Thursday, 1 October 2015

A Royal Evening

I had the most amazing night. It's been a few days and I'm still blissed out from all the things! I've been meaning to take Henry to the high protocol party for months, but because it's in another city and seems to be on the most frustrating weekends to coordinate, we'd never made it there. I was so excited when it finally worked out and we were in the car on the way!

Frank came with us. He's been to a few parties but never one with this kind of vibe and he was looking forward to checking it out. We stopped on the way for a really great dinner at a French restaurant (probably my favourite cuisine), which was a nice relaxing start to the evening. When we got to the party, it was time for a quick trip upstairs to change into fetishwear! The theme, unsurprisingly, was Back to School. I decided to channel my mean teacher and wore a white blouse, a black leather underbust corset with buckles, a knee length leather skirt, and black suede peep toe pumps with heavy metal spikes on the back and down the heel. And of course, teacher glasses and my rattan cane to smack any wayward pupils! Henry wore a schoolboy outfit and his collar, and Frank wore a schoolgirl outfit with a plaid skirt- they were both adorable!

When we got to the party, we spent the first little while just hanging out in the social area and chatting. I always enjoy having my boy sitting at my feet :) One of the reasons I enjoy the protocol party so much. And much as I love boots, wearing these pumps made it easy for Henry to caress my feet while I was socializing. Since I have a foot fetish and find that kind of touch erotic, it was a nice slow warm up for the evening. Frank really does remind me of a puppy- he was all over the place exploring everything and seeing what was going on! But they were both having a good time.

After an hour or so, I asked Frank if he was ready to play. He and I had planned to do a scene with play piercing, which had me a little nervous but very excited. Another community member had given me a few workshops on needle play and safety as well as some hands on time, and while I still don't understand my attraction to this sort of thing, I know that I find it incredibly erotic to hurt someone in a fucked up way consensually. Besides, needle art is pretty! Frank being Frank loves to try new things, so he was definitely up for trying it.

We went down to the dungeon and laid him on the table. Sometimes I think the little things are really powerful for getting into headspace. He listened to my gloves snap on, and smelled the alcohol wipes I used to clean his skin, and saw me grinning evilly with a sharp in my hand. Of course, I gave him the safety lecture first and we discussed precautions because blood play is by definition higher risk than other activities. But then it was time for fun!

It was really amazing watching his responses change as his body flooded with endorphins. He took the first needle like a champ, so relaxed I don't know if he even felt it. The second and third ones were a little ouchy, and we were talking and he told me he wasn't feeling spacey at all. It took only one more piercing before he told me that he was feeling floaty, and couldn't believe it when I told him that his perception had changed in less than two minutes! It was a lot of fun, and I learned more about what kinds of pain he enjoys. We had a really good scene.

And, the night wasn't over yet! :) After doing some aftercare with Frank and a little more socializing, Henry and I had our scene. I locked him to the table where Frank had bled for me only hours before. Henry and I were doing my favourite- a violet wand scene. Because of some life stuff, we hadn't played in a long time, and I could see that his tolerance was lower than usual. Which was fine- it took only the slightest zaps to get some beautiful reactions from him :) It was really good and connecting, and just what I needed. His eyes were definitely glassy when I was done with him!

We went back upstairs, and by now people were starting to leave so it was only a small group of us left in the social area with the hostess. We all chatted about the party and different forms of play and just relaxed. One of the house slaves was celebrating her birthday, and she asked permission to offer her "services" to one of my boys. I told her that Henry wasn't available since I had plans for him later, but she could ask Frank if he was interested. And he most definitely was! So the room got treated to a live sex show when *Alison dropped to her knees and took out his cock and began sucking it enthusiastically! She got lots of catcalls and encouragement from the crowd. Frank wasn't able to cum, but he still enjoyed her attentions.

It wasn't too long after that when I realized I had to pee. I started to go to the bathroom, when Alison asked me if I'd enjoy some watersports. Um, YES! I don't get that opportunity very often, and I'll say that I've never had an opportunity to piss on a birthday girl! We went upstairs to the bathtub and I let go all over her. Watersports are so dirty and degrading and when I get consent to do it, it really hits my power trigger. Lots of fun :)

And, I still got to take Henry home and ravish him after the party. It was an awesome, awesome evening and I can't wait to go again.

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