Monday, 15 September 2014

New Beginnings

It's been a really, really good weekend. Of course, I am completely exhausted, but it was oh so worth it!

On Saturday, I was childfree and looking forward to a date with Jennifer. We had a pretty relaxed and low key evening with pizza, wine, and movies. Just connecting and snuggling. It was pretty awesome. We slept cuddled up together. We made sure to set our alarm extra early in the morning to have some time to play though! So good. She's a fantastic kisser and for some reason, she always tastes like oranges. I love it :) The morning was full of us licking each other's pussies, playing with dildos and vibrators, and finally me fucking her with my Realdoe. She told me I was the first woman to fuck her with a strap on, and I thought that was pretty hot! I can really see why men like having a woman ride their cocks- I got a fantastic view of her breasts bouncing while she was on top of me, and feeling the bulb of the Realdoe twist inside me and the ridges rub against my clit was fantastic. That is definitely something I want to do again!

In the afternoon, Jennifer and I went to a BDSM workshop. This one was pretty low key, and designed to be more of a taste test than to be purely instructional. I also knew most of the people presenting so it was some nice social time, too. We went to a demo on play piercing, which has been intriguing me lately. I think it's more the intensity and the power exchange that draws me, but I plan to continue learning. After that, we looked in at a rope demo and Jennifer asked many questions since she's considering learning to do rope bondage.

She and I have settled into an interesting dynamic. I'm definitely the Top in our relationship, but we don't have any overt D/s in our relationship because she doesn't think she's really submissive. I genuinely like her and enjoy spending time with her though, so what we have is pretty awesome. I think it'll be interesting seeing what avenues she chooses to pursue, like if she learns to start tying rope.

After that, we stopped by the fire play and cupping booth and chatted with the presenter, who is a friend of mine and a giant pervert but he's harmless and we love him. He just loves the opportunity to get to handle a lot of naked breasts, and who can blame him? I got Jennifer's consent, and then volunteered her to be his next demo bottom. She was a little nervous but she looked so sexy with flames playing over her body and she told me that she thinks she's going to be a fire slut :) I also volunteered her for a wax play demo, and she really enjoyed that, too. It was a fun workshop and we had a great time together. I'm looking forward to seeing her again at a party next weekend!

In the evening, Henry came by to spend the night. We'd had the two in person dates before, but hadn't really spent a lot of time together in person. We've been Skyping a lot, though- hours every night. It was really hard not to try and go overboard with expectations in case the chemistry didn't work that well once we started to play together. But it was so good, and he said he knew it would be. We did a wax scene after I bound him to the bed, and the energy between the two of us was so intense. It was one of the hottest scenes I've had in a long time, and his eyes were glassy for quite a while afterwards.

My pussy was dripping wet after such a great scene, and after we did some aftercare, it wasn't long before his tongue was between my legs and I was cumming so hard. I've got a pretty awesome new dildo from Tantus that's curved, and it hits my A spot just right. I had some fantastic orgasms. Henry loves ass play, so I pulled on a glove and started playing with his prostate to warm him up, before bringing out another new toy I had recently ordered, which is a cock ring attached to a butt plug. His cock was so hard from all the teasing that I couldn't wait to have it inside me, so we rolled on a condom and he slid into my wet pussy. He only lasted a few strokes before having an orgasm so intense that it sounded like it lasted for more than a minute. So hot to listen to! It was a really intense evening and we fell asleep together not long afterwards.

When we woke up, it was playtime again! We did some mild CBT, since he said he hadn't done any before. I put little tiny clothespins that I got from a stationery store all over his balls, and a Gates of Hell set of cockrings on his cock. I lightly spanked his cock and balls with a crop and alternately teased them with a feather before removing the clothespins. So much fun to hurt him! It was a pretty light session and he told me I could take him further next time, but we both enjoyed it. My pussy never lies after a good play session! So of course it devolved into another round of sex... where he begged me to fuck his ass. Back out came my trusty Realdoe and I told him to hop on. So good. I had more than a couple of orgasms while he impaled his ass on my thick hard cock and played with his nipple rings. He came twice on my chest while his ass was full of my cock, and then licked me clean afterwards.

I think we were both pretty worn out by that point, so we spent the rest of our afternoon in bed cuddling and kissing and talking, and just trying to make the most of being together, since we knew it will be a couple of weeks before we're able to see each other again. I'm pretty heavily into NRE and he's showing me that he is, too. When he was waiting for his bus home, he told me he was sitting on the bench thinking about me and wishing he didn't have to go home. Sigh.

To cap off a new record, Mark came home from work tonight and we had hot, sweaty sex in bed. We're both tired so it wasn't anything too athletic, but it felt like home. And since Mark is currently the only partner I'm fluid bonded with, it was great to feel his cum spurting in my pussy. I always love that sensation!

So, I've fucked three different people in three days, two of them with my Realdoe. I asked Mark if he wanted to be the third for the Realdoe and he laughed and said one record is enough for today! And he's right; perhaps I'm being a little greedy. But wow, it's been an awesome few days and I'm really happy right now. I can't wait to see how things with Henry continue to play out.

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  1. Jesus Christ, girl. You are so hot! The whole BDSM thing scares the shit out of me, but I can relate intensely to your polyamory, sense of play, NRE, and boundless sense of energy. You are just too beautiful for words. A MUAH to you ... hope it lands right between your legs!