Thursday, 22 August 2013

Keeping Myself Busy!

Mark is camping with our daughter, and I've had the house to myself for the past few days. Unfortunately Allen wasn't available, and so I found myself thinking about getting up to some trouble. Guess it's just who I am!

I made a dinner date in the evening which was really disappointing. He seemed like a nice guy, so I decided to bring him home afterwards. I wish I hadn't bothered- I knew as soon as he kissed me that it was going to be a waste of time. If a man is a lousy kisser, he isn't going to be any good in the sack. But I figured he was here, he had a nice thick cock, I was horny, so why not give him a chance? But he was as useless as I thought he'd be. I am extremely multiorgasmic, especially from oral, but this guy couldn't get me off even once. So I sucked him for a little while and then asked him about a condom so we could fuck. Would you believe he didn't bring any? I didn't have any Magnums and he wasn't fitting into the ones I had in my nightstand, so I wound up just giving him a blowjob. The whole encounter lasted maybe fifteen minutes? Sigh.

After that, I really needed someone useful! I hadn't seen Adam in a while so I texted him last night and he said he'd come by on his lunch hour today. Ahhh :) He's not as good as Allen, but he gave me some very satisfying orgasms before we had a sweaty, noisy fuck. I'm feeling better now! And, it was nice to see him. He was one of my first sex partners as a hotwife; we've been seeing each other off and on for 18 months now. I genuinely like him as a person, but there's no emotional connection. It's just a nice, drama free fuck with a pretty talented guy. And there's nothing wrong with that!

Mark will be back on Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it. We have a lot of time to make up for! I told him that I want to fuck him on the weekend like crazy... and then I plan to suck his cock like crazy all next week. I am really looking forward to making him as happy as I've been feeling lately.

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  1. Lots of people say you can tell how someone fucks by the way he or she dances, but I think that's bull.

    Just like the song says, it's in his kiss.