Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Happy Halloween!

This weekend was my area's big kinky Halloween party, and it was awesome as usual. We get close to 200 people, wearing costumes, fetishwear, or nothing at all. It's always fun and sometimes I can't even recognize people in their outfits.

I've never done the couples' costumes kind of thing and always thought it would be kind of fun, so Henry and I went with an Egyptian theme; I was a goddess and he was a pharaoh. I still have to outrank him after all, right? :) We got lots of compliments and had a great time. And hey, how often will I get to wear gold lipstick and eyeshadow?

Unfortunately, while Henry was feeling okay enough to go to the party, he wasn't well enough to do any kind of play. I brought a few things in my toy bag because I figured that something might come up- it usually does. And I knew Frank would be coming to the party later and thought he might want to do some play.

It was a lot of fun socializing and seeing all the people in pretty costumes. And listening to the screams from various rooms as naked people had various things done to them by the scary costumed people. I watched one scene that was crazy hot. There's a rule at this party against sexual penetration, but as long as you keep play external, you can have fun. A friend of mine had a woman lying down on a spanking bench and was alternately doing some rough body play- the kinds of punches and kicks that you associate with domestic violence except that she was loving this- and giving her orgasms with a Hitachi Magic Wand. The grunts and moans and sound of hands hitting flesh were awesome to listen to. I also watched a really awesome and edgy fire play scene. While I do some basic fire play and cupping, I don't have the skill level to really put on a show. People really bring out their best stuff for this party and it was fantastic.

Then a friend of mine asked if I was available. I knew he wasn't looking to bottom but I said sure, what's up. He mentioned that he'd been asked if he knew someone good at violet wand play for a newbie and of course I was happy to help. Oh, it was such an awesome time! *Nadine was all nervous but at soon as the sparks touched her skin she relaxed and started to zone out. It was fabulous. I didn't go too hard or on any sensitive bits, but I gave her a good picture of what electrical play is like. She was all gushy and excited and bubbly afterwards, thanking me profusely. It got me into Topspace seeing her get spacey and enjoy it so much :)

Frank showed up not long after and asked me if I wanted to play. Of course! He wanted to do needles but unfortunately by that hour the wait was too long for an appropriate station. I was able to get a little bench though, so we decided to do a little seated electrical play. It was a lot of fun with him as well, in a different way. He looked almost like he was meditating while I worked him over. Henry got invited to participate too which was fun because I haven't seen him Top before. He was just fooling around a little but it was awesome to work him over together.

When we got home, Frank offered to drop off the babysitter, and the door had barely closed when we got naked and went upstairs. I was so wet from all the fun at the party and Henry's lips on mine had me squirming. When his fingers slipped into my pussy I couldn't help but moan. It felt so good with his hand pumping in and out of me, thicker than any cock could be but so amazing. It was so hard to talk, I just didn't want the overwhelming pleasure to stop. I don't know how many orgasms I had before his hand went numb from being squeezed inside my pussy, but I know the bed was soaked and I was high on endorphins when he slipped his cock into my pussy. Even though a cock is smaller than a hand, it still felt so good to have him thrusting inside me! He asked me if I'd like to go for a ride, and I climbed on top of his cock and started sliding my pussy up and down on his shaft. I hear a knock at the bedroom door while I was sitting on his cock and called out we were in here, and Frank walked in, smiling when he saw what we were up to. He sat on the bed and watched while I fucked Henry faster and harder until he cried out and filled my pussy with cum. We cuddled up together all sweaty and Frank said, "Looks like you two were having fun!" It's certainly interesting having a friend who seems to enjoy being the voyeur as much as we enjoy being exhibitionists!

The three of us went downstairs and cuddled up on the couch with a glass of wine. It was a nice relaxing way to end an amazing day.

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  1. very hot rendition of a very hot night. was hoping that you would have sat on Henrys face and given him some of his own fluids back but in any event what you do is what you do and its hot.