Sunday, 29 September 2013

More Happy Times

I've seen Allen the past two weeks, and things are still pretty damn awesome between us. He was sick last weekend, so we didn't do the kink scene that we had planned at the Domme party, beyond having him sit at my feet and stroke my legs and shoes, while we sat around chatting with other kinky friends. Which is still pretty damn hot and had me so wet that I wanted to just push his head between my legs and have him lick me right there. I was wearing a black corset and a PVC skirt, fishnet thigh high stockings, and a garter belt with no panties, and 5" strappy stiletto sandals. The funny thing was, Allen didn't want to kiss me since he had a sore throat and he was worried about getting me sick, so for the hours before the party we didn't kiss at all. I was frustrated as hell, and finally at the party I vented that I didn't give a fuck if he was sick, I wanted to kiss him! He showed me that he was equally as hungry for me as I was for him; that kiss was so passionate and intense that we came together like magnets and didn't let each other go.

This weekend was his birthday, so I bought tickets to the theatre. It was awesome to get dressed to the nines and go out for a lovely evening with him. I love it that we can just go out like a normal boyfriend and girlfriend and enjoy each other's company. Being polyamorous is really wonderful and satisfies my emotional needs as well as my physical ones.

It's funny, I don't normal like to cuddle when I'm actually sleeping with someone. I love cuddles after sex and pretty much anytime, but when we're going to sleep I generally prefer to sleep not touching my partner. So far, though, I'm finding that I really do enjoy sleeping wrapped in his arms. It just feels so happy and right.

Actually, another interesting thing came up this weekend that I'm still considering. Normally, I'm not a big fan of the taste of cum. I love getting it, so I accept the taste as a side effect and just ignore it because I'm glad to be able to get him to produce it. Allen's has always been the same for me; salty and mildly unpleasant. This weekend, I was surprised to notice that the taste of his semen was, if not actually pleasant, at least decidedly neutral. He told me that he hadn't changed his diet or anything like that, so I assume it's on my end. Have I become accustomed to the taste of his cum? That seems a little unusual, although I have certainly swallowed a lot of it! Or is it perhaps some kind of chemical reaction? I know I love his scent and find myself extremely sexually attracted to him, so perhaps it's biology kicking in? Either way, it's not like I needed incentive to suck his cock more often... but it's a nice perk!

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