Monday, 29 June 2015

Bad Boy

I've never been the kind of Dominant who wants a doormat for a partner. While I expect obedience when I make a decision (within reason), I like a little sass, too, when appropriate. Obviously, I don't want my submissives mouthing off or being bratty when we're at a high protocol party, for example. But at home? Sure. Show me your personality. Let's have some fun. So I find myself drawn to partners who have a little bit of spunk.

Henry most certainly enjoys being cheeky! I don't practice a punishment dynamic, because first of all I believe that play is supposed to be fun, and second of all, I date partners who want to make me happy. If my submissive isn't going to either engage me in a respectful conversation about whatever the issue is, or else choose to comply because that's our arrangement, then it's just not going to work. Willful disobedience is what I would expect from a child, not an adult who is an equal partner in a relationship (albeit with different responsibilities). But, I digress!

Now, I do believe in funishment! That's when the bratty behaviour starts some play that is fun- well, for at least one person. But realistically, play is generally supposed to be fun for both partners or what's the point, really? So Henry has a smart mouth and usually I enjoy the playful banter. Most of the time, I'll give him a light slap across the face or else make dire threats about what will happen if he continues. It's all just part of the game.

Then, yesterday he commented that when I'm being sadistic, I giggle like a fucked up schoolgirl. Now, I found out afterwards that apparently he was trying to be funny, but I decided that one merited a response instead of just play. Ok, and I've been looking for an excuse lately to let my demons out. After all, Henry has said that mine must be personal assistants to the Devil. I took that as quite the compliment! So I decided to let them out to play.

I had recently given Henry a nice big stainless steel butt plug capped with a pink Princess jewel. Stainless steel is lovely for temperature play :) so I stuck it in a glass with a few ice cubes and some cold water so that it would get nice and cold. While we were waiting, I took out my little bottle of cinnamon oil and slipped on a latex glove. I lubed up my fingers, and slid two into his asshole. He's such an ass slut- his cock was already rock hard. Then I pulled out, dripped one single drop of cinnamon oil on my finger, and slid it back into his ass. He told me that it was a burning sensation that sort of moved around and varied in intensity. It wasn't as strong as I thought it would be, but it was interesting to play with!

Then I decided it was time for the real fun. I handed him the cup with the freezing butt plug and told him to put it in his ass, because I wanted to watch. And oh my, the look on his face when he tried to insert it! I couldn't help but laugh. His cock stayed hard the whole time though, so I know I wasn't the only one having a good time, even if he would have preferred to be without pain. While I was giggling, he said he was glad to be making me happy, and he was.

We had originally planned to do urethral sounds as play before we took this little detour into creative sadism, and I know he usually orgasms from it, so I decided to make use of that hard cock of his now. I climbed on top and started to ride him. He made such good noises... Pleasure mixed with the chill of that plug in his ass. I told him to make sure not to cum! He said "but I thought you like it when I cum inside you," playfully, but I just smiled and said not this time.

When I was done enjoying his cock in my pussy, I climbed off and we got him ready for the sounds. It had been a long time since we'd used them! It wasn't long before he asked permission to cum and made a nice little mess. Of course, you know how I like those messes to be cleaned up :)

It was a really good night of playtime. He told me afterwards that he enjoys how we play and I'm glad. I get my sadism, my kink, and my cuddles afterwards. He's such a good boy and I love him.


  1. A dog gone butt plug. Freezing cold! Oof!
    I should give my friend our old "Black Balled" dildo for use (that full feeling that he likes) so I could have more time with his hard appendage!
    Great post!