Friday, 29 November 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

I had a lovely birthday party that reminded me how awesome my friends are. Unfortunately Mark was away for work, but Allen came, along with some vanilla friends of mine. The best part is that my friends know I'm poly and kinky, and they're still awesome and accepting of my relationship with Allen. It truly was a fantastic night.

Allen made me a birthday cake. And not just any birthday cake- he made me a rather difficult and involved recipe upon being given a vague description of a dessert that I had loved from a fancy restaurant. Apparently the final version took him four hours to make, and that was the third trial run, not counting all the time he put into figuring out how to actually make some of the specialty ingredients. It made me feel really good :)

So obviously it was mostly just a regular party and not a crazy sex filled weekend, although there was some of that! If I'm with a partner I trust, I occasionally like to get really drunk and then have sex. So I had warned my friends in advance that I didn't want a super late night because I wanted to go home and get pissed and fuck. I loved that around midnight my best guy friend (platonic) looked and his watch and reminded me that I wanted to do that! Have I said again how much I love my friends?

And do I ever love drunk sex! Not that the sober stuff isn't pretty damn good... but I love that little extra push to keep me over the edge, to just enjoying the sensuality and experience. It's like it turns off all the stuff that's going on in my head and puts me entirely in the moment. We fucked for two hours... nothing kinky (I don't play when I've been drinking) but just lots of pleasure and moans and sweat and cum and all those lovely things. He licked my pussy until I came so many times that I had to ask him to fuck me before I stopped being able to talk. And then we fucked again and again before I sucked his cock and kissed him with his cum still in my mouth. I know I've said it before, but I love how he can cum again and again! It's like fucking the male equivalent of me :)

We woke up and had to have more sex before he went home, of course! We broke out one of the birthday presents that Mark bought me- a pink silicone Tantus dildo with a vibrating bullet. And damn, it's pretty sizeable! I bought it mostly for me, but with a vague idea to using it in my harness at some point, perhaps. I like pink and I'd been wanting a vibrating dildo because I was curious to see how it felt vibrating on the P spot in a man. But, for this morning, it was for me! I rode his cock while he used the bullet part on my clit, and then I was craving his tongue. It was so intense for him to lick my clit while he fucked me with that big vibrating dildo, I couldn't handle much before I was gasping and cumming hard. It was a lovely morning. I told him that I wanted him to jerk off onto my breasts and then lick the cum off me. It was funny when he commented afterwards that it was bitter. I suppose it tastes different when it's not coming out of my mouth? But it was really hot- I enjoyed it.

Ahh... life is good.

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