Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Busy Day!

So my libido has just been sky high lately. If it wasn't so frustrating, I'd laugh at the thought that I have a husband and a boyfriend and my sexual needs are still not being met! I spent some quality time with my sex toys, but ever since we opened our relationship I've been finding masturbation somewhat less than satisfying. It just feels so mechanical... release, but nowhere near the same amount of pleasure as an orgasm with a partner. Although I suppose that doesn't stop me, because when I do masturbate, I'm usually in bed with my laptop set to Literotica and I stay there for two or three hours until I'm an exhausted sweaty mess and the room smells like pussy. But I'd much rather have a romp with a sex partner I like, by far.

So, it was back to Craigslist for me, to see if I could find someone who I'd like to have visit me once in a while to take the edge off my frustration! I was going through the replies, and much to my surprise I got a message from someone I'd had lunch with last summer but never hooked up with. He'd recognized my writing style and figured out it was me (which kind of impressed me, by the way. I guess my ads are that different from everyone else's?). He reads here, by the way (which was another first for me, I'm not used to the people I see knowing that I write about them!), so say hi!

Since I'd already met Lonnie in a public place, even though it was a while ago, I was comfortable having him come right to my house. I had some lovely orgasms and enjoyed his company. And boy, did I need that! Good times :) Non reciprocal oral sex always leaves me feeling fantastic.

I also saw John again last night. We've been dating for about two months now, but last night was our contract renewal. I honestly think every relationship should have mandatory check in periods like this. I don't think that it's so much the structure that's necessary, although I do think it's great to have each person's responsibilities, obligations, and the goal of the relationship made clear cut. But I love that at the end of the contract, that we sit down and talk about how we're feeling and how things are going, if we want to make any changes or if there are any issues. Hands anyone, who thinks that relationships could use that kind of good communication? It would at least help keep little issues from becoming big issues, because they'd either get dealt with or you'd at least realize there's a fundamental incompatibility.

Our check in went really well. He is happy with how things are going, and when I suggested renewing for another month he said let's go for two :) We talked about the one thing I wanted to discuss, and then spent the evening cuddled up, being silly, and just enjoying each other's company. It was a really good night. My emotional attachment to him is definitely getting stronger.

I was supposed to have a date with Adam on Thursday, but he emailed me and said he's going to have to cancel. I'm a little disappointed since he's one of my favourite casual sex partners- we have been fucking for over two years, after all. But hopefully another time soon! I am feeling the urge to get busy again. Maybe pick up another new partner or two :) I love variety.

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