Saturday, 7 December 2013

I Kissed A Girl (And I Liked It!)

Boy, life moves quickly sometimes! I was rather wondering how long the heartbreak was going to last this time before I was ready to get back into taking chances with my heart again. Apparently, not all that long! I've been really down lately because life has been stressful... and then I met Paula.

I have lately considered myself bisexual. I've been sexual with women, but I generally don't think of them romantically. So I suppose the accurate term for that is heteroflexible. But, perhaps I hadn't met the right woman?

As usual, I considered posting an ad for a casual hookup on Craigslist. I'm not really sure why I always think of that after a breakup, because it really doesn't work. But, I suppose there's nothing wrong with an orgasm or two, so long as my head understands that's all it is and I'm not trying to fill that relationship hole. I did actually post one, but decided not to go through with it.

And then I happened to meet someone that I felt that immediate click with- and go figure, it was a woman. We have a lot in common, vanilla-wise, and she responds so well to the innate dominance in my personality. I was so turned on with her sitting next to me on the couch, blushing and demurely looking down... it pulled out all the aggression and possessiveness that I've had to keep suppressed for so long. I wanted to make her mine. I wanted to beat her until she had tears running down her beautiful face, and then make her cum until she screamed. Deep breaths. One day at a time!

I'm not sure how this will work out or where it will go... but the thought of a collar around her throat turns me on like nobody's business. I know I'm more attracted to men than to women, and I don't know quite how much I am going to miss a cock instead of toys (although I've always said I'd give up penetration in favour of oral if I had to, and I certainly have no shortage of toys!)... but I'm wondering how much the power exchange will make up for that. Because wow, that's intense. I had that lovely first date high last night and all through today. And I know she's very much interested in pursuing something with me. So I guess we'll see where it goes!

Mark, of course, is turned on by this like crazy. Typical man! I told him Paula's a lesbian so she wouldn't be interested in him at all. He still loves the idea of me playing with her or having sex with her. Pervert ;)


  1. Wow! First you zig and then you zag! So fun to follow your winding road. :)

  2. I always enjoyed watching my wife with another woman. If I was also included that was fine but if not was OK. I think nothing sexier than two women kissing