Sunday, 4 October 2015

MF/M Redux

So if you've been following my blog for a while, you know that last year when I first met Henry, he and I wound up having sex in front of Frank. Which was actually super hot, if an interesting way to meet someone! Frank and I have occasionally played in terms of BDSM, but there hasn't been anything in the way of sexual activity between the two of us. I genuinely like him as a person and a friend, but I don't find myself attracted to him. I'm sure part of it is that he and Henry are very close friends and so I have zero interest in causing drama, so I make him mentally off limits. I suspect he isn't really my type romantically, either.

Frank often comes to hang out with us. He's fun to be around and since he's so new to BDSM, I enjoy teaching him things. He and Henry went out for the evening a couple of nights ago while I relaxed at home. I had just opened up a bottle of wine when they got home, so we all sat down and chatted and enjoyed it. As conversations often do when people are relaxed, it turned to kink and then to sex. I had told Henry earlier that I was in the mood for a lot of orgasms and to make sure he saved some energy for me :)

Somehow the topic turned to fisting. Henry told a story about how he had been with vanilla people and they had come to the topic on their own and had all these horrible misconceptions. I always wonder how people can believe that a fist will stretch out a vagina and make it loose, when women have _babies_ and things go back to the way they were! Pussies are designed to stretch and contract again, which makes all kinds of fun things possible.

But, I digress! So Henry cleared things up for his friends a little bit. I think their heads would have exploded if he'd told them that not only does he like fisting, but he also enjoys being fisted ;) Frank was interested because he's never done any fisting before. Well, I was getting pretty turned on given the topic of conversation, and since it's not like Frank hasn't seen me naked before, I invited him upstairs for a demonstration.

It wasn't long before I was naked and squirming on the bed while Henry played with my clit and fingered my pussy, and Frank watched attentively. My body was craving orgasms and his hand disappeared inside me pretty quickly. I was moaning and squeezing my pillow and completely forgot that anything existed other than the waves of pleasure coursing through me. My pussy grips pretty tightly when I cum, so after a while poor Henry's hand always gets numb and he has to stop. We make jokes that one day I'll break his hand and we'll have a pretty awesome story to tell. I wonder if our BDSM friends would feel sorry for him with a broken hand or admire him for being able to get me to orgasm like that!

Frank apparently isn't really used to insanely multiorgasmic women. He asked me "So what was that, like three?" Henry and I both burst into laughter. We hadn't been counting, but I was well into double digits. I said to him that it's pretty easy to figure out when I'm cumming when you can feel my pussy gripping, and he asked me if that was an invitation. I said sure. Why not? After all, sex with friends can be fun! Frank doesn't know what I like the same way Henry does, but Henry gave him some direction while Frank slid his fingers into my dripping wet cunt. I was moaning and cumming hard again and again and again in short order. I love having my pussy filled up so full but I need clit stimulation too to really cum hard, so I asked Henry to put our Hitachi Magic Wand on my clit. I love how he anticipates my desires because he was already getting it out as I was asking! When he turned it on, I exploded and my pussy clamped down on Frank's hand and I squirted all over the both of them... it was such an amazingly intense orgasm I had to tell them to stop afterwards. But I had a lovely afterglow feeling. And now Frank knows how to tell when I'm cumming!

Then it was Henry's turn. He asked me if I'd play with his ass, and since he'd made me very happy, I wanted to give him pleasure, too. I gloved up and lubed my fingers, and started to corkscrew two of them into his ass while I sucked his cock. He was very turned on from playing with me and then watching Frank fist my pussy, so it wasn't very long before his eyes started rolling back into his head and he filled my mouth with cum. I love the sounds he makes when he's cumming.

I looked over at Frank and smiled. "Do you want something too?" He couldn't answer me yes quickly enough! I had watched him get his cock sucked at the high protocol party and I had been jokingly telling him that I figured I could have done a better job than the birthday girl. Well, from his reaction, I think I win that title :) It was less than five minutes of him moaning while I played with his balls and his cock slid in and out of my lips before he told me he was cumming and filled my mouth. It was fun to see how quickly I could get him off :)

It wasn't a free for all kind of MFM, but damn ,it was a lot of fun! Whether we continue to be friends who fuck occasionally or not, I think we all had a pretty awesome sexy time :)


  1. Incredibly sexy story, as usual. Do you mind if I link to this story on reddit?

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading it! I don't mind if you share my blog posts as long as it's a link rather than a copy and paste of the text :) I appreciate you asking, though!

    2. It will absolutely be a link, and they'll have to visit your blog to read the story.

  2. Lovely, steamy, sexy! Glad to hear you're up to trix!

  3. wow, if you intended to get any of us guys hard with that rendition then let me be the first to tell you it worked!!!