Saturday, 16 May 2015

House Party

Henry and I got invited to a house party last night. I've been before and it's very laid back and low key but it's lots of fun. We got to hang out with lots of our friends and do some socializing, as well as get some playtime in.

When he showed up at the door, I couldn't help but smile. He was so sexy! Shiny engineer boots, tight blue jeans, a black tank top, and a hat. He changed his nipple rings to black, too :) I don't normally get all dressed up for house parties, but I wore a pretty sundress and high heeled sandals. Perhaps it's even funnier to look like the girl next door when I'm doing terrible things to people!

It was really nice just to catch up with friends in a fun and relaxed environment. I got to watch an interesting scene where two female submissives were lying together on a bed on their backs with their wrists bound above their heads, their outside leg tied splayed and their inside legs tied together, with a Hitachi magic wand tied on their clits while they were beaten by their Doms. It was a pretty awesome contrast of pleasure and pain and it looked like they were all having a good time!

I got asked to do a couple of fun scenes with friends as well. I'm building a reputation for myself in the community and while I don't usually play without a connection, I don't mind sharing my skills with people who are new. It's still fun, it just doesn't turn me on the same way. But I got to enjoy the contrast when I told Henry to get on the table for his turn and the energy that had suddenly been playful suddenly turned erotic. Sensual touches, my hands sliding over his body causing pleasure and pain. Little sighs and moans. His breath coming shorter while his lips begged for mine. And my panties dripping wet with sex so strongly in the air. It was so good, and I couldn't wait to come home and fuck his brains out!

It's been nine months, but his naked skin on mine still takes my breath away, whether we're cuddling or having sex. I almost can't think straight when the chemistry is that intense between us.

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