Monday, 11 April 2016

Swingers Clubs

Well, last night was certainly interesting! I went to a swinger's club on a BDSM theme night to do demonstrations and teach people a little on how to use various BDSM toys, and that part was a lot of fun. And it's not like I haven't been to swingers' clubs before, but generally I go on a night where it's a BDSM party so perhaps it attracts a different crowd than swingers who are there to learn and get a little taste test (pun intended!). Boy, these people were handsy without asking permission! It really surprised me that I had people hugging me and grabbing my breasts and stroking my ass without even a by your leave LOL. I'll admit it was a very sexy and charged atmosphere but I was pretty taken aback.

It was awesome to have the live porn shows going on while I was presenting, though. At one point I had an oral sex daisy chain going on while I had them all wired up with electricity. That was super hot to watch! And listen to all the moans of orgasming people. Henry thinks that the sounds of sex are almost more arousing than the sight, and I certainly enjoy both. Watching the all female orgy pile was really hot, too.

I really enjoyed all the breasts that I got to play with, consensually of course! Lots of fun when I'm doing demos on beautiful ladies. I also gave out a few kisses so people could experience that with electricity, and got propositioned for a blowjob LOL. I might have gone for it but I didn't have anyone else there to do the demos while I was occupied. Perhaps next time ;) Henry and I are thinking of going together and having some fun. We've both been missing some group sex- after all, what could be better than multiple hands and mouths and naughty bits to play with?


  1. We went to a Naturist Spa/Swingers Club last Thursday, it was an eye opener! Your post was great.

  2. So great to hear about you getting out, and sharing what you've learned.

  3. Just to let you know we ventured to a grown up Club Le Boudoir in London. I t was very quiet and not very erotic I don't think the club scene in London is very good. Yours sounded so fantastic with the live shows etc. We have joined fabswingers and am actively seeking some fun. Wish us luck

  4. We are attending Kestrels Hydro this week and hopefully will break our duck swinging.