Tuesday, 16 June 2015

New Experiences

I've been pretty tired and stressed lately, so I haven't had as much energy for kinky play. I'm finding myself missing it, wanting to let out all that frustration and pain on a consensual partner. I don't have much control in my life right now, so I'm hungering for it in a way that can give me pleasure. Right about now, I'd love to hurt someone until they call red, and then have them give me so many orgasms that I can't think or talk anymore. That sounds lovely :) But, Henry isn't a heavy masochist, so it'll stay a lovely fantasy for now. I might have to give another play partner a call! After all, if someone would enjoy it as much as I would, why deprive us of the pleasure? :)

Not that things aren't quite satisfying just as they are! I like to fulfill Henry's fantasies. Contrary to popular belief, D/s relationships aren't all about the Dominant. I love Henry and I want him to get what he needs and wants, too. I just do it on my terms :) Henry loves ass play, and I've been enjoying the way it feels to have his ass gripping my fingers or one of my cocks. It's such a sexy feeling! It's tighter than playing with a pussy, but they're both awesome.

I've paid attention to the porn that Henry enjoys. He had told me that he fantasizes about being fisted. He hadn't done it with any of his previous partners and I know it's been on his mind. And it sounded pretty tempting to me, too :)

Fisting is pretty awesome. I love receiving it, for example. But a pussy is designed to stretch much more than an ass is, so it takes a lot of time, patience, communication, and trust. He was SO tight, and feeling every ripple in his muscles was a real turn on. If you try it, use lots of nice thick lube (the thinner stuff isn't as good), wear a glove, and take it really slowly. But when my fist finally slid all the way in... watching his eyes roll back in his head and tell me that he was cumming... It was one of the sexiest experiences of my life. And the intimacy in sharing something that intense was pretty amazing.

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  1. Fisting a man;
    I have had the opportunity to lend a helping hand to a good friend twice within the last year. He absolutely loved it! He directs the action until I'm "in" then we can experiment with what he wants to see, belly rising is his latest passion. I get my taste of what I want from him too. His cock! :-)
    I know you dear lady from another site where I've commented a few times and you are a beloved member Over there. wHat an incredible life you lead! :-) I sometimes Wonder what draws you to these things...... :-) rs4XX
    Thank you for posting this!