Sunday, 10 November 2013

Weekends Are Too Short...

I was so excited to be spending the weekend with Allen. It had been a few weeks because of vacation and other stuff, and I had really missed him. There weren't any kinky parties to go to this weekend, but I really enjoy that our relationship has a good bit of the boyfriend/girlfriend aspect as well. Sex is fun... a lot of fun. But there's more to developing a connection and intimacy with someone than just having sex with them. I've been thinking about writing a post about what polyamory means to me, and perhaps I'll do so this week if I have time. Comments are welcome, of course!

I got to his city on Friday, and he was waiting for me when I stepped off the bus. I saw other couples embracing, happy to see each other, and then he was taking me in his arms for a kiss. It makes me so happy just to be able to go out with him like in an ordinary relationship- there's no deception or being kept a secret, we can be open that we care about each other and enjoy spending time together.

It was, as usual, a wonderful weekend. We've been seeing each other for five months now, and it's still getting better. We had a pretty early night on Friday since we were both tired from work, so after we had dinner we went straight to bed. Although not to sleep! Either I was more sensitive than usual, or I'd just forgotten how good he was with his mouth and hands, because every touch was pure ecstasy. Pleasure simply doesn't describe how I feel when we're having sex. I love the sensation of cumming so hard and so many times that I can't think or talk, just feel so good. The orgasms get so intense after awhile that part of my mind is begging for him to stop because I don't think I can handle another, and the other part is wishing for him never to stop. Incredible.

On Saturday, Allen told me that there was a carnival in town, so we decided to go and spend the day there. Neither of us had been to one since we were kids, but we both thought it might make a fun date. Allen always has interesting and creative ideas for us to do together! We had a really nice time. There were cooking shows and stuff like butter sculptures and prizewinning vegetables and livestock. Lots of things to do and see. I enjoyed wandering around with him hand in hand.

But of course, after a day together, we were both eager to get back to his place to rip each other's clothes off! I was a little tired after our busy day, so although I brought a well stocked toybag I decided not to make much use of it this time. I did put my leather cuffs on him and fasten him to the bed while I kept him on the edge and sucked his cock. I love doing that... he had such a powerful orgasm when I finally let him cum. It makes me happy :)

Afterwards, it was my turn. I laid back on the bed and let him bring me to orgasm after orgasm. It was incredible. He knows about my MFM fantasy, so he used a dildo on me while he licked my pussy, and it was so intense. At the time I remember thinking that the real thing can't possibly be any better than this was, but I think it will be. The anticipation is delicious, though! Then we fucked three times. I love how Allen has such a short refractory period- it's so much fun knowing that I can make him cum and he can just keep going without even getting soft! He and I have a joke that we're both designed for sex- and boy, do we have an awesome time together! We fell asleep that night wrapped in each other's arms.

We woke up Sunday morning hungry for each other again, hands exploring while we kissed. We decided to try something new today. I have some fun fantasies for my MFM, and one of them is double penetration. I'd had some bad experiences in the past with anal sex though, so I didn't know if it would ever work for me. I trust Allen, though, and I know that if I changed my mind or decided to stop, it would stop right there. And much to my surprise... I enjoyed it. I had several orgasms with his cock in my ass, while he played with my clit. It didn't hurt at all, since he took his time and really got me warmed up first. I think I'd be open to trying it again.

The afternoon went by quickly, cuddled up in bed watching a movie. We were just getting started again when we took a look at the clock and realized that I had to leave soon to get home. It's always tough to say goodbye... but I can't wait to see him again!


  1. Wow... now that sounds like a great weekend!

  2. It does sound great. Question: When the weekend is over and you are back at home with Mark, how much detail is he interested in hearing or is it just enough to know you come home satisfied?

  3. JFB, lately he has preferred to hear very little unless he asks. It fluctuates depending on his mood, and I'm happy to give him what he needs.
    I will say he was excited to hear that I tried and enjoyed anal, though- that's one of his fantasies. We have done it before but it was never comfortable for me. Perhaps things will be different now.