Thursday, 26 December 2013

Back on the Horse

My libido has been down a little the past few weeks. I suppose that's no surprise given my breakup with Allen, but on the plus side I seem to be bouncing back more quickly. I haven't really started looking for a new lover yet, but I have been thinking about the occasional casual hookup from CL. They don't really satisfy the need, but they're good for scratching an itch, and I feel so delightfully dirty and slutty afterwards. I think there's a time and a place for everything!

This time instead of placing a new ad, I decided to go with a known quantity. My "relationship" with Brian is way out of character for me. I know his first name and that he owns his own business which is obviously relatively nearby, because he can come over on short notice. But I don't even know if he's married or single, and I don't think I've ever kissed him. Honestly, I don't really care. I love to have my pussy licked; Brian loves licking pussy. So, it works :) I find myself uninterested in seeing him when I have a lover, because it's almost like using him just like a sex toy. But he is quite good at what he does!

So, I asked him over for a visit. I brought out one of my favourite new toys, a Tantus silicone vibrating dildo. It really plays into my MFM fantasies to have my clit licked while I'm being fucked with a dildo. I cum so hard... It was certainly a pleasurable hour or so :) We didn't have sex- he just gave me what I wanted, thanked me, and left :)

Then Mark texted me to ask if it was safe to come home, so after I said goodbye to Brian I changed the sheets and waited for Mark to come home so I could climb on his cock. He loves it when I'm so wet we can just fuck with no foreplay, although of course he made me orgasm several times.

I love fucking more than one person in a day. So dirty... but so sweet.


  1. It never rains but it pours. :)

  2. Some guys just like going down. Don't feel bad, if they wanted more they should say so. It's not selfish to just lay back and enjoy their attention. Guys like us get an ego boost from making a woman cum hard and plenty and enjoy everything from the sound, taste and feeling of a woman experiencing the ultimate in release. I too use CL the odd time and am happy to say that when the stars have aligned, it has been an amazing experience. I hope we cross paths one day ;)

  3. @ Cunning Linguist- I need to run into more men like that! :)

    1. They are out there ;)
      Bet if you "demanded" a servitude inclined oral slave for your pleasure only, you'd get quite a few responses! The problem is a lot of guys think they're any good or worse, overly confident based on 1 girl that lied to them and said so :P
      Meanwhile each woman is unique and likes and enjoys different things and techniques. The trick is learning and figuring it out so you can make her see stars!

    2. See, that's the problem. I'm crazy multiorgasmic, but I've had men who can't get me off even once when they go down on me- and these are men who claim to be awesome :P Anyone who really knows me doesn't believe that I could get licked with no orgasm, because it's really not all that difficult. But, it has happened.

      I'm hoping to find a few more men like that locally that I can text when I want to have some fun, bonus points if they're familiar with A spot stimulation (sigh). I do get lots of responses when I post ads... but a lot of them are copy/paste or else pretty much ignore what I'm asking for. Gotta love men :P

      Maybe one of these days I'll get lucky!

    3. Hope you do and maybe, just maybe I'll get a chance to see if my confidence is justified :)
      A-spot, G-spot, clitoral, vaginal and squirting. All very different types of orgasms and not all women can cum from each one of those. I am happy to say that I've enjoyed a fair variety and you sound like you know what you want, like and need. All the best of luck and look fwd to reading and corresponding some more.