Sunday, 19 October 2014

Light My Fire

I have really been in my happy place lately, if that hasn't been totally obvious. Although I think if it's not totally obvious, you're probably blind and not actually reading here! :)

Jennifer and I hadn't seen each other in a couple of weeks, so as soon as she walked in the door we kissed passionately. I love the way her mouth tastes- she says she doesn't do anything but she always reminds me of oranges. And since I happen to love oranges, that is nice for me! We had dinner and just spent some time catching up. She and I connect really well- I could have sat there all night with her just chatting. I think that's one reason I enjoy my relationship with her so much- the sex and the kink are fun, but I really feel like she's a great friend and someone I want to spend time with. And she shows me that she wants to spend time with me, too, and that means a lot.

She had asked me if I'd do an impact scene with her. She hadn't done anything other than a rough spanking with a previous lover, and she was excited to experiment. Of course, I was happy to do some experimenting with her! I have a spanking bench setup, and I laid out my impact toys next to her so that she'd get to build up some nervousness/anticipation. It was so sexy watching her on all fours, naked, with her ass in the air and waiting for me.

First I warmed her up with my vampire gloves... those are leather gloves with little pins sticking through them. I used them to just start her feeling sensation before we got a little serious. You can't just start whaling away on someone if you actually want your partner to enjoy it! You've got to start slowly to build those endorphins, and it's a lot of fun to ramp things up so you can watch the reactions :)

I tried out a bunch of different things with her to see what she liked. We used a couple of different crops, a couple of different paddles, a suede flogger, a leather flogger, and a Betty Crocker icing spatula. You know, everyone I know owns one of those, and none of them use it for baking! She told me afterwards that she was surprised at how quickly she got aroused. It was fun to use the crop to spank her while I slid the spatula along her pussy lips. She was dripping wet. When her ass was nice and pink, I decided to give her the reward for being a very good girl for me. I slid my fingers along her pussy and started to play with her clit while I slipped a couple of fingers inside her and played with her G spot. It wasn't long before I felt her clenching around me and having a screaming orgasm. She squirted all over my bench :) It was so sexy.

I was pretty tired afterwards, so it wasn't long before we went to bed afterwards. We must both have been worn out, because we slept right through the alarm! We had been planning to get up a little early to have sex, but we just barely had time to rush through the shower and head out to a workshop that we were both looking forward to attending; fire play :)

It's funny the things you think when you're first starting out in BDSM. I couldn't really understand why people were doing some of the things they were doing. But when I watched my first fire play scene, I remember saying out loud that it was one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen. And I still can't really explain it, but I think I'm drawn to the intensity. People talk about playing with fire about it being dangerous, and it is- and here we are doing something sexy and fun with it. It's pretty hot to light someone's nipples on fire, or see a line of flame trace down a spine. And if you're doing it correctly, it doesn't even hurt... just feels warm and sensual. I really enjoyed lighting my palms on fire and then giving her a spanking :)

It really has been an awesome weekend... an awesome few months. And more fun coming soon :)

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  1. So great to hear you so happy on so many fronts! I hope it rubs off on me soon!