Monday, 27 October 2014

Party Time!

I had the most amazing few days and I am high as a kite right now. Sometimes I feel like things can't possibly get much better. Certainly I have some wonderful people in my life who have been sharing some great moments with me. I've never really had secondary relationships with this level of communication, that meet so many of my needs. No matter what happens down the road, I feel lucky to have Jennifer and Henry in my life.

Last night was a big play party- it normally draws somewhere around 200 kinksters, and I had asked both Jennifer and Henry to go with me. They had met at a munch before and chatted, but it was still a little nervewracking for me. I've never had two partners come to a party with me before, and I wanted to make sure they would both have a good time. I had taken both of their needs into consideration and made a plan for the evening that I thought would work for everyone, but it was a new experience and I really wanted it to go well.

I got there early so I could have some time to socialize with my friends. The community is a big part of my social outlet now, since they really understand me. I mean, who else can I tell that I just picked up 25ft of copper netting and not be asked if I have a bad problem with slugs? My friends appreciate my devious ideas and my sadistic side. I love just having the freedom to be myself and say what comes to mind, and having people like me for it! It's so wonderfully accepting.

Jennifer and her husband arrived not long after. He and I have met before and he's a nice guy, just very quiet! This was his first play party, so I hoped that he was going to have a fun time watching while I played with his wife! We chatted and I introduced them around to some people. Henry showed up not long afterwards, and it was such a turn on to have him kneel at my feet to put on my high heeled stiletto sandals. I have a protocol where my subs put on my shoes for me at parties and I love it. So visually appealing, plus I have a boot and shoe fetish :)

It was so hot when he whispered in my ear that he had something for me. I waited, and he handed me a tiny silver key. He was wearing the locking stainless steel cock ring that I had left at his house last time I saw him. It was such a turn on to know that he had been wearing a reminder of me all day, and that I was holding the means of his release.

Then it was time for my scene with Jennifer! We had decided to do a wax scene, and it's always exciting to get her naked on a table in front of me, ready for my evil delights! She enjoys being watched and I made sure to point out a few of the local perverts (lord love 'em) who were sitting close by I'm sure to get a view of her fantastic breasts. I covered her with droplets of pink, purple, and white wax, until she looked like... well, a sexy woman covered in bits of dried wax :) Then it was time for some fun- I used my big scary knife that doesn't actually have an edge to scrape it off. It was fun when a few bits stuck and I had to scrape harder to get them off- as she says, although she isn't a masochist, we need that little bit of pain to bring out the sensualism in the rest of the scene.

When our scene was over, we had some cuddles and kisses and then I went to sit down and watch some other people play. I definitely needed a little break between scenes before I was ready to switch gears mentally. It felt so good to be sitting in this big armchair and having Jennifer and Henry sitting on the floor next to me and I was touching them both. A friend of mine walked by and made a joke about my harem and we all laughed. It was even better when Jennifer and Henry started making jokes themselves about me sitting in my throne and how they should carry me around in it. I just loved the openness and the happiness in having two partners there who care about me and want to be with me, and that they were getting along. It was fantastic.

After a little while, I was ready for my scene with Henry. He mentioned he was feeling sensitive tonight, so I asked a friend of mine who is skilled with rope if he could do some restraints for me. Rope isn't really in my repertoire right now, since I've been so focused on learning other things and rope has a slow learning curve and a big time investment. One day I'll get around to it! At any rate, he did a beautiful and functional tie on Henry, and told me after it was the first time he'd tied a man to a pool table! (I kinda wonder if the nightclub patrons who normally visit this venue when it isn't closed for a private party ever wonder what people have done on their pool tables!) We had a very intense scene together- he told me afterwards that at times he didn't know if he was going to laugh, cry, or scream. He did scream a few times :) We're both very much into touch... so when I had his body wired so that I could use my fingers and shock him, I started teasing him about how I couldn't understand why he didn't seem to be enjoying it this time.

When our scene was over, we went and cuddled on a couch and got our bearings back a bit. Both of us were a bit glassy eyed and feeling that heady rush of endorphins together. We headed back to my place not long afterwards and had some really connective sex. It was so good to drift off to sleep cuddled up together. Given how hard we played, we both needed it. Dommes need aftercare too sometimes :) He really enjoyed being the little spoon, too- he says guys don't get that often enough and I'm sure he's right. And I loved holding him close- it gave me all those possessive feelings.

This was actually the first time that I had a partner sleep over when Mark was home, which was interesting. He and I had discussed the possibility of a MFM, but we decided to hold off to give him more of a chance to get to know Henry. In the morning, I came upstairs first and Mark teased me that he had heard me and Henry having fun when we woke up this morning. Apparently I was loud :) But it was really good sex! The three of us had lunch together and then Henry and I went out to go for a walk and do a little shopping. You know what they say- everything you need to make me love you is available at Home Depot! We bought chain and carabiners and metal rods, and picked up a few other pervertables at Target to make the rods into fire wands. It was fun having these innocent items in our cart and knowing what they would be used for!

And it was just good to have some time for us to check in about how we're feeling about our relationship. He made a point to say that he wants something long term, and that's what I want as well. The connection and chemistry between us is so good. We talked about incorporating some more D/s into things as well, and I think that's going to bring us both a lot of satisfaction. It was hard to kiss him goodbye at the train station tonight, since we're not sure when we'll be able to see each other again. The next party is a month away and he's not sure how his work schedule will leave him fixed. Thank goodness for technology to help keep us connected in the meantime. Can't wait to have him in my arms again.