Monday, 6 May 2013

Happiness Comes in Threes

Sometimes I notice little things which I find very interesting. Mark would tell you that he isn't submissive, or a cuckold, or anything like that. And I agree, in the strictest sense of the words, he isn't. We are equal partners in our marriage and in our life. Both of us have a strong desire to please the other, and that is part of the glue that holds our relationship together. Mark has told me that one of the most important things in his life is to make me happy, and he does :) I always know how lucky I am to have him in my life.

I've noticed though, that when he knows I am having a date, that his desire to please me skyrockets. He knew that I had arranged to see someone this afternoon, and he woke me up this morning with kisses and cooked and served me lunch. I certainly enjoyed the pampering, since he generally leaves the cooking to me! I wonder if he even realizes that he does it. I'm not going to mention it, but it makes me smile.

There are an awful lot of products on the market for women to figure out when they are ovulating. I firmly believe they are a total waste of money! It's quite easy for me to track my cycle. While I have a voracious sexual appetite, there are a few days every month where I go absolutely crazy in my desire for cock. And this is still with being on birth control- go figure. At any rate, I've been telling Mark that I really needed a good pussy licking, so he told me to go ahead and set up a date.

I posted an ad last night to try and find someone for this afternoon, and got a few good responses so I decided to give one a try. His name is *Michael, and he's a married local guy who tells me he loves to go down on a woman. His emails were interesting and articulate, and I find that to be much more of a turn on than the usual "hey want my cock" type replies.

He came over, and he was a little older than he looked in his pictures, and I suspect he lied about his age. I'm not sure how far because I didn't ask. He was still attractive, though. He kissed me passionately and told me how beautiful I looked before he got to work on my pussy.

Oh, did I ever need it. He made me orgasm a few times but he just wasn't quite giving me what I craved. He used long slow strokes with his tongue and I think I prefer something a little quicker and more intense. Well, at least, I like a good mix at any rate :) This still felt good... but today I just needed it hard and fast. After awhile, I offered to return the favour and sucked his cock until he came in my mouth in a flood :)

After I said goodbye to Michael, I realized that I still wasn't really satisfied. I sent Brian a quick text to see if his schedule was flexible. Well, wasn't it my lucky day? :) He was here fifteen minutes later and he started to give me that intense licking that I craved. He even gave me the closest fulfillment to one of my fantasies; I was on all fours and he was under me, licking my clit, while he fucked me with a vibrator. Oh, that was incredible. I came so hard imagining being fucked while I got licked. When I was a sweaty mess, I offered to return the favour and I sucked his cock until he asked if I'd like to fuck. Oh, yes :)

While Brian was licking me, my husband had sent a text asking when he could come home. After Brian left I sent Mark a text and asked if he'd like to be the third man in my pussy today. I was so wet. He said he would love to fuck me, so I didn't shower and saved my dripping wet pussy for him. Mark got me off a few more times with his hands before he fucked me hard and filled me with his cum.

Oh, I feel like a good slut, though :) How many women fuck three men in one day? And did I ever need it... While I miss my old boyfriend more than anything, sometimes a woman just really needs some raw physical pleasure. And having two men today who were quite happy to lick me as long as I wanted gave me just what I craved.


  1. I was on all fours and he was under me, licking my clit, while he fucked me with a vibrator. Oh, that was incredible.

    I'm sure you imagine that feeling without the vibrator but instead with another guy - yes, your husband doing the licking as another guy does the fucking. I love that!