Sunday, 6 January 2019

Warm Salty Tears

I thought about stringing you along a bit with that title, but I'm smiling so much I just can't pull off the tease.

Charles came over for a planned overnight this weekend and we had a wonderful time. We had decided that it was finally time to step up the intensity in our BDSM a little. I had been taking things slowly with him because he was pretty much brand new, and he was definitely experiencing sub frenzy with me. While I want very much to play hard with him and ride those extremes, the last thing I want to do is damage him. And there's no rush; we are so good together and we're both happy with how things are going, so there will be another chance to explore further.

But this weekend he wanted me to push him a little. So I decided to make some of his fantasies come true. He loves the feel of nylon and lace and silk, so I had him bring over a garter belt and a pair of stockings. We went up to the bedroom where my spanking bench was waiting, and I had him strip and put on his sexy clothes while I watched him. Charles is just as reactive as Henry is, in his own way, and I really enjoy that. I laid out my impact toys on the table; a stingy knotted flogger, a crop, a tawse, a stiff leather strap. 

When he was ready, I clipped some clover clamps to his very sensitive nipples and pulled on the chain to make him moan. My spanking bench is alongside some full length mirrors, so I pulled him to the mirror by his hair and made him look at himself; wearing the sexy black stockings and garter belt, clamped nipples, and then I wrote SLUT on his stomach and told him that he was my little slut tonight.

I told him to get on the bench and started warming him up with my tawse. It was lovely listening to his moans and watching him push his ass out for more as he started to turn pink, and then red. I paused occasionally to bite his neck, or pull on the nipple clamps, or whisper in his ear how sexy the heat coming off his ass was, or to stroke his cock. When it was time to take the nipple clamps off, I told him to count to three... and then I pulled them off on 2. I laughed and reminded him that nothing is ever going to be what he expects with me, even if he thinks he knows. His gasps and moans were making me so wet.

He asked me if I was enjoying this for me, or if it was all service for him. I smiled and told him that I'm no service Top; that hurting him was so delicious for me. And I slid his finger into my dripping wet cunt to show him that. Like a good boy, he licked his fingers clean before getting back on the spanking bench so I could push him further and further into his masochistic headspace. 

First the tawse, then the flogger, then the crop when I wanted to focus on very precise spots, and finally my strap when I wanted to make him beg for mercy. Soon there were warm salty tears dripping down his cheeks and I licked them off while I held him by the throat. He begged me to continue and I spanked him with my bare hands over the bright red spots on his ass until his legs were trembling and he couldn't stay on the bench anymore. That last moment of the scene was so intense that it felt like an orgasm to both of us. The Domspace was so, so good for me.

Then it was time to climb in bed for some cuddles and water so that he could come down gently. When he started to come back to himself, he told me that he wanted to serve me, to thank me for the beating. I gave him a seductive smile and spread my legs, and he dove right in. Enthusiasm is such a turn on and Charles always eats my pussy like he's a starving man. And he will stay right there until I either stop him or else he gets cramped or uncomfortable. So many orgasms and so much pleasure... it was wonderful.

The day wasn't over yet. I smelled wonderful smells coming from the kitchen, where Henry had been cooking dinner for the three of us. It was absolutely delicious, and we all chatted and spent some time together while we ate. Henry asked Charles to please try and wear me out a little, and Charles laughed and said that he would try! It's so awesome that we can all be open about everything together. I can't help the fantasies about bareback threesomes. Maybe one day ;)

After dinner, Charles and I went upstairs to cuddle and talk about the scene and what we had enjoyed. But it wasn't too long before I felt his hard cock leaking against my stomach and my pussy was tingling. We had rough, primal sex that was so satisfying! So many delicious orgasms, and then his nice thick cockhead pushing into my wet cunt over and over and over...

We spent the night together in my bed, and had time for just a little fun in the morning before he had to leave for work. I'm still riding the high today and can't wait to see him again soon. And tonight, perhaps Henry...

I am a lucky, lucky woman, and I want to enjoy every single moment.


  1. hey lovely lady! Trixkat from OHW here. you're the only one I know how to find off site. is it just me or is that site down? been worried about our fearless leader there.

    1. Yes, it’s down and I don’t know why. I can reach one other person but that’s all. Allen is okay because I talked to him, so I don’t know what’s going on :(

  2. Wow! That fun! So grand to hear you about the journey you two are taking.


  3. damn you can get my little guy so excited...I would love that kind of treatment and to cap it off by dinning on a hot wet pussy!!! wow very hot rendition of avery hot night