Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Little Silly Moments

Much as I enjoy writing about sex (and I do!), there's lots of other stuff going on in my life and I thought I'd share some little vignettes that make me laugh or happy.

A few weeks ago when Charles spent the night here, he left some of his toiletries in the bathroom. Henry noticed and made a joke that he was "planting a flag" and couldn't resist teasing Charles the next time he saw him. Charles had actually forgotten them, not that it really mattered to us; we don't mind a few extra products in the bathroom. As a matter of fact, Henry had suggested that Charles could leave a change of clothes here if he wanted to make things easier if he stayed over unexpectedly. My husband isn't territorial, thankfully. But it was hilarious to see the look on Charles' face when Henry was teasing him!

In a similar vein, my men can just be so silly sometimes. When I'm in bed cuddling with Henry, he sometimes grabs some part of my body and says "MINE!" I don't usually mind, it's adorable and silly. And somehow simultaneously and without discussing it, both of them have started doing it! I was in bed with Charles and he was stroking my leg and he said he claimed it. I told him that he and Henry were going to have to work that out. Do I see a Sharpie in my future while they stake their claims? I don't normally play that way, but it's fun to indulge them sometimes!

It's been miserably cold here lately; everyone has been getting chapped lips even with the humidifier running. I haven't resorted to chapstick yet because I'm not really a fan of the texture. Sometimes I have sensory issues, so I generally don't use products like hand creams or moisturizers or whatnot. I only use lube because it's required sometimes but I hate actually touching it. Now, actual body fluids are another matter! I'm happy to indulge in those. But, I digress! Some days I get to spend time with both Henry and Charles. When I kissed Charles, my lips felt funny afterwards, and I asked him if he was wearing chapstick, and he said yes. So suddenly, I was wearing chapstick too- I really like kissing :)  On a different day, I noticed that some of Henry's had rubbed off on me. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm rather wondering about how interesting secondary transfer is going to be! How will they feel about something winding up with each other's chapstick on their lips? Sometimes it's funny being a hinge in a relationship!

One of the other little low key things I have been enjoying lately is my shower with Henry. We pretty much shower together every day, if schedules permit. It's become a little ritual for us; an opportunity for mindfulness and intimacy together. I think that D/s has such an edge in maintaining mindfulness in relationships; instead of going through our day and not really connecting, building a ritual around even the simple things is a reminder for us to check in with each other and strengthen our connection. It's one of the things I treasure. When we shower, Henry washes my hair. We have a standing joke now that he has "broken" me- I no longer have an automatic pilot setting for doing it myself. We all have those things in our lives that we just do and don't really have to think about it. Washing my hair used to be one of those things. Now, if I don't pay conscious attention to it, something goes wrong, which is rather embarrassing! He loves it, though. The few times I've showered alone and been distracted, I managed to 1) wash my hair with body wash, 2) wash my hair with shampoo, but forget to rinse it, and 3) forget to wash it at all. I think I managed it correctly once, when I insisted I actually pay attention to it! Oh well- I much prefer it when he washes it anyway. I also like that he will scrub me with body wash, too. I love the feel of him massaging it into my back and shoulders, over my arms, down my collarbone, and of course he can't resist copping that feel. He tells me that he's got to make sure that my breasts are very clean, right? Hard to argue with that!

Of course, I have been having some great sex with both my men! Not quite as much as I'd like, but is it ever as much as I'd like? My sex drive far outstrips theirs, so thank goodness for polyamory and polysexuality! I think I need a host like in the show Westworld (which I've really been enjoying, by the way). The only question then, would I get a male or a female host, or can I please please please have two? :)

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