Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Keeping Busy!

I've really been enjoying my relationship with Jennifer lately. Dating her is like having a best friend, sex partner, and play partner all rolled into one. We really connect and enjoy each other's company, the conversations are great, and so is the fun stuff :)

Her birthday is coming up, so I wanted to take her out to celebrate. We went out to dinner and just caught up on things and enjoyed each other's company. I bought her a couple of small gifts for her birthday- a book on shibari, since that interests her, and a pink heart necklace with an infinity symbol inside. I thought it would be perfect for her since it's pretty and she'd been talking about visible symbols of polyamory lately. And it hung just right, a little bit nestled above her fabulous cleavage ;)

Then we went to the local BDSM munch and hung out with the local deviants. Oh, it's always good times! Lots of interesting conversations about terrible, awful things to do to people! :) It's just so nice to hang around with people who appreciate my perverted mind for what it is. And my photographer friend gave me the CD with the photos of my scene at the other party. They turned out so well! I'm so happy.

Right about now, I feel pretty lucky. I have a fabulous girlfriend, an awesomely intense relationship with my new boy, and my pussy is deliciously achy from two rounds of great sex with Mark today. Does it get much better than this?


  1. Sounds delightful! Will we ever see any of those pics from the scene at the party?