Sunday, 31 July 2016

Needs & Wants

We all have lists of what is important to us in a relationship. What's on yours? The one that surprises me is how low many people rank sexual compatibility. I mean, especially if you're monogamous, you're pledging to spend the rest of your life having sex with only this person. Are you going to be content with that? I think that while certainly a lot of other factors are very important, having similar drives and sexual desires is equally important. Which, not to get off topic, is why I think that people who believe no sex before marriage are absolutely insane, because then it becomes a total lottery if you have the same interests. You may not even know yourself!

I think that sex is a need, and that it's critical in a healthy relationship (unless of course, you're in an asexual relationship that everyone is happy with). Cops say that most domestic violence is about love or money, and that makes sense that those are things people would fight about.

It surprises me at times exactly how important sex is to me, but it really is. It's part of how I connect to my partners, and build intimacy. It helps me destress in a way that masturbation doesn't. And the post sex cuddles are amazing. Of course, I'm quite capable of and I enjoy casual sex, but it won't take away the need I have to connect sexually with my primary partner.

Henry has been sick for a while, so we haven't had as much sex as I'd like. As my readers know, I generally have a pretty high sex drive, to say the least! And I happened to be ovulating this weekend (yes I'm on birth control, but I still keep track of my cycle), so I was pretty crazy horny. Watching porn, reading erotica, and chatting with some people on CL (ask me about that later!). My pussy was just dripping even though no one had touched me yet :) Henry noticed and he said he might be up to helping me out with my problem, and much to my delight, he was! We put on some porn and added our own sounds to the ones on the TV :) Nothing too long or intense since he was still pretty tired, but enough that I squirted all over him and the bed (thank goodness for plastic mattress protectors, ladies!).

The point of this post though was just to describe the amazing change in my mood after we had sex. I felt so happy and at peace. Not stressed. Just relaxed and lovey and cuddly and so much better. I really did need that sex- it wasn't just something I wanted. I'm really lucky to have a partner who understands that. It made me feel so close to Henry and that was good. Of course, now I want to jump his bones again today! ;)

Our second anniversary is coming up, and I've already ordered his present. I'm looking forward to writing about it here- I think you all will enjoy it and rush out to buy one for yourselves! Stay tuned...

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