Monday, 15 July 2013

Further Explorations

Some of you may have noticed the potentially interesting change in my partner counter for 2013. Since I don't consider myself actively bisexual, I doubt it will ever get too high, but certainly in the context of kink I find women a lot of fun!

Last week I had a lovely BDSM scene with both Skyler and *Lisa, a friend of mine from the local kink community. There was no "actual" sex, which I suppose raises the question of how to determine what is sex? It can't just be penetration, or a lot of rewarding girl/girl encounters wouldn't be sex. At any rate, I decided that what happened that night was sexual, so as far as I was concerned, there was sex :)

It was my first time Dominating two submissives at once, and I think that the scene went really well. Both subs told me they enjoyed it and wanted more, which was good for my ego, certainly! And I was absolutely dripping wet while we played. I didn't allow myself an orgasm because I wanted to ensure I maintained control over both of them and didn't want to be too distracted and leave either one of them at loose ends. I did, however, play with my pussy after I gagged Lisa with my panties and duct tape, and have Skyler and (later, after I ungagged her) Lisa lick my pussy juice off my fingers. Hot :)

I am really looking forward to this weekend when I see Allen again. We're supposed to go to two play parties and hopefully fuck a lot at his place as well. We're texting a lot, but I'm finding that I feel like I need some more in person to build the connection.

Mark and I also did a lot of talking, again. We wanted to make sure we were both comfortable where things were going. He'd always been a little uncomfortable with my relationship with Patrick, because quite frankly I handled it very badly. I hadn't been looking for a poly relationship and had no experience with them, so I didn't know what to do with one when I realized how much I needed it. So he is happy that I am wrapping up the ends of this one. But I wanted to go over with him how to handle things in the future. I told him that I can't promise that it's not going to happen again, and that realistically, I do feel open to the concept of falling in love again. We had a really good chat that I think left both of us feeling better. I want to make sure that he always knows, regardless of anything else, that he is my absolute priority and that I love him more than anything. And he does.


  1. Iv just found your blog, and I'm really enjoying it, my wife and I have just started to explore Hot Wifery and so far it's been very exciting, please check my blog, my wife's blog which is a bit more exciting, is my biggest concern and fear is that she or one of her dates do end up with deeper feelings then just a FWB relationship. How does your hubby deal with that. And does he also have a blog?

  2. @ Ma'ams Pet, no my husband doesn't blog, it's never been his thing. I'll have a look at yours and your wife's blogs though, would you like to trade links?

    My husband knows I am poly, not just a hotwife. Therefore, my relationships are always open to the possibility of developing feelings more than FWB. We just have open and honest communication and he has told me ways to make him feel like he is my primary, and I do the best I can to keep him happy too.

  3. Trading links would be great!!

    And yes that seems the best way iv found to keep myself from getting jealous. Is to have her keep showing me I'm her number one.