Sunday, 23 August 2015

Bittersweet Milestones

It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since Henry and I started dating. Jennifer and I reached the year milestone last month, but we kept it pretty low key. Our relationship is a little different, and while I love her and treasure her place in my life, it doesn't have that level of intensity and need that I have with Henry. But I love the freedom to have relationships be what they are without trying to pigeonhole them.

But, I digress! This post is about my anniversary with Henry. Normally, anniversaries are a big deal to me. I'd have planned a special date and bought a gift and a card and made a big deal out of it. This time? We spent the day out with kiddo doing fun summer things, and then we were both tired in the evening so we just had a quick light supper and relaxed on the couch with a movie. No gifts and nothing really special. I feel kind of badly about that but it was hard in other ways. I mean, when I look back at where I was a year ago, it's so different and hard to process sometimes. And this was my first anniversary with someone other than Mark, in a primary type situation, so it was a little difficult to process. I think I avoided thinking about it and then I wasn't feeling well, so when it came I just wasn't really ready.

And that's okay, too. I don't have to do things the way I always did them, and I found there is a separate pleasure in simplicity sometimes. I wouldn't always want things to be that low key, but this time, it was good just the way it was. I felt that deep connection with him again, while I was wrapped in his arms on the couch, his lips gently brushing kisses down my neck. We didn't do any kinky play that evening since we were both too sleepy, but we did make passionate love, and it was amazing.

And amazing for different reasons. Normally I find sex good when it results in a lot of orgasms, including at least several very intense ones. That gives me a nice rush of endorphins and usually leaves me needing to be scraped off the ceiling afterwards :) But this time, it was much more about the energy between us, which is why I described it as making love and not fucking or sex. While I very much enjoy those things, this was a different experience. We laughed and talked and just enjoyed each other while his cock was inside me, and while there were orgasms, they weren't the focal point of the experience. Until the very end when I could hear his breathing quickening and felt his hips rising up to meet me while I was riding his cock and knew he'd cum soon. Then he reached out to play with my clit and we had an amazing simultaneous orgasm. It isn't something that I've experienced often, but it was amazing. Listening to his moans and gasps while I was crying out with pleasure myself was such a turn on and it really intensified the mood. I felt so connected when we curled up together afterwards for cuddles.

So, it might not have been anything exotic, and in fact it was rather vanilla. But vanilla is a spice too, and it was good. I'm looking forward to seeing where our second year together takes us.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I want to shake Henry's hand for being with you this year and staying and spicing your life in so many ways!