Saturday, 6 August 2016

All I Have To Do Is Dream

Ok, so I like the Everly Brothers. Sue me :)

I find it interesting that when I was younger I read about women who had orgasms in their sleep and kind of scoffed at it. I mean, I know it happens to men, but I didn't ever have anything like that happen to me, nor did I know any women who would admit to it whether they experienced it or not. Now that I'm in my thirties, though, I find to my delight that it is something that does happen every once in a while.

So what's it like for a man? Do you remember the dream in the morning, or do you just wake up wet and sticky? I've had lots of sexy dreams in my life, but none like what I've been experiencing the last year or so until recently. More so than the details of the dream, I remember overwhelming pleasure that pulses through my whole vagina. It's intense and incredible and I wake up feeling good but also hungry for more. I'm actually unsure if they're better than what I get when I'm awake, if I was mentally present and relaxed and ready for it. And I have some pretty amazing orgasms when I'm awake, that's for sure!

The other thing I find interesting is that while my primary way to orgasm is via my clit, and secondarily via my A spot (if you haven't read about the anterior fornix, get your ass over to Google and learn how to deliver a new level of pleasure to your female partners. Just wait until they're all warmed up and ready before you go for it!). But these sleepgasms are vaginal, as far as I can tell, since that's where the pleasure radiates from so intensely. It's exceptionally rare for me to have a vaginal orgasm during sex. I can pretty much count the number of orgasms I've had during PIV sex, unless I happen to be fucking a man with a cock that curves upwards in just the right way. So it makes me curious why this happens the way it does. I'm certainly happy to have the opportunity to experience these, though! Generally they happen when I am craving sex- the female equivalent of deadly sperm buildup? :) But they're relatively infrequent, even if I haven't been having sex for a while.

Last night Henry and I were cuddled up in bed and I mentioned the lovely sleepgasms I had the night before. I couldn't recall much of what was happening, but the vivid memory of the pleasure I experienced was still burned in my head. It wasn't long before Henry's fingers were slipping into my pussy and giving me something fresh to think about! He has never given me vaginal orgasms like these, but I can't complain about the times he makes me cum until I can't speak and squirt all over the bed! I climbed on his cock and he played with my clit until I was having orgasm after orgasm clenched around his cock before he filled me with cum. We snuggled together afterwards, full of contentment. I've always said I'm not as much for PIV sex, but there is something to be said for the connection it can build with someone you love. That, and orgasms!


  1. I used to have wet dreams but in my 30's they became less and less frequent until they virtually disappeared. And yes I did remember the dreams. They were vivid and involved sexual activity and would be different each time.

  2. Always find your postings so informative and interesting and sexy too boot. You asked a question about remembering wet dreams. Sometimes I do but mostly I just wake up with a mess or in a mess. I remember it was erotic but I do not remember specifics most times. I have on a few instances and like you mentioned those times they seem very real. I have even woken up wondering if I really had sex with someone. IN any event they are fun and I do not mind the mess and even find that hot....

  3. An interesting subject, I have had them in my sleep and agree that the sensation is different and deep but I can never fathom if I actually hit the final peak! I remember as a young girl reading a book of my mothers (which was probably quite tame a Mills and Boon type) and having an orgasm through reading.