Saturday, 19 April 2014

Quiet Nights and Exciting Days

Sometimes, low key can be just as enjoyable as a night of hot sex. Well, almost anyway! John and I had both had a long week for various reasons, but wanted to get together yesterday anyway. He brought over some movies but I wasn't interested in anything that required thought, so we watched some old episodes of Futurama (remember that show? I used to love it!). I ignored him while he worshipped my feet. It felt so good... I was tired from a lot of walking, and he gave me a fantastic footrub and then sucked and nibbled and licked my toes and up along my arches. I definitely needed that!

We went upstairs to bed to relax and cuddle. I was way too tired for BDSM or play, and apparently so was he. It was adorable when I noticed he'd fallen asleep. I wanted so much to drift off with him, but I knew he couldn't spend the night this time so one of us had to be awake. I was enjoying watching him sleep so I didn't wake him up until it started to get late. It was relaxing just to lie there snuggled up and reading a book on my iPad with him next to me. It wasn't an exciting night, but I don't need it to be all the time!

But, I still have needs :) I wound up with a day to myself since my son went to visit his Nana for Easter, so I texted Brian to see if he was available on short notice. Fortunately, he was! He came over and licked my pussy until I was a sweaty mess. I took out my big pink ribbed dildo and he fucked me with that while he licked my clit. It was so intense and amazing. When he tapped out, I sucked his cock. He's a little under average size, so I can swallow his cock easily while I play with his balls. I really enjoy the sounds a man makes while he's getting a blowjob. The moan when he pumped his cum into me was delicious :)

And even better... I chatted with him while he was here, and he's open to joining me and John for the MFM fantasy we have planned! I had a Craigslist ad up and I was screening, but my first requirement is the guy has to be someone I'd be willing to have sex with, and I just wasn't getting quality in my responses. So, I asked Brian if he was bi and he told me he was open to experimenting. Awesome! So it looks like next Saturday afternoon, John's going to get what he's been begging for and fantasizing about. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to tell him, but I'm leaning towards having it be a surprise.

SO excited! I've been waiting so long and there are so many things I want to do!

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