Monday, 29 September 2014

Sitting on Top of the World

Wow. What an amazing weekend. I don't normally share details this personal here, but it was so fantastic that I want to remember every single moment.

On the bus ride to Henry's city, I got a really sweet text from Jennifer. She told me that she knew she wouldn't hear from me for a few days, but that she wanted to wish me an amazing weekend with Henry. That she wanted me just to relax and be myself because she knows I'm an awesome person and so does Henry. I mean, wow. It just felt so good to get a message like that. Poly is fantastic sometimes.

The party was a lot of fun. We had to do a little improvising because the equipment I wanted was booked up, but the dungeon monitor had seen me play before and wanted to help me get it sorted out if she could. We figured out another piece of equipment that would work and decided to go for it. There were a few hiccups with finding an outlet to plug in my violet wand, but we got started and it was such an amazing scene. I've never had play chemistry with anyone the way I do with Henry. I know he's susceptible to subspace in general... but he really trusts me. He goes in really deeply and it creates so much intensity because all my focus just goes on making him react and watching him respond to me. I could really let all of my dark side out and take him over and it was okay because I care about him and he knows it, and I'm hurting him and he's enjoying it and enjoying the pleasure I'm taking out of it. It was so, so good.

After the party, we went back to Henry's place and had really amazing sex. It's funny... with him, it's been intimate sex from the very first time, even when we fucked in front of his friend. Lots of kissing and touching and just connecting. This time, I felt so emotionally overwhelmed by the intensity of our scene at the party and the sex afterwards that all I could think about was telling him how I felt. I literally could not think about anything else, it was that strong. I've been through NRE before... but this felt like more. So I told him that it was crazy but I felt like I am falling for him. He didn't say anything but I honestly had no expectations and I guess he picked up on that because we went on with our cuddles and talking and there was no awkwardness, just good times.

We spent most of Sunday just really enjoying each other's company. We fucked, we played, we kissed and cuddled and watched old TV shows, and just hung out. It was a really fantastic day. The only time we put clothes on was to walk to the local pizza place! My panties barely had time to get wet before they were off again ;) It was funny, a friend of his had mentioned coming over for a visit later in the evening, but we figured we had time to play first. I tied up his cock and balls with some pretty pink cord, and then attached clothespins all over his balls and then put a few on his nipples and thighs for good measure. We got a knock on the door at one point, but he just yelled out that we were busy. I smacked the clothespins off him with a riding crop and gave him a pretty good working over- a little more intense than what we did last time. So much fun! After, I turned him over and pinked up his ass cheeks just a little for good measure. By then, my pussy was just dripping wet so I told him to go down on me, and he kissed his way slowly down my body. I was so turned on that I couldn't help but moan when his tongue just barely touched my clit. He fucked me with my Tantus dildo for a while and I kept cumming so hard while he played with my clit with his tongue and fingers. He has strong hands and knows how to use them! But then he pulled the dildo out and slid his fingers inside me, stretching me out, before he started playing very intensely with my A spot. OMG it was so incredible I couldn't talk. I just kept having orgasm after orgasm until I was soaked with sweat and my pussy was dripping and I actually had tears running down my face. So good! We actually found out afterwards that the friend who came by was hanging out in his living room with his roommate waiting for us, and the sex sounds we made were so hot that the roommate and the friend hooked up even though they'd never had sex before. It was kind of fun knowing we'd inspired it!

That night, we had just kissed goodnight and were cuddled up in his bed when he rolled closer and laid his head on top of mine. I can't really tell you how I knew what was coming, but I felt something. I knew that it was about us and that it was something significant he wanted to tell me. When he went back to his original spot without saying anything, I figured that he wasn't ready to share whatever it was, or maybe I'd misread him entirely. Then he said to me "Remember last night when you said you were falling for me?" "Yes," I replied. "Well, I think I'm falling for you, too."

I don't think either of us could sleep after that, but there was still no awkwardness. No expectations- just that our feelings were out on the table and it was wonderful. We kissed and had pillow talk and touched until finally we fell asleep. We got to spend half of another day together before I came home to Mark. We kissed goodbye so passionately at the bus station- I wonder if the driver noticed I wore wedding rings and Henry didn't? I'm not sure when I'll see him again, but I hope it's soon. It was such a perfect weekend.


  1. Girl, you are amazing ... not just at letting yourself be open to all these feelings, but also at writing them down.

    Do I need to warn you about the dangers of NRE ... falling for someone who you only share the best times, the most intimate moments with? "Coming home to Mark" is the fitting end to this story whatever intense feelings you have for Henry. Enjoy them both, baby, but don't get them mixed up in your head.


    1. LOL not at all. I've been here before. I know that secondary relationships don't have the same grounding as primary ones. They're supposed to be fun- little stolen moments.

      I don't date people looking for a replacement for Mark, and I fall in love very easily when D/s is involved just because of the nature of the intimacy between us. It's a different kind of love... but it's fantastic.

      I'd never leave Mark for a secondary. Why, at any rate, when I can have both?