them locked on his while I moved forwards, rolled on a condom, and slowly lowered my pussy over Richard's thick cock.

Holy fuck it felt amazing! I have fucked a lot of men but I don't think I've had a cock that thick. And I love fists and wide things best of all- length has never done much for me. Richard's cock just stretched me out so good! I had planned to draw it out but I was grinding on Richard's cock to feel every inch of it inside me and he was fucking back as much as he could. It wasn't long before I had an orgasm, and the feeling of me clamping down on him made him gasp and cum hard too.

I smiled over at Henry when I got up. "Did you have a good night, sweetie? I'm tired and think we should be heading home." The desire and frustration on his face were so much fun! I think we'll have to come back to that party again soon, and either way I would like to see Richard again! Henry and I don't do a lot of denial, but it certainly can be delicious sometimes.


  1. Oh God that was hot. I am so happy you toyed with him while you fucked another man and both had an orgasm. I really truly hope you left Henry alone and on the edge. Once at a party after my wife did something similar I tried to have sex with her later and she said, that she was too tired, too well fucked and I had to wait. Believe it or not that was even better than getting in her pussy..being denied while she did another.....sorry Henry but Im on her side!!!

  2. that was probably one of the most erotic posts I have read, I am now googling sounding though! Love it thank you x

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Rebecca! With respect to sounding, it can be intensely pleasurable for either a male or female bottom but just be risk aware when you're doing it. You're playing with your urethra, and if you're rough or do any damage there can be complications. In addition, if your tools aren't sterile then you can be introducing infection to your bladder- also unpleasant. Also ensure the sounds you purchase are solid stainless steel and not chrome with steel plating.

      If I can help otherwise, feel free to ask, but keep in mind that I am NOT a medical professional.