Thursday, 4 September 2014

Happiness Comes in Twos

Yesterday was pretty fantastic. Jennifer and I made plans to have a spa day. Can you believe that she'd never gotten a mani/pedi before? Apparently she'd just never gotten around to it. It was nice to share something I enjoyed with her! She says she liked it, and she did get a lovely red polish :) My nails are now a cute sparkly pink; I was in a girly girl kind of mood. Good times :)

I brought her home and we hung out with Mark for a little while. Of course, I know in the back of his mind was wondering if he'd ever get to watch us fuck or if he'd get to fuck her himself! He might not be a typical hotwife husband, but he sure can be when it comes to me and other women!

We went out for dinner, and got in some interesting fantasy talk. I was chatting with a kinky friend of mine, who told me that he had a dream about serving me and a lover. It was actually pretty hot when we talked about it! Jennifer indicated some interest in trying this stuff out, so who knows what might happen? ;) Sometimes talking about and planning things is almost as much fun as actually doing it.

Then I took her to our local BDSM munch. She's more of an introvert so I know it was intimidating for her, but I introduced her to all my friends. It was really nice. I always enjoy the atmosphere at that munch- catching up with friends, chatting about interesting potential ideas, and generally just hanging out with like minded people. It's awesome not only to be around people who understand me, but who are into the same crazy stuff I am and appreciate me for what I can bring to the table :)

Henry had made plans to come to town for the munch, but unfortunately got delayed and didn't arrive until nearly the end. I didn't get to show him off, but he did meet Jennifer. That was interesting! I've had Mark meet partners, but I've never had two secondary partners before! I mean, the thing with Jennifer is pretty casual, and I'm actually not sure how to describe her. I introduced her by name last night, not by a relationship. She's definitely not my sub, and I'm not sure if she's my girlfriend. I really, really like her, and I like to play with her, and I like to fuck her. Play partner or FWB seem to be too casual even for that though. I'm not sure and will have to think about it.

I walked Jennifer out and kissed her goodbye when she had to go to work, and then Henry and I went to a bar after the munch closed to hang out for a while. Mark was home and had gone to bed early, so I didn't want to bring Henry home. It was okay. We had a few drinks and talked and cuddled and kissed just like high school students. It was kind of fun, actually. We considered going to fuck in a park but it was kind of cold last night. So instead we just really spent some time connecting. We couldn't keep our hands off each other after a week of Skyping. It was so good to actually be able to reach out and touch. I mean, being able to cam helps with the distance, but nothing beats a kiss or having your arm around someone.

It just got really intimate and felt so good. I know that he's had shitty D/s relationships in the past. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of people have, which is awful. Unfortunately, it's not always that tough for abusers to disguise themselves as Doms and to prey on people in sub frenzy; I've heard the story before. A sub gives up a lot of trust, and violating that trust can really screw someone up. Last night, he confided some things in me and I just had this intense rush when he told me that he trusts me. I can't even really describe it. I want to get closer to him. I want to show him that not everyone will be like that. While as a Domme I like to be served... I also like to take care of my subs. He's not mine... but it could go that way.

I'm still a little worried about the distance and other feasibility issues... but you guys all know where this is heading. NRE is hitting me pretty hard. So we're going to find out where it goes. For now, I'm feeling pretty excited and blissed out.

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  1. Awesome blog entry!
    I was totally there with you (having been in a similar situation with a skype type relationship... It's hard! When you finally see someone all you want to do is get your hands, lips, skin all over them!! Just like high school lol) Good luck! And do keep us updated... ;)