Thursday, 6 March 2014

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Mark came home yesterday from one of his trip and I was so happy to see him. Spring and summer are his busiest seasons. Our ninth anniversary is this weekend and he gave me my gifts early, what a sweetie.

I wonder how many couples who met as young as we did and have been together as long as we have, are happy. We are great partners and co-parents, we have open and honest communication, we genuinely care about each other's best interests, and we still have smoking hot sex. Life is GOOD!

Since he's been home, we've already been indulging in some kinky sex. It's always best with my husband... he sees that look in my eyes and he knows exactly what it means. I told him I thought it would be really hot if he jerked himself off and came all over my breasts, and then I wanted him to lick me clean. He thought it was hot too, so we decided to do it. I warned him he wouldn't still think it was hot after his orgasm, but he told me that was okay.

So I took off my shirt and my nipples were rock hard when he splashed hot cum all over me. I saw the look on his face and knew he wasn't aroused by it anymore... but then he bent over and cleaned me up, every drop. He laughed and said he had cum breath and I loved it. So fucking hot...

And of course, he's my husband, so some fantasies I'm happy to indulge for him that I wouldn't for anyone else. He was playing a game and I wanted to suck his cock. He really needed to concentrate... and I really needed a cock. Guess who won? So he tried vainly to finish his game while I sucked his cock and then asked me if he could cum on my face and rub it in. I love Mark so I said yes. Honestly, now I really understand the attraction and I wish I could produce cum when I wear a strap on. Since I can't, watersports will have to do! So before bed he came all over my face and used his cock to rub it in like face cream. It was an interesting sensation! :) Jumped in the shower right afterwards though!

The one thread of continuity through our journey is Mark. I love him. He's always going to be the primary focus in my life, even when I get swept away by NRE. I can feel the ORE flowing, too.

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