Thursday, 2 May 2013

Second Time Lucky

A few weeks ago, Bobby sent me an email that he would be back in town, and wanted to know if I would like to get together.

Would I? :) Oh, yes! Bobby has certainly been the object of many fantasies since we first met back in January. He had tried to get together with me in February, but I was on vacation. I was glad that schedules worked so that we could see each other again.

One of the things that I like about him is that he makes me feel appreciated and he treats me like a woman, not just a sex partner. I loved it when he texted me when his plane landed and told me that he couldn't wait to see me and asked if tonight worked instead. Then he changed all his plans for the evening to get a hotel room in my city instead of where he's working, so he could come see me :) And he likes to take me out to dinner or for drinks- he doesn't just expect me to fuck him and say goodbye.

I've come to the conclusion that while all relationships are different, I don't really enjoy fucking a man without at least some kind of connection between us. They don't all have to be romantic or passionate or loving, but if we're not friends or at least genuinely interested and like the other person, it just doesn't work, at least on my end. I'm happiest in a boyfriend-type relationship, but that is not something that is easy to find, especially since all I can offer is a poly secondary relationship. I love Mark and he will always be the number one man in my life.

But, I digress! I remembered that Bobby told me he loved stockings, so I decided to dress up for him. On the outside, I was quite modest- I wore a tight long sleeved T shirt over a long flowing black and silver skirt, and high heeled black leather boots. Now, underneath was fun :) I wore a black lace bra with pink lace accents, a black lace garter belt with sheer black stockings, and nothing else. And of course my pussy was freshly lasered and just waiting for his tongue...

He picked me up, as usual coming right to my door to collect me, and opening the car door. A girl does love the little touches :) We went to a local restaurant and just got caught up, and enjoyed each other's company. But it had been too long and we were both dying to get to bed!

When we got to his room, he had a quick shower to wash off the travel, and I was waiting on his bed when he came out. His cock showed me how much he appreciated the effort I had gone to! I knelt in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. I just love giving pleasure to a man... the sounds he makes when he's being pleasured are so much fun :) He stopped me before too long because he didn't want to cum yet, and he told me to lie back on the bed.

I took off my bra, but left on the garter and stockings because he told me I was the hottest thing ever in them. And since I had no panties on, it was easy for him to spread my legs and slide his tongue over my hot, dripping pussy... bringing me to orgasm after orgasm. He is so good with his mouth and hands, and after he got me good and worked up, he turned me over and rimmed me to a few more.

I was craving his cock by then... I sucked him some more before he reached for a condom and had me lie back so he could fuck me. He felt so good inside me. He had told me that he wanted to cum on my face again but he couldn't resist fucking me hard and it wasn't long before he moaned that he was cumming.

That's okay- it leaves us some more fun for next time!

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  1. Your joy in giving him pleasure and the effort you put in to being at your best makes you very very sexy. Thank you for sharing a wonderful story.