Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Playing the Game

Mark isn't really into power exchange at all, but over the years he's come to find he enjoys experimenting with some kinky stuff with me. Most of the time our sex life is pretty vanilla, but sometimes we can get pretty freaky. It's so intensely connecting afterwards, because it just feels so intimate. I know he's not doing it for the sake of the kink- it's because he enjoys connecting with me like that. I don't think he'd do those activities with anyone else, so it's a reaffirmation of our trust and bond together, which is pretty awesome.

This afternoon we were having an exchange via text while I was out, and he started to send me some silly, bratty text messages. I laughed and said "someone's feeling feisty today, huh?" He sent back "Maybe I need to be punished for it." Heart starts racing and I can feel the adrenaline start flowing. Oh, yes. Wonder what I'm going to do with him tonight. Is it D/s? Nope. It's a game, and no less exciting or sweet or fulfilling for that. And sometimes, playing the game is just so delicious.

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