Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Cruising Along...

I know I have said it so many times, but I'm really enjoying dating a local man. With Mark on the road, John's been coming over in the evenings to keep me company and that just makes me feel so good. So much touching and cuddling and kissing... it feels SO good to spend time with him. Not even mentioning the kink and D/s!

What goes up must come down, though. If you're into BDSM, you probably know about sub drop. When you play hard, it produces endorphins in your brain which feel awesome. However, Doms can drop, too. I had such an intense and exciting weekend that I could feel that I was high for days afterwards. I hadn't dropped in so long after play that I had almost forgotten that it happens to me. Well, Wednesday night I crashed hard. It didn't help that Mark was leaving the following morning and I was down about that. I hate how I feel when I drop. I can't stand being in my own head because I don't like thinking crazy negative thoughts. I just had a hot shower and went to bed. Cuddles help too. Fortunately, I felt much better the next morning.

Mark will be home next Monday. I can't wait, I really miss him. This weekend I've got a babysitter and I'm going to a party with John. It should be fun and I'm really looking forward to that! Things are just going really well, and I'm happy. I love getting all the cute little texted hearts from John, and chatting so much with him. So I don't have too much exciting today to share, but it's been good times. I could get used to this :)

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